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  1. I've just discovered this thread about British comedy. So I can write a list of my favourites as I recall them. My Family The Vicar of Dibley Not going out Miranda Doc Martin Absolutely Fabulous As Time Goes By Yes, Prime Minister To the Manor Born Just Good Friends The Good Life Are You Being Served Only Fools and Horses and of course Mr. Bean
  2. [...So does Raj for that matter, as selective mutism is found also in people with Aspergers...] Yes, I would agree that the script acted for Raj is not one of the best. He's really a quirky and shy character in The Big Bang. Maybe Sheldon seems a dumbass sometime, but I don't think his act relate to an autistic syndrome. He is a remarkable outspoken fellow of I know it all and that can be annoying for some people.
  3. wannamaker

    Shy Penny

    I like her here. She's fine looking!
  4. No his lips: it was the tip of his nose first ...than his cheeks so Amy joined in to kiss his forehead too and he cried out to stop it!
  5. She's gorgeous alright. I think that, lately, her hair are made up too white (way to much of highlights from her forehead) that makes her looks more aged than a 22years old. She seems much yunger with a golden cascade of curly hairdo.
  6. I enjoy this forum. And why not? To meet people just as well. Hi Kitty
  7. I can't tell you ... but after having watched Sheldon saying: Oh, dear Lord, oh, Yes, Yes! (Shame I can't bring the movie clip here of Sheldon's massage) I say...Oh boys this guy really need to be laid!
  8. Penny is too male orientated... she likes to hang out with boys of all sorts, she wishes to be popular and wanted. She is fun because blondie are fun and she uses her good look to pursue it.
  9. IMO Sheldon is still immature at times even "infantile". There are so many little externations in his behaviour to corroborate that he needs to go either directions to grow into manhood in all respects.
  10. Well ...I find that it's not the same thing as watching The Big Bang Theory. It's British stuff that one. (Just love to use the avatar of Susan Harper)
  11. I've noticed a good progress here for Leonard as a serious scientist wannabe. Maybe 'cause enchanted by his Lab. stuff and cosmic holograms. Truly fascinating!
  12. Well I can only say on my part...that at times Amy is a sort of awkward female showing strange needs. So she could make even her best friend Penny turn shy. And yet so romantic to melt down for a tiara gift or a simple cuddle and hug
  13. It'd be something to watch how they mingle. I enjoyed the past episodes with their mothers taking part in their lives with short visits. The religious one preaching the boys with her human touch and the other getting drunk so to get close to Leonard. hard job to be a mum.
  14. At times i try to picture how they'd have coitus...maybe the klingon way?
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