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  1. I agree. I like the links on foreshadowing. Moonbase. Especially the article about Psyco movie. She should have run away from that hotel to save her life! Big Red flag alert when someone says: ‘a boy’s best friend is his mother. Hello Count Wally I did not see you there However we will never know what the real intentions of the writers are. As a matter of fact writing in creative field means to have a pulse onto many contemporary issues. It is a matter of a colletive unconscious. A phantom if you wish, so to speak, of what your intentions are and what really happen on stage. There is always an other dimension to it that even the writers themselves cannot foreshadow.
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    I think she is in for a posting spree She is young and well spoken too...so she can say whatever takes her fancy...
  3. WOW do you like them? I am mad about them :lol: I love what they do! Allthough they have been exploited by the art system
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    What about the Bermuda Triangle? Magnetism again on the field? Why ships, planes...etc. have been disappearing for decades? That's another unsolved mystery! Tonight here To solve what is going on in our planet it's problem that leaves the scientists mesmerized.
  5. My avatar intriguing? I like to tease people whenever possible...laugh and jokes. That’s why I often change my avatar… as if… like a dress code for the occasion. I am so bored with plain language that I speak everyday with the neighbours. So dull and dreary (you know, keeping up appearances!) If you don’t mind me asking…what voices are you blessed to hear Count Wolly...subliminal or hellish like? I've found your outspoken ideas about the TBBT show so true-some that I was ever so tempted to embed them in my text (swear won't do again without you knowing first) regarding dreaming inside dreaming. It's so unbelievably surreal! Who can deny that! Who says that comedy has to be plain and simple with silly slapstick jokes, where people only do things such as tripping, falling over or embarrassing themselves just to make people laugh. The TBBT show writers are playing with the audience a great deal! The viewer is not a passive recipient of meaning. Just by taking a look at this IMG of Sheldon...calling it "scientific curiosity" What a gimmicky reference of some sort it is! As if by chance coming right out, interestingly, from one of those performances and installations in contemporary art of nowadays. Who is copying whom? I swear I saw the same posture of a faked man kneeled with his head stuck in the wall in a prestigious Art gallery in London and making news for environmental issues. Then one day during the TBBT show…WOW Sheldon is made to do the same thing in the episode>The Rothman Disintegration S5. Isn't that weird to be only a lap stick joke? What I mean is: it has a certain strangeness to it!
  6. Collage by wannamaker July 2013 From a photo taken by Lee Miller of M. Ernest and D. Tanning in Texas. The surrealist artists were represented in different scale by Miller to focus on the conflict between them as to be the greatest of the two! I used to my advantage the some IMG to convey the conflict between Sheldon and Amy
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    Well finally some of you has taken an interest to say something at last! To me I reckon two hypothesis here: 1. Magnetic fields caught on those sposts (TV documentaries) 2. Crop circles can be done by folks with strings and planks having fun to impress like "Land Art" made in similar fashion.
  8. However, bizarrely, I think “Sheldon” qualifies as an artistic creation in his own right. His actions, thought processes, speech patterns and dialog all verge on the Surreal at times. His dreams in particular are definitely in the realm of art - “Two suns and no sunblock”. Being eaten by a Morlock, waking up and being eaten by a Morlock again, waking up, potentially ad infinitum. He dreams within dreams. He has obsessions with crawly creatures running his body in the chair episode. And he is ultimately a tragic figure. He is the classic outsider, caught in a world plenty of symbols. The writers are not fools.
  9. I wonder what formula the writers will find for season7. I mean these two are next door neighbours Somehow without Leonard around they've got to fix something newer I gather
  10. Rachel pop music is not in my priority list of favourites. I never been to a live concert with Freddie. I've been to classical music concert though now and then and still do. However the Queen I remember at ease are: Queen - We are the champions lyrics and song. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics and song Queen - I Want To Break Free Lyrics and song and I would swear by them they are majestic!
  11. One example of symbolism could be in season 5.9 - The Ornithophobia Diffusion. People have commented that the bird in that episode was a symbol for either Amy, Penny, or women in general. The bird comes into Sheldon's life. It represents his fears, and ultimately Sheldon develops feelings for it.
  12. To what extent do you think the writers use (either written or visual) techniques of symbolism, metaphor, foreshadowing etc. in this show? I often question whether I see things that are not there. Am I giving the writers too much credit for?
  13. ART is therapeutic! It's good for you! Getting messy using your hands. It is a cathartic process for the artist as well as for the viewer to enjoy it. I could mention piles of books where this therapeutic effect is explained in great depth. @Gaqo thanks to bring to our attention Dennis Oppenheim as a "land art" artist and more. I've just learned he died in 2011. Do you happen to know why he drew strange diagrams on the back of the models?
  14. @ WILLO Phantagrae is the author (an old member of TBBT fan forum) I can't copy and paste it here. I need his permission. If you wish to read it > thread post #13
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  16. I need to say a few things about Penny and Sheldon Gaqo. Because I feel for Penny. Countless episodes they shared together. Even intimate ones to some extent. And the one when Sheldon wanted to take out Penny on a date? (because of Amy on a date with Stuart). Well none of them intrigued me most than the one (series 3 - 10. The Gorilla Experiment) When Penny asked Sheldon to teach her physics. She was not cut out to get it, was she? Also Sheldon being so very mean to her because she could not get any understanding on the matter of physics. At the end, she parrots a long sentence just to impress Leonard. She has a good memory to act out even difficult like science stuff. Every experience they had together it seems to me that their thunder is gone a long time ago with no hope on sentimental ground whatsoever. What’d they talk about the two of them on every day basis, I ever wonder.
  17. @Miss Kitka What a nice HIKU!
  18. It's has been all my life I've shared with men. It would be a change for me to share with girls. Penny perhaps?
  19. Pity for your scan not working well Do you by chance use any basic digital camera? I use digital camera to take photos of my work and then connect it to the pc. That's is what I often do.
  20. Any creative person is welcome here Willo. If you think your caricatures are good, why don't you post here? Have you made caricatures for all the characters of TBBT?That would be smashing to see!
  21. I just barge in because Gaqo has being friendly and understanding with me and we've had previous encounters in other threads. How come that we never had that? I mean insulting one another. I think this happening not because some members relate themselves to certain characters(and their coupling), or that they would like to imagine themselves like them. I had a TBBT couples poll to validate that's not the case. I think it's about how much you like or dislike the meaning given to the posts or perhaps the person behind it. Isn't it?
  22. Dr House? Ten years ago he was my HERO! Well almost
  23. This thread has a kind of loose ends So anything can be discussed openly here in a chatty way I think.
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