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    @ Gaqo What about our planet? What do you think of these mystery circles?http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=mysterious+circles+corn+fields&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=TtjZUcqVMIGm0QWZ2YHADw&ved=0CDIQsAQ&biw=1024&bih=682
  2. It takes a lot out of you to feel happy every single day. Bubbly people are just made up like that I do not think it's an act. Life it's a beutiful gift and we should make the best of what we've got. Of course there are people who are depressed and to keep high they take dope or like to mingle with the crowd because they find it very exciting and uplifting. To me doesn't work that way. I have health issues I need to stay calm and avoid the crowd and meditate and have a sort of routine to stay alive. That doesn't mean I do not have a good time around. I had my moments and I still do while I can.
  3. What's wrong with this chap? Is he going to die or something?
  4. Yeah her hand playing around her mouth...she could not believe something new was happening...
  5. Rachel... In this episode only the bedroom is the winner! It was really a touching scene (a promise of erotic caresses ...coming from Sheldon? Well I never )
  6. Why are the writers trying so hard to push Amy and Sheldon toward sex? Their relationship is barely a relationship. They haven't kissed since last season, and the cute things they used to do for each other were far more entertaining and funny.
  7. You really wish to know about that diggerence open another thread
  8. @ajond do you think Gaqo is a elamef or elam? I think is a ehs...don't you?
  9. Do you guys think a volcano can let it all out?
  10. Thanks for the interesting answers Count Wally de Honk Sheldon is unbelievably surreal I agree entirely there! Furtherback in time, I think that we ought to the Greeks for what we have now. They first perfomed the tragiccomic as an art form per excellence and none as last if not least of the performances. Masks of grandeur were made to be used to enphasise the expression to convey sentimentality and laughter. Also I'd like to quote here: "Beneath the conformist, as Nietzsche insisted, there lives the satyr. Comedy tears off the foolish mask of conformity and indulges for a brief but relieving interval the equally foolish satyr. This catharsis yields an insight into the less respectable but ever present animal-like basis of the human being."
  11. I voted for Ramona because I like crazy women
  12. That is a lame thing to say... about the women in TBBT make the nerds look even more pathetic by comparison I do not see Amy as a catwoman at all! She was good as snowhite and suited her.
  13. I guess why Sheldon wears long sleeves T-shirt. To cover up the elbows and also I find that are more dressy (people do not realise how ugly their elbows can be. Especially you don't cream them periodically. They are angular, notty, woody rough and when wrinkles too much, how fast you're ageing)
  14. I know what makes you think that Chinese are more intelligent than the white folks. Lol Is that Msn & companies often uses them to promote new Hi-tech products on the market, isn't it?
  15. No I don't live there at all. We are allowed to keep a low profile if we wish to. As one of TBBT member says
  16. Maybe you're right there walnutcowboy. What if the baby is not what we expect it to be, eh? At this stage it's difficult to see Sheldon as a father figure. Considering he is so needy and eccentric himself. The only scene I recall is when the Bluejay bird left him the eggs to hatch. :D And telling Leonard with pride while showing the nest: " I going to be a mummy now" :lol:
  17. @Count Wally de Honk A question I'd like to put to you as I do not have material time to log in the blog you kindly posted and certainly worth more than a glance Considering how much work, time and ideas, go into a situation comedy. Why is it still considered low down the hierarchy of art forms?
  18. That was an interesting demo you had from your tutor on how concepts can be manipulated with art interventions. Myself am not into religion much but rather orientated spiritually. So Art is my way of to elevate the soul to a level of spirituality. For others Art it's an instrument to do propaganda or sexual politics. In your case it seems you like to experiment almost with science concepts. So you see there is food for thought from all backgrounds and cultures and walks of life. Most of all Art is entartainment. One of the best examples of propaganda and sexual politics is the well known artist Barbara Kruger Barbara Kruger: Slogans that shake society Barbara Kruger's subversive one-liners often satirise the institutions in which they are displayed. As an exhibition opens in London, she tells Caroline Roux why she's not afraid to bite the hand that feeds her
  19. One day Jim will be old too as many other actors I've seen. Probably you'll not like Jim anymore then. So enjoy him while it lasts.
  20. There's a good reason Catweazle they don't like me either...they treat me like rubbish
  21. Just sayin'... Amy what does she think she is... the queen of Sheba? :D
  22. Another expressive addition to this thread Done by a good painter I know from the internet A Sheldon Cooper version of Edvard Munch's The Scream The Scream is one of the world’s most iconic artworks. It inspired tributes from other artists, including Andy Warhol. And it gave rise to the Scream series of horror films in which the murderer wears a mask depicting the screaming face. :o
  23. In what way fun to see? Can you imagine babies and nappies all over the place with Sheldon obssession about germs and untidiness?
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