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  1. These two are becoming a bore to watch I wish Penny to be with a non scientist man and very wealthy to support her career to become an actress and about time too.
  2. The Big Bang Theory poem Something awesome that started with one big bang A new show on TV that's different and unlike others About Leonard and Penny joined by Howard and Bernadette Here's Sheldon who knows what he plans to say next Along comes Raj who can't speak to women Without first having a marguerite cocktail There's physics and math with a Soft Kitty Kitka and nineteen sassy cats too To Schrodinger's cat as a real science fact A toxic box with a phantam cat The hypothesis must be proven in order to be sure what’s in the box So you must first open to see it's a paradox Either the phantam cat's alive or that's one dead tabby This show is the greatest by far There's something for everyone from comics to romance Amazingly popular and even several Primetime Emmy nods And now there's no logical way to end this here stance It was when Leonard's girlfriend Priya shrewdly dissected The Roommate Agreement Sheldon had long since perfected He was then invited to come tag along with Amy, Bernie and Penny In no time at all the girls are drunk and get crazy and by night's end Amy's memories get a little bit hazy. There was waltzing and salsa a smoking monkey too And you have Amy tell Sheldon to not meekly surrender to them In the pilot where Leonard meets Penny his heart's greatest desire Oh Leonard you think she'll give you a chance by letting her use your shower?
  3. Something registering your sleep... if you need help :o but you've got to have an i-phone for that service
  4. Is that a sin that Penny had hook-ups in the past? Only barren spinsters can talk like that of Penny. Amy instead...yeah she is the calculating spinster with the libido of a controlling freak... ah? (How about thinking outside the box gaqo you were talking about )
  5. That's why Fairies are loved: NO WARS...NO CHURCHES...NO TEMPLES...NO MOSQUES...
  6. What a pity that nobody likes poetry and also the Songs of Salomone here
  7. Be sure they are not going to be that long :D Unless they find a spin off of somekind. They have to take into account that the actors will age.
  8. I do not care for those lines. They do not mean anything to me. Beside I am not a Jew and never mingle with them
  9. Well then... what is important here that if they are narrow minded you are the one open minded and we create a balance to tolerate one another.
  10. Well gaqo I've just come across to your quote here :D and took a pindaric>> to google search to find Taxi Driver movie clip with Robert De Niro :lol: (when young and dashy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e9CkhBb18E
  11. Well he isn't always right...Stephen H. who for more than 30years researched in the black holes. He went against the theories of many scientists to find out in the end he was wrong and admitted it. He claimed time and time again that black holes did disappear somehow... But he was wrong with his theory... In fact they don't. Certainly if he states that God doesn't exist doesn't make me feel better. If God is dead I don't feel too well either. P.s. Walnut... you are a sort of scapegoat to me. Why you must prove your FAITH to anyone confronting you... I wonder. I never prove any of mine to anyone, well almost so.
  12. Not only the new 'alphas' i would call them the new intelligentsia of the future >>why not?
  13. Oh yes of course...what was I thinking. What a nerd! Just try to deliver a line at that speed with no biting your tongue
  14. I guess it must be the excitement of an illicit love to keep her steam going in her life. By the way I've read somewhere in the forum that you know Woody Allen. Well he is known as the king of the one-liner comedy quip. His comedy has influenced many television shows. Allen himself has been heavily influenced by European cinema. Also Allen's personal life has created miles of newspaper gossip fodder. His relationships with women and with his adopted daughter created both scandal and a backlash. Many film critics have claimed that his films are just a retread of familiar themes and plots.
  15. Exactly. It's not her own choice to sound like a Chippendale cartoon character in adfdition they use a device to overspeed her lines. If you listen with care at times her lines are faster and broken up (almost not grasping what she is saying) and other times she sounds more normal. Yes she is very good at making funny voices and creepy too
  16. So much for your dog's attention :lol: well get the dog into the kennel, when she is on, for its own sake...
  17. Yeah I've been reading something about Paul preaching to the Athenians about their Greek philosophers and that somehow he shouldn't have done that. Honestly I don't even know what was all the fuss about and why Paul made a mistake. (confusing )
  18. It seems in the common understanding of the BBT show that relationships have been established in season 6. That was the writers' target I think. Very strange it would seem to think differently about pairing. Nevertheless I have a hunch that there will be some changes in the future but very hard to predict as it is now. If for season 7 we are going to have Leonard gone for a period of time I am sure there will be a change of scenario in between Sheldon and Penny and Amy. In that case being someone important like Leonard no there in the dynamic of their respective relationships maybe a different approach in going out or even not going out altogether could be different. However this doesn't imply any different romantic developments or exchange of pairing from as it stands now, though.
  19. Perhaps... it does not make it ok. For sometime I made myself believe that TBBT was a bit of a mockery show about nerd scientists, so to laugh about them. Because scientists are very studious individuals, taking themselves seriously indeed. So these writers one day came out with this TBBT formula to make us to be entartained by this group of nerds who are more approachable and more helpless than the rest of them.
  20. Sheldon could paint with numbers. Can you imagine with all the equations he writes on that board what an abstract solution could come out?
  21. No matter how many stories can be told and how many virtual dreams and romance as yet ...we might even get fed up with the show before this is going to happen on the screen. About Sheldon lately I find him a bit callous (perhaps in another way is ageing too)
  22. Thanks ever so much walnut...I like to be appreciated sometime please do not overdue it :D Dog at dawn http://www.audionetwork.com/production-music/o-sole-mio-3-60_30418.aspx (O sole mio jiggle 3 sound)
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