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  1. They all have flaws that ding them in the attractiveness area to me so I went with looks.
  2. I didn't remember her last name so I was looking for Dr. somewhere.
  3. It would definitely attract more attention to our chat nights and encourage registration.
  4. I see what you are saying. I have to think though that by showing the female scientists as successful TBBT doesn't play much of a role in gender stereotyping just "geek" stereotyping. I can't remember which sibling does which but if I recall correctly it is Leonard's sister that is the scientist and we are supposed to believe she is more accomplished than Leonard.
  5. But wouldn't you discover it in school? I can only speak for myself but from an early age I knew I was better at math and science than most other subjects. I was fascinated by how things worked and I took a lot of things apart. heh
  6. Did you leave off Dr. Stephanie? Priya wins over her but she would be my number 2.
  7. Car thief #1 didn't make it? It is a shame that a guest star that was not even in the show this year is going to win it all.
  8. I'd love to see more science but I think those days are behind us. I'd be happy with more episodes like Closet that incorporated the entire cast into one plot and a touch of sentimentality. Other than the Shamy snark I think it was probably the best written episode of the season.
  9. Family meetings are highly desired here and in chat so I think that is possible. A bit of Shev? :innocentangelemotethatdoesntexisthere:
  10. A Sheldon initiated kiss? A Lenny proposal? A Capt. Sweatpants line? My expectations are set pretty low right now so I will go with some more Beverly. BTW, if you are going to be boring and say whatever the writers plan to do will be fine or that you are happy enough now, find another thread.
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