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  1. They all have flaws that ding them in the attractiveness area to me so I went with looks.
  2. I didn't remember her last name so I was looking for Dr. somewhere.
  3. It would definitely attract more attention to our chat nights and encourage registration.
  4. I see what you are saying. I have to think though that by showing the female scientists as successful TBBT doesn't play much of a role in gender stereotyping just "geek" stereotyping. I can't remember which sibling does which but if I recall correctly it is Leonard's sister that is the scientist and we are supposed to believe she is more accomplished than Leonard.
  5. But wouldn't you discover it in school? I can only speak for myself but from an early age I knew I was better at math and science than most other subjects. I was fascinated by how things worked and I took a lot of things apart. heh
  6. Did you leave off Dr. Stephanie? Priya wins over her but she would be my number 2.
  7. Car thief #1 didn't make it? It is a shame that a guest star that was not even in the show this year is going to win it all.
  8. I'd love to see more science but I think those days are behind us. I'd be happy with more episodes like Closet that incorporated the entire cast into one plot and a touch of sentimentality. Other than the Shamy snark I think it was probably the best written episode of the season.
  9. Family meetings are highly desired here and in chat so I think that is possible. A bit of Shev? :innocentangelemotethatdoesntexisthere:
  10. A Sheldon initiated kiss? A Lenny proposal? A Capt. Sweatpants line? My expectations are set pretty low right now so I will go with some more Beverly. BTW, if you are going to be boring and say whatever the writers plan to do will be fine or that you are happy enough now, find another thread.
  11. I think you answered your own thread. Those moments are rare for most people. I am sure a few have experienced it with TBBT but I think most of us chuckle and that is usually enough. TBBT is not even in my top 3 of funniest sitcoms even in the early years when the jokes were fresh. I am just glad that I can make my wife laugh so hard she is gasping for air.
  12. If we do this next year we should see if we can get Tripper to do the polls on the main site.
  13. Of course it is valid. I disagree though. I find Sheldon to be the off-putting one in the relationship.
  14. Coercion is an improper term but most bloggers try to get hits which result in advertising dollars so they tend to be a bit trollish. Manipulate is a better word and yes it can be funny regardless of the gender swap. It is a comedy staple. We all know that Sheldon is comically unwilling not dramatically unwilling so yes if a woman were held down by two guys in the same situation it could be funny. It wouldn't be funny to everyone but that scene with Sheldon wasn't funny to everyone either. Nothing ever is. The blogger could have made some valid comments about why the pairing doesn't work in the real world but I think she failed with this particular approach. She really lost me when she started comparing TBBT to Glee.
  15. I am not going to read all of this nonsense to see if someone actually insulted you or not but if they did and you stick around asking for more at some point you share in the blame. If someone that doesn't like you insults you why would you care? You are giving them power over you. That is silly. To the second part of your post you are calling something a bad idea out of turn. No one knows if it would be a bad idea unless it is tried. It will probably never be tried so the worst we can call it is an alternative idea. You are making that assumption based on your personal viewpoints. For all we know Shenny could pump up the ratings even further. I would rather not find out but it is possible. It is past time for this thread to die and for that to happen you and the others need stop this debate. It has already gotten out of hand. Trying to correct people on the internet is a waste of time.
  16. I think you would be looking at science across the board though. I don't think it matters though. You either have an inclination towards science or you don't. If you do would you really let a stereotype stop you? If you are that shallow would you really contribute to a particular science? I am all for encouraging anyone to pursue science if they are passionate about it but not just to pad some numbers for a gender. There are programs out there that send accomplished computer science majors and IT professionals into middle schools to talk to the girls to show them it can be cool (far more effectively than Contractual). I know this for a fact because my wife volunteers in such an organization. If those same girls turn around and let a TV show influence them away from it I say, no big loss.
  17. Perhaps they should do a study to see if the real culprit is universities who do stupid studies. However it is not ridiculous. Given the enormous audience of course TBBT has been a factor but given that the odds are stacked in their favor they could also blame TBBT for being "partially" responsible for the obesity problem. They would be right on that count too. If no one was influenced by TV there would be no reason to spend billions of dollars a year in advertising. So thanks for stating the obvious. Geez some people have too much time on their hands.
  18. I don't think he has gotten more clownish, at least not since S3. I agree about the voice but he has used the higher pitch off and on since at least S2. I think the problem I saw in the last half of the S6 was that the show relied to heavily on Sheldon for humor and there were times it fell short or should not have been there at all.
  19. I think this forum makes that mistake too often, That is trying to figure out why a person enjoys or dislikes a bit of entertainment. It leads to unflattering labels. Since we are all obviously in the pursuit of the same thing we should just be happy if someone has found something they enjoy and hope they'd return the favor if the show bends to our liking.
  20. I agree. It is easier to break a couple up and avoid the fallout in a drama. The other problem I see is that they have moved at such a slow pace some of the audience (at least me) is barely caring right now anyway. You break them up and I would root for them to find other partners.
  21. Geez, another ancient thread? If the thread hasn't had any life for more than a couple of months start a new one, please.
  22. I think the problem stays the same. Whatever causes them to divorce is going to make one of them look really bad because I don't think there is enough time to have them drift apart slowly. The other causes would be having a baby that puts way too much pressure on them, cheating, or finances. But even if they went with finances if Penny blew through all of his money and got him deep into debt the audience is unlikely to forgive her. It would be out of character for him to run them into debt. They have already said that they do not intend to make Penny a successful actress. IMO, they only do a major break-up (one that lasts for the better part of a season or more) or a divorce is if Kaley or Johnny were leaving the show. That might happen in a scenario where the show goes for 11+ seasons but unlikely inside of 10.
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