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  1. Chin up, Buttercup. This too shall pass.

  2. Happy Holidays from Holly and me! She gets to come home from the rehab center next weekend, just in time for the New Year. It's going to be AWESOME. And TBBT still RULES!
  3. I'm not reading ANYTHING!!! But I wanted to wish everyone in the states a Happy Thanksgiving from me and Holly!
  4. My wife Holly is in the hospital. Prayers and good vibes and all that jazz are much appreciated
  5. Thanks for posting those Maxim pics! She looks great
  6. Can't argue with that! Were you surprised that I listed you as my emergency contact? It's like the most romantic thing I've ever done!
  7. Although I wanted more Bill Nye, I still dug the episode overall! Very good.
  8. Going spoiler free is pretty much the best decision I've made in awhile. Still going strong!
  9. First off!!!! I stare at you because you are beautiful, mi Hermosa. And secondly, the snarky remarks were because you're beautiful. Or something like that... Now get out of the bitter barn, and play in the hay!
  10. I had no idea you could be crying and still be so beautiful!
  11. I spontaneously got off the couch to grab someone the tissues because there were just too many feels going around! I really dug this episode.
  12. Season 7 has been AWESOME, you're right! I think last year Amy was giving Sheldon the benefit of the doubt, and was trying to show patience and understanding towards someone that is extremely Sheldon. Some people saw it as her not having a backbone (or not having metaphorical balls as Holly said), but I think she was just trying to figure out boundaries and trying to be a supportive girlfriend. This season, I believe she's figured out those boundaries with him. Anywho, I'm looking forward to where the rest of this season takes us! It's gonna be a fuuuuuuuun ride =)
  13. Just watched the episode again, and Sheldon says to Amy, "...I'll let you drive me past the lot where the buses park at night." So it would appear to me that there was no hidden or subtle deeper meaning behind that line. Boo =(
  14. Does anyone remember what Mayim sent this year as her Emmy reel?
  15. Aw, I love pi! 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716... that's it, that's all I know.
  16. I noticed it, too! But you probably already knew that =D
  17. I really liked this one! I thought Sheldon explaining how all relationships are difficult was an awesome monologue, and I especially liked the twist at the end when he says he was speaking about Amy, not himself. Hilarious!
  18. Ah!! Which episode is that from when Amy says that?
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