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  1. To be fair, my wife started going spoiler free before Koops did, and I could no longer handle all the stares and snarky remarks, so I decided to join her.  But I'm not bitter.

    First off!!!!  I stare at you because you are beautiful, mi Hermosa.  And secondly, the snarky remarks were because you're beautiful.  Or something like that... Now get out of the bitter barn, and play in the hay!  :dancer:

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  2. Besides the amazin' monkey scene with Sheldon in Amy's lab, I think my next favorite quirky Sheldon moment is in the scavenger epi when him and Penny are together and she comes across the map coordinates behind the poster.  It's very quick, but his face when he memorizes those numbers was spot on, because that's exactly how AdorkablyMe looks when she memorizes long numbers!   It's hilarious :girldance:



  3. Season 7 has been AWESOME, you're right!  I think last year Amy was giving Sheldon the benefit of the doubt, and was trying to show patience and understanding towards someone that is extremely Sheldon.  Some people saw it as her not having a backbone (or not having metaphorical balls as Holly said), but I think she was just trying to figure out boundaries and trying to be a supportive girlfriend.  This season, I believe she's figured out those boundaries with him.


    Anywho, I'm looking forward to where the rest of this season takes us!  It's gonna be a fuuuuuuuun ride =)

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  4. My wife and I have received hate for being lesbians from members of this forum, out at the market, in restaurants, everywhere.  But we keep our heads up because we know that we're not "in the wrong" or "sinners" just because we fell in love with each other and acted on that love.


    With that said, we have also received a lot of love and support from members here and elsewhere.  A big thanks to all who support the LGBTQA community.  It means more than you'll ever know <3



    This whole clip is touching, and there are a few Mayim and Jim/Todd moments



    You're too beautiful to hate. 

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