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  1. Aw, that's sad that others made you do this. Did they hold a gun or something to your head?
  2. I'm pretty much nakey as much as possible, but that's just how I roll.
  3. Season 1, Episode 10 - "The Loobenfeld Decay" Sheldon: I'm uncomfortable having been included in your lie to Penny. Leonard: What was I supposed to say? Sheldon: You could have told her the truth. Leonard: That would have hurt her feelings. Sheldon: Is that a relevant factor? Leonard: Yes. Sheldon: Then I suppose you could have agreed to go. Leonard: And what would I have said afterwards? Sheldon: I would suggest something to the effect of, 'singing is neither an appropriate vocation nor avocation for you, and if you disagree I'd recommend you have a CAT scan to look for a tumor pressing on the cognitive processing centers of your brain.'
  4. a) did you like it - Yeah, I thought their reactions were spot on and hilarious. Penny's "Oh, God" cracks me up every time! And the fact that Raj still has trouble talking to her afterwards was quite funny too :D b ) was it necessary - Of course not c) who was at fault Raj/Penny/Both - Both were in the bed, both were drunk, so I'd say both. d) was it a betrayal to Leonard - From Raj more so than Penny. e) any other thoughts - If you're travelling at the speed of light, and you look at yourself in a mirror that you're holding, what would you see?
  5. This reminds me of That 70s Show with Fez and how nobody knew from where he originated.
  6. Did you know that on average there are 333 squares of toilet paper on each roll? But that doesn't explain WHY THE SQUARES ARE SO SMALL. *sigh*
  7. Thanks for all the warm welcomes, folks :D What a variety of personalities we have here. Makes things interesting
  8. I think she is gorgeous! Wide shoulders and all I wish more women on television had a figure similar to hers. Then all the shallow people would have SO MUCH to gossip about!
  9. Melissa Rauch on Attack of the Show!: http://www.g4tv.com/videos/61748/melissa-rauch-on-the-big-bang-theory-golden-globes-more/
  10. I don't like the media interviewing young children after a massacre occurred at their school.
  11. Appreciate ya, Tripper :D I haven't been a lurker for too long, but from what I've seen so far, it's a nice little community ya got here.
  12. I understand both sides of this. On one side you have folks from the LGBTQ community wishing he would make somewhat of a big deal about his sexual orientation, b/c they feel that gay celebs have this "responsibility" to come out loud and proud, and be a good role model for everyone else struggling w/ coming out to their family and friends. On the other hand, people understand him wanting to keep his personal life somewhat private, and not making a big deal out of it. For me, I completely respect his decision to not discuss his supposed relationship w/ Todd during his interviews. He'll talk about it when/if he's ready to do so. As long as he isn't denying being gay (assuming he actually is), then I have no problem w/ it. That being said, I'm an out lesbian, and I have no problem discussing my sexual orientation w/ others. It's nice to see that the homophobia seems to be at a minimum here. That's more than I can say about where I live. I'm from Texas...need I say more?
  13. AdorkablyMe

    Know you

    Basics Name: Di (pronounced like the letter "D") Age: 26 Birthday: Sept 2nd Sex: Sure Eye colour: Brown Hair colour: dark brown Height: 5'2", 5'2 1/2" on a good day :D Any pets if yes what are there names: A dog named Bartholomew Favorite Drink: Water Food: pizza Colour: green Store: ThinkGeek online store Either/Or Spender or saver: spender Books or movies: books Sweet or salty: sweet
  14. Appreciate ya posting the sneak peek, jeanalice So excited for this episode tonight! EEEEEE!!
  15. Hello, newbie here From the great(ish) state of Texas! TBBT has been my favorite current sitcom for several years now, so I figured it's time to join this awesome community! Nerds unite!
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