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  1. I feel like Jim is wooing me with his own frustration and dislike of the breakup with Shamy #OneOfUs. He is amazing. He just gets it.
  2. Shamy performing experiments on their friends is, simply put, the best thing ever. I worship it.
  3. This beautiful gifset is just a reblog by me. It's actually made by our beautiful resident Chloe AKA bigbangsheldon
  4. Tumblr fooled me I thought Mayim got a SAG nom and I got all excited. #flop
  5. I would never want Sheldon to have sex as an obligation of just making AFF happy. It's very, very un-romantic. And most of all, can you imagine how Amy would feel? She would feel that distance between them in bed and it would break her heart
  6. So does he just look at her or what when she says she is proud of him?
  7. Why am I not surprised with them removing the hug? Oh, TBBT writers/creators. Boo.
  8. I actually enjoyed the line with Sheldon stating that he had a moment with AFF where he told her that her hair smelled like duck trapped in oil (lol!). It was cute to me because I can just picture Sheldon catching a whiff of Amy's hair in a moment when they pass or get near one another. He smelled her hair! Very cute. And Sheldon mentioning the notion of reviewing the investment idea by the women in their lives? So committed *shipper swoon* Edit: My Shamy brain must be making stuff up. He did not smell it. I still do not think this line is "mean" though. It's merely a comment. We don't know how he meant it since we didn't see the scene. Thanks.
  9. I kind of can see it. His arm is reaching over, that's why you see his skin. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, cover photo is gorgeous with our beautiful cast!
  10. Cod Mayim is gorgeous! The whole cast is fabulous. This is definitely the best photoshoot for TBBT.
  11. Happy Birthday, K! We L YOU! (I didn't say it. We don't want people to think we are hippies )
  12. That comment was by Molaro in an interview actually, which imo is even better since he is the showrunner currently.
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