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  1. I would never want Sheldon to have sex as an obligation of just making AFF happy. It's very, very un-romantic. And most of all, can you imagine how Amy would feel? She would feel that distance between them in bed and it would break her heart :(

  2. I actually enjoyed the line with Sheldon stating that he had a moment with AFF where he told her that her hair smelled like duck trapped in oil (lol!). It was cute to me because I can just picture Sheldon catching a whiff of Amy's hair in a moment when they pass or get near one another. He smelled her hair! Very cute. 

    And Sheldon mentioning the notion of reviewing the investment idea by the women in their lives? So committed *shipper swoon* 


    Edit: My Shamy brain must be making stuff up. He did not smell it. I still do not think this line is "mean" though. It's merely a comment. We don't know how he meant it since we didn't see the scene. Thanks.

  3. Exactly!! At times like this, it's AMY I want to smack upside the head, not Sheldon.


    And you know what? I not only agree, but I think this is good. I think a truly balanced and good relationship pairing has ups and downs. It makes them more realistic. I like that we cheer for Amy when she is the best ever, like when she gave Sheldon the V-day, and also that we want to whack her sometimes when she just isn't getting it. I think it's good that Sheldon deserves a good time out sometimes, and yet we applaud at times like these when he is being so adorable and bragging about his vixen. My point is, I don't think either should be "winning", I think we should see that they are compromising and growing so that to get corny on you guys, so that they can win together!

  4. Personally, I saw the last line as nothing but positive. He is basically saying in the comedic Sheldon way, hey don't look at them. Don't look outside of us. We scored high, look at the scientific numbers to prove it, and it shows that WE are happy. I think it is great :)

    I am sure Amy made some face of discomfort after he said it, but that's only because I see that as her mini arc. She will one day learn that what others do doesn't matter, and just look at what she has with Sheldon.

    And, although we may not see it all, date nights always end with kisses! And we will see more of that, just not with this episode. The kisses will mean more too as we see more revealing of their hearts in the relationship.

  5. I also want to add how I am proud of the writers for rather than going for the easy typical joke of Sheldon saying it, they had Amy say that dealing with Lenny definitely counted as two dates instead of just one! It shows how much more in tune and alike they are than sometimes they are given credit for. It's also an added bonus to tell you just how much she invested and controls the RA. The RA is a beautiful Shamy thing. It's binding and hot ;) This episode is just full of so much Shamy magic and reminds me of the pairing I fell in love with back in S4/5. And yes, avocados are the new Shamy fruit! *happy fry dance* 

  6. Agree, the dress was perfect on her and it wasn't "too much". I think she wore more of a ball gown to one awards show and she sort of drowned in it. I think when you're short (I'm 5'0") you don't want too much dress to overwhelm you. 


    Slight OT, but wanted to give Allison Janney some love. She is great in comedy and drama. If you have Showtime on Demand, check her out in Masters of Sex. She is heartbreaking in it. If Mayim had to lose, I'm glad it was to her. I think Mayim's little nod before she clapped acknowledged that too. 


    I don't comprehend your understanding of Mayim losing :p

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