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  1. Yes, I specifically remember being bummed about the seating arrangements But they ignored them at the PCA's too, why not ignore them at what can be called Jim's mothership now that he has four Emmy's. So cute.
  2. The gifs are AMAZING, Lea! Cod, I would slay a baby unicorn to see the close up picture of that hug Jim & Mayim share (It's mythical so it's okay )
  3. I also want to add, Mayim Bialik didn't obtain her PhD or become a successful actress on two hit shows twice by being a quitter. She will be upset because it doesn't seem to be typical of her to put herself into something and keep coming up losing. Even though getting the three noms IS huge. But anyways, I believe with her personality she will definitely not quit, and will only push forward and do what she does best to submit and win that Emmy. And I agree, I largely think it's just she needs an AFF storyline to show and that will help. She needs more meat in what she submits.
  4. That's so cute. Thanks for pointing that out. I wish I'd caught that. What a sweetheart.
  5. RAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes *fingers crossed for Mayim to look good*
  6. Mayim looks like a total babe! OMC! She is gorgeous. And fattest girl in Hollywood? She is so silly. I love that they showcased her beautiful smile. But most of all, I love that they showed how beautiful she is and let her be glamorous.
  7. Even more modest? *Proton sigh* Well, let's hope this dress surprises me. I want her to look beautiful.
  8. These first two episodes remind me of the show I fell in love with in so many ways. I could not be more pleased right now. Thank you, Jiab.
  9. Anything with the ole pairing? *cough* Shamy?
  10. I spit out my drink. This is perfection. Henny Penny IS Penny's new name.
  11. I am thinking that it's possible that they are only wearing the same clothes because since the premiere will have two episodes, the next episode truly is a continuation, and hence the reason for the same garments. P.S. WOO HOO TO TAPING DAYS!
  12. @Nevermind That was gorgeously thoughtful and deep. You are right with the "what I hoped to happen, somehow it did." We did get Amy taking a stand. I appreciate your attitude and outlook. *claps*
  13. I'll say it again, Majim IS the cutest cast friendship. OMC these two are so precious. Her shriek, his laugh while she's screaming, his sweet comments, the hand pat, the fact that they were dressed AS SHAMY, etc. Perfect.
  14. @Carmeli Never leave. Your post is gold and you are a gem.
  15. It is a joke. Any time I see Mayim herself or anyone describing her as curvy, I laugh. She is so small. Mayim downplays herself though. She constantly says these comments about her weight, makes jokes about her nose, credits Jim when people give her compliments on her acting, etc.
  16. As a Mayim fan, I never want to talk about the contract pay again. Sigh. On a VERY happy note, I am glad K & S fought and won! So good for them. And most of all for me as a fan, I am more than pleased that it is back to business as usual where we will be talking about spoilers, taping reports, and stories!
  17. So cute! She's so smart. And she looks gorgeous in this clip.
  18. I'm gonna let you finish Loops, but CAndy is the best friendship of all time! Evidence:
  19. I love love Mayim. She is my favorite cast member. This isn't coming across right. I fully support and understand what she means. I just was saying the wording she used was less than politically correct. I didn't mean to say that I don't encourage what she does. I hope this clears it up.
  20. Mayim looks so beautiful in the clips/pictures from today! Those hair extensions are a must keep. And the outfit is just adorable. I also loved the one on her Ferguson interview, it was hot. And the GG, of course.
  21. I'm sure that's what she meant Dena, I'm sure. It just could have been worded differently Either way, we got her under contract as AFF
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