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  1. It's sad how Mayim said she feels bored basically with TBBT and that's one of the reasons why chose to take on this Candid Camera show. I mean, we still have three seasons left. Come on, Mayim.
  2. I actually as a Shamy fan agree with you.
  3. Well, I just thought I'd make a thread when we want to celebrate our forum friends days of birth. To start with, let's start by celebrating our dedicated and wonderful forum pal, Chloe AKA bigbangsheldon. Here is a present Koops, Lio, Caitsie and I made for her! Please join us in saying happy birthday! http://gothictexan123.tumblr.com/post/92601812150/happy-birthday-to-chloebear-from-chloopsy-aka-wio
  4. Omc! I spit out my drink from laughing when that guy said "Ok, Mayim ennnnooouuggghhhh!" *wheezing* That was so hysterical. But they are right. She's so incredible. I just loved hearing her speak in this manner. What an incredible woman.
  5. Mayim, you chose very wisely. I am so excited!
  6. Here goes my two cents What do you hope and predict for season 8 Shamy? How do you see their story going? There is a huge difference in terms of hope vs. predict. What I hope for? I hope Shamy find their friendship again. I hope they have fun and smile again. I hope it’s a lot less drama, and lot more quirky. I hope that they once again are one another’s exception. Now do I expect any of that? Judging from the prior two seasons, I would say no. This involves a lot of individual work on each of the character’s, as well as sentimentality for the pairing which let’s face it TBBT isn’t big on. So I am trying to go into it as best as I can as a huge fan without expectation and just see what they come up with, and then decide from there. Do you think Sheldon will have to face his true feelings for Amy and not run away from them anymore? I think eventually of course he will need to if they are going to remain together. Now the issue is the waiting until that time comes. I am no longer interested in seeing an upset Amy and Sheldon calling all the shots. I hope they can realize it might be time to start making those small adjustments to join them together again and show them moving forward. It doesn’t need to be all drama and angst just because they are a real couple now. Will Sheldon continue resisting any changes in their relationship? This is Sheldon’s nature and the writers clearly find it amusing. However, looking at it from an Amy perspective as well since she is involved in the relationship too it becomes tricky to watch. I wouldn’t mind them holding hands once every six months, as long as they were happy and enjoying one another again. I think the writers are at a tipping point, are they going to go for it and take Sheldon out of his own way when it comes to Amy or are they going to keep the status quo and have it remain till the S10? We shall see. Do you think Sheldon loves Amy? I wouldn’t ship a couple so strongly and invest so much time if I had not felt that they were in love. I used to always feel like I was watching a pairing that was in love, and for their own reasons, they didn’t need to say the words or give those physical aspects because it didn’t matter. You could absolutely see the love. And then they decided it was very funny for Amy to push, nag and generally be frustrated with Sheldon making him come across quite low as a boyfriend. It’s unfortunate to see from such a great pairing, but at this point, I would say while Sheldon may love Amy but he doesn’t appreciate her perhaps. And I don’t say this at all because of physical affection. I don’t ever want Sheldon to be unrecognizable. I absolutely adore the character. I just want the bonding and comradery and mutual love that used to be so evident. It’s very up in the air right now. Do you think there will be a point where Sheldon is the one who does want to proceed in the relationship and move things forward, and Amy will be unsure about it or hesitating about it? I would worship and love this idea. In particular, in regards to the sexual issue. I’ve always felt Amy was a whole lot of talk. She says the comments she does and it makes some think that all she wants is to get herself some. However, when you look at her turning her head when Sheldon grabbed the Rubik cube, making shocked faces when he was talking “dirty” to Raj, being shy during D&D, etc. All those point to me that it would make total sense and it would be amazing to see the tables flipped because I will tell you most of the big Shamy moments that I just adore are the ones where Sheldon took control and progressed their dynamic. It just fits so much better. How long Amy will put up with Sheldon's resisting behavior? The biggest thing here is that it’s not Amy’s fault, and it’s not Sheldon’s either. It is both of them. The biggest issue in the dynamic as it stands to me today is I feel that the writers are not looking at it all from her point of view, and she really is just Sheldon’s girlfriend to them and that’s it. Amy needs to stop pushing issues that they are not ready for, such as the moving in matter. She also needs to be honest and up front with her feelings which she doesn’t do much these days. The manipulative streak that came out from her in the table episode was difficult to watch. And Sheldon, well, he needs to realize that he has a GEM of a girlfriend, despite it all. Some of his comments this past season *sigh* I hope the writers can think about both sides in the future, and not just how it impacts Sheldon or Shelnard or Shenny or Sheleny (whatever their nickname is ). Do you think there will be a point where Amy breaks up with Sheldon? It’s so typical and boring, but I’d rather see a break-up than the same ole thing continuing. I always adored how Shamy used to do things their own way. In my opinion, it’s their greatest asset. It would be a shame to watch them fall into the typical break-up route in order to one day be reunited. However, if handled right and it brought bad ass Amy and unique, quirky Shamy back then I would say, “BRING IT!” How will Amy progress as a character and towards Sheldon? I would hope that they remember that people didn’t become such a huge fan of Amy solely because she was Sheldon’s main squeeze. Just like Penny didn’t only become popular because she slept with Leonard. I admired Amy because of her strength, quirkiness, honesty, confidence, wackiness, and real heart. I hope to learn more about her. I don’t need more episodes on itchy sweaters or couch cushions. It would be amazing to see, and this goes for all the characters, an attitude of investigation with who they are. In regards to Sheldon, I just hope that she doesn’t come running back to him with open arms. I also don’t want her to manipulate or play games with him. These writers really did write themselves into a tricky spot, so we’ll see. But on a positive side, they have surprised me before. Who on earth could have predicted Sheldon giving such an AMAZING first kiss to Amy? He really went for it. I was pleasantly surprised. Could Shamy work on a scientific project together at CalTech? I would give you my first born, organs, and even my coupon binder for this storyline to happen. Will there be a mutual changes of ILY's? Words don’t matter to me. I don’t care if they say a line or not. As I said, in S5 especially, I always felt the love and they didn’t even kiss back then. It didn’t matter because you could see the love in their character’s actions and stories with one another. You could see it in the chemistry and happiness they exuded when around one another. Do you think there will be a point where Sheldon actually does want to live with Amy and invites her to live with him? Yes. I think the way marriage was the big step to Lenny, I think that the move in and sex issue is the same for Shamy. I just hope that the joke is dropped more or less till they are ready. I mean, the Lenny proposals after the 50th time wasn’t all that funny. This moving in issue is feeling the same way to me. And I hope that when it does happen it’s of the understanding that he is asking her to move in as a girlfriend, and not just someone to drive him and feed him, such as a Leonard replacement. Do you think Sheldon will ever propose to Amy, and if so how and why it will happen? I think Amy wants marriage because she feels in her young at heart mind that it’s a representation of the ultimate commitment. I feel that Amy wants all these things because all she really wants is to feel confident and secure with Sheldon’s love. I don’t feel that we have really seen a scene where marriage was brought up with Shamy in a serious way where you knew it was a real discussion about their future. All I need, as I said earlier, is to know that as I am shutting my TV off when the series ends and saying goodbye to this show and pairing that I love knowing that they are truly and deeply in love. On the other hand, I’m not opposed to it. I just can barely picture it with where Shamy are at emotionally at this point in time. What exceptional could happen between Shamy? I will steal from Koops here and say that I cannot see Shamy making steps that are not exceptional. Every step they make when they finally get there makes my shipper heart soar. Shamy is an absolute power couple, how could they not be exceptional? Both parties in it are adorable, extremely brilliant, strong, confident and interesting. And then when joined together it just becomes a quirky dream team and as Amy pointed out a story that puts The Beauty & the Beast to shame. Thanks for reading. Have a good day.
  7. Mulder&Scully, Shamy and Mondler my top OtP's. Although I will say while I ADORE the other two more than I can say, the level of shipping with Shamy is unmatched. I joined a board for them. I make gifs, watch CC'S, read interviews, etc, etc.
  8. @QueenBee I love you for your comment that its not wedding bells and sex that Amy wants or needs, I find it to be quite clear that she just wants Sheldon's heart and commitment. As long as Shamy are happy in the end, I really don't even need to see either. Although with the sex issue, they have focused on it far too much to back out now.
  9. Don't the writers know there is basically no one who wants to to hear them? They either avoid the question or try to justify. It's boring. The whole point of CC is to see the cast and how adorable they are. This is upsetting
  10. YAY! So exciting! Now the big question, is it cast or just the writers?
  11. My love for this picture is never ending
  12. Glad the Critics Choice finally nominated Mayim!
  13. While I appreciate your very kind words of encouragement during what feels like dark times for some Shamy's, and more in particular Amy fans more than I can say, I have to say that there is a reason I don't ship Lenny. We choose our ships for different reasons. While I think they are great and I root for them, I don't truly ship Lenny because I am not drawn to them. I admired that Shamy used to be so different and didn't follow the stereotypical TV route of couplings. Their uniqueness is what made them interesting to me. It's their greatest asset. The fact that they used to be able to talk about their problems. The idea that their big drama's used to be handled in quirky ways. Plus this added drama is extra hard in my eyes since in all honesty their communication and being one another's exception is really their most intimate aspect. They don't have sex or make out, like Lenny. They used to have the mind connection that was so powerful. This has now changed and it's hard to see. It is hard for me in particular to see a ship I barely recognize. And Amy, I can't even explain how different she is, in my eyes, now compared to the way she was. Sadly, it feels at least to me that Amy in some ways has become what all her "haters" say she is: manipulative, doormat, etc. And that makes me quite sad. I genuinely and 100% feel that Lenny and Shamy cannot be compared. They have literally nothing in common, except for the fact that they are on the same show.
  14. Thanks for posting this Michy! I am glad we are doing this. It's a small effort on the part of us Amy/Shamy fans that may or may not have an impact. But hey, at least it gets out there I would recommend so as to not over-do it and upset anyone, let us be sensible and only post maybe once a week or two over the summer, if you feel passionate. But especially after the finale it would be great if we could get this to trend. I am personally going to let them know how Mayim and Amy turned me from a casual viewer to an obsessed fan so that's one angle. I'd also post about asking where Amy's family history is. Just anything positive about Amy/Shamy over the summer could be great. Let's defend the Vixen
  15. Koops got it right. I wasn't referring to your comment directly. It was a general comment that I see often on the boards, and I just let out my thoughts on the matter.
  16. The defense of saying that because a show is a comedy that it shouldn't have heart, depth, or continuity is without a doubt the lamest excuse I have ever heard of to try to back up these writers. It's not a valid excuse. At all. A truly great comedy show makes you laugh, it can make you cry, and it flows and makes sense and here's a thought, actually remembers its own characters.
  17. Sure hope you are right. I do not want to stop shipping this ship.
  18. The promo took our dreams of what we hoped would happen Chloe and it's not real
  19. Sheldon's smile at Amy when they bring in the cake is amazing.
  20. The issue I am having is while waiting for the next 3 years I would like to enjoy watching them. I care more about the journey than the end goal is what it boils down to.
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