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  1. I truly am sorry, Dena. No apologies needed. I wish all the best for you and your family <3
  2. I personally do not believe this is the very next kiss after the train kiss. It is far too casual. And judging from Amy's comments it sounds like they share a goodbye kiss generally at the end of every date night. And we know Sheldon could not have gone this long since the train episode without a date with his vixen. Raj is only stating what he knows. They have actually kissed two times before the train kiss, but apparently he wasn't told about those. I get the feeling that Shamy, at least for now, will keep the kisses either mostly to themselves or their respective besties.
  3. What I am loving the most about the kiss is that it's very casual, and not a big deal. I think that is the best part. It's not some drama moment or something that is the center of the episode. It's just that Sheldon is kissing his girlfriend Amy goodbye as he should be. I just love being in this honeymoon period moment with Shamy.
  4. I, too, want to see Raj become more confident and secure within himself before really being with another person. I think its only healthy that he should have that security because otherwise all his relationship ventures will soon fail since he will either become too needy or domineering, depending on the girl involved. I think I want to see him be single and date around to gain that confidence as he's working on himself. I think Raj as he is makes an incredible boyfriend. I mean, he can watch The Bachelor with you or play video games, depending on what kind of girl you are. He can make you a great meal and be the first to play fun games with you. That's really awesome . But he doesn't get that as a character. I think it's important that he does get that he's a catch before settling down with any of the above ladies. It's really just a matter of him getting past his neediness/insecurity issues enough to be the right person for his partner.
  5. Lio, Koops, Chloe and I would like to interrupt the standard Shamy broadcast to ask you to join us in celebrating Queen Caitsie's birthday today!
  6. Wio, Chloe, Koops and I would like to interrupt our regular Shamy broadcast to celebrate the Sharmy Queen Cait's birthday today!
  7. DUN DUN DUN... I wanted to say that I absolutely loved this episode! I am so very happy that Sheldon is being mature in this episode. He really was so hurt that his mother would tell him one thing, and then in his opinion act a different way that was separate from what she said. He really communicated his feelings and showed his mom that he is more of a grown man. I am looking forward to their new dynamic. And I did actually enjoy that bit with her sending him to his room because it shows that if you love your mother they still always have that power, don't they? I was laughing so loud when he gave HER the sex talk. I found that to be such a clever move by the writers to flip it like that. The Howard and Sheldon bonding was really great. I think what I most appreciated was how they let the Sheldon moment with his mom be powerful and show character depth, and left the silly giggle moments for Raj+gang. As a Shamy shipper, I obviously have to say the RA line was incredible. Sheldon and Amy basically put rings on it in terms of commitment with writing out so much about their future and lives together. Amy was all together in this episode so snarky, fun, quirky, just great. Keep it up, writers! Party planning Raj is my absolute favorite! He is so enjoyable in this role.
  8. One of my personal favs
  9. Can I just say I was totally with Sara Gilbert with her idea on The Talk? Spill that food! Come on, Mayim! P.S. Loving the high-waisted skirts that her stylist is choosing for her!
  10. I totally agree with this. Bouncing grey baby here too!
  11. I predict a genuine conversation about their feelings with Sheldon possibly saying to her how he knows she has changed him, and he appreciates it. I just picture a real heart to heart. Something like D&D, but with more direct answers. I also think a mutual kiss.
  12. The hair color is amazing. And yes, girl has been surely working out!
  13. Despite what anyone thinks of Mayim it really doesn't matter because our PRINCESS is trending on Yahoo! :D
  14. "That's eating like a bird!" LOL!!! I am loving this Howard Stern interview. Although, can we get Mayim to stop saying she is "weird looking"? She is GORGEOUS!
  15. A creation I worked on: http://gothictexan123.tumblr.com/post/77831452091 I hope you guys like it!
  16. Mayim was completely adorable on Wendy Williams!
  17. Where can I watch this? Any idea?
  18. I just had a moment where I realized why they had Sheldon be in the car with Penny during the car breakdown scene in this episode. The very first time this recurring joke showed was the first scene where Penny drives Sheldon and he keeps talking to her about her engine light throughout the drive. Obviously, we would see this scene many times afterwards, including with Penny's favorite bestie, AFF. Anyways, so it makes sense that when this engine light joke should go that it should end as it all began. That's actually really sweet! And shows they remember more than we give them credit for
  19. http://reasonstolovebeingalive.tumblr.com/post/59255736421 (Not my blog )
  20. Today I had a moment where I realized how much this season they have worked on reminding us on how intelligent Amy really is. They have done it in a subtle way, but the effort is great to see given the dissatisfaction with that last season. It means they are listening to what the audience is saying and working on one of the their beloved characters. Some examples are: Amy figuring out Raiders on only the first time in viewing it, Penny turning to Amy for reassurance in her word choices, talking science with Bernie, showing her so much at work in her lab, speeches on how she IS a scientist first, etc.
  21. I think Penny's dad and Sheldon's mom would be a good couple too. Haha can you imagine?
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