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  1. Had to cut the cable for financial reasons and haven't seen any of Season 12 yet. I looked into iTunes and I don't want to pay for/buy each episode -- given the history of how they've been treating Lenny. Does anyone know of free services on the computer that I can use to catch up with the show?
  2. My work ID! I found this wonky, imperfect little snowflake and taped to the underside of my work ID which I always have with me. I've been carrying it for so long, the snowflake started out silver and is now oxidized. My feelings about Lenny: perfectly imperfect!
  3. Oh yes! I'm here, ever present and just floating around (think: smog). It's just that TPTB haven't feeding this Lenny Beast so one gets kind of anemic and then weak. Also, RL has been a mutha.
  4. That is just two of the many insults Leonard and Penny (and their fans) suffered at the hands of TPTB during Seasons 8 thru 10. As for Season 11, I did watch every show (and really felt that Lenny and the Shelnard moments were much better represented than in previous seasons) but each was deleted from the DVR just after I watched them. For me, absolutely nothing was worthwhile enough to merit a revisiting. If Lenny had been written in early seasons like it was in Seasons 8 thru10, I never would have become a Lenny. As for the Shamy wedding, they made Amy look ridiculous and the best part was Penny throwing her arm across Leonard's shoulders as they exited.
  5. Happy Birthday, Chef! Have a wonderful one!
  6. Wow! Thank you, Jonny! That verse is absolutely lovely!
  7. Free pastramy sandwiches! VOTE FOR LEONARD! A fun, united Lenny episode! I only had one LOL moment -- Leonard's 'That is the danger of a restaurant on wheels' but it was fun, very enjoyable episode! Now, while I sit here and eat my free pastramy sandwich after I voted for Leonard, anyone speak Russian here? Can anyone decipher Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card?
  8. Tonstar! Happy Birthday! Have a great one!
  9. 'But then I was like 'Hey' and they were like 'Wut?' and I was like 'Ya know' and they were like 'Okay ...' LOL! Leonard, ever the wordsmith! Really enjoyed the show last night and especially the Lenny! Love that they wrote them like an actual couple! Really like it too when they write the Leonard/Howard/Raj triumvirate vs Sheldon! Love that formula and last night's show felt very vintage that way! Loved the Shelnard hug! I'm so happy, to celebrate I'm going to call the La Quinta Inn in Thousand Oaks and ask for Hernandez!
  10. It 'feels' like Leonard's book writing career had a one story mention and a one story arc and then came to its end. If it is over, I'm very sorry to see it go. I really liked the goofy, well-trod, hackneyed story line and dialogue we were given and would have loved to see it become a hit despite of or because of all its flaws. That would have been great fun! Instead, they had to distill it down just to highlight Leonard's working psychology that he's OK with being hurt (I don't remember the exact wording to his alter-ego's revelation) but it was disappointing for me. Would have loved to see Logan Dean recover from his bullet wound and move on to his next physicist-crime solving adventure but it 'felt' like finality.
  11. Luminous! Thank you so much of the up close and personals! NOW I can see it!
  12. OK! Everyone! Look closely at Penny's butt! If we established that Penny sleeps on the side with the tissues and lotion (?) what does Leonard keep on his side of the bed side table? It's hard for me to see but are they framed photos? Love how Penny keeps 'Lion Super Hero' Leonard on her side! I
  13. LOL! I was a very fun episode and cleverly written! Loved how we jumped in and out of the world of Logan Dean! Loved too the stilted, hackneyed conversations among the book characters! Really enjoyed this one! My biggest LOL was Amy's 'Is it going to be a news story where I have to say you were quiet and kept to your self and I'm as shocked as anyone?' Freak Flag Moment: Logan Dean was shot! Would have totally settled for seeing Logan Dean in a hospital gown! That would have worked too!
  14. Yes! Loved too how he was saying the lines with her during the Serial Apeist filming!
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