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  1. Had to cut the cable for financial reasons and haven't seen any of Season 12 yet. I looked into iTunes and I don't want to pay for/buy each episode -- given the history of how they've been treating Lenny. Does anyone know of free services on the computer that I can use to catch up with the show? 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Jonny said:

    From what i've read elsewhere it's a 60 year old famous Russian Folk Song:

    Not even a whisper is to be heard in the garden, 
    Everything has calmed down until dawn.
    If you only knew how dear they are to me, 
    The evenings near Moscow! 

    The river is moving and (sometimes) not, 
    All made of the moons silver.
    A song sounds and is not to be heard
    In those quiet evenings.

    Why do you, darling, look at me from the side, 
    Bending your head so low?
    It is not easy to tell
    All the things that are in my heart.

    And dawn is getting more and more visible.
    So, please, be so kind:
    You, also, don't forget
    These summer evenings near Moscow.


    Wow! Thank you, Jonny! That verse is absolutely lovely!

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  3. Free pastramy sandwiches! 


     A fun, united Lenny episode! 

    I only had one LOL moment -- Leonard's 'That is the danger of a restaurant on wheels' but it was fun, very enjoyable episode! 

    Now, while I sit here and eat my free pastramy sandwich after I voted for Leonard, anyone speak Russian here? Can anyone decipher Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card?

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  4. It 'feels' like Leonard's book writing career had a one story mention and a one story arc and then came to its end. If it is over, I'm very sorry to see it go. I really liked the goofy, well-trod, hackneyed story line and dialogue we were given and would have loved to see it become a hit despite of or because of all its flaws. That would have been great fun! Instead, they had to distill it down just to highlight Leonard's working psychology that he's OK with being hurt (I don't remember the exact wording to his alter-ego's revelation) but it was disappointing for me. Would have loved to see Logan Dean recover from his bullet wound and move on to his next physicist-crime solving adventure but it 'felt' like finality. 


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  5. 5 hours ago, luminous said:

    Image1.jpg.b99f8dcf15d869034dd17925cf302e14.jpg Image2.jpg.04a50708f157de7bd7ef8d8d4944e415.jpg

    Okay, it was hard to look closely, since Penny's butt distracted me :icon_cheesygrin:, but...

    It's a framed photo of Leonard and Penny's wedding redo with a blue butterfly on the frame, something that looks like a Star Trek figure (William Riker?) and a gray candle. :icon_wink:


    Luminous! Thank you so much of the up close and personals! NOW I can see it! 

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  6. OK! Everyone! Look closely at Penny's butt!

    If we established that Penny sleeps on the side with the tissues and lotion (?) what does Leonard keep on his side of the bed side table? It's hard for me to see but are they framed photos?

    Love how Penny keeps 'Lion Super Hero' Leonard on her side! 


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  7. 6 hours ago, bfm said:

    What a great episode! I delved into Leonard's issues some more in the episode thread but here I'll expand a bit on Lenny, mostly from Penny's side:

    Penny's reactions were great IMO. She was very supportive of her husband and seemed to enjoy not only the book but also his enthusiasm. That is love! In her imagined book scene the character also appeared to truly care about "Logan" and of course there was the attraction :icon_redface:. I think it was quite telling that she was reading something that will not be seen as romantic/erotic by most but in her mind it delved into this realm, "her" character almost kissed "Logan", having a hard time to resist. That was completely imposed by Penny's mind. 

    She also seemed hurt but perhaps even more worried than hurt (we know Penny conceals vulnerability with anger) that her husband might feel everything she does hurts him. I would worry very much if that happened to me! Penny truly cares about Leonard, loves him very much and and is very much attracted to him. Her jokes and snarky remarks do not reveal the truth but conceal it.

    On Leonard's side, he was mostly confused. Until he found out the real evil queen in his life. I really hope he won't let that evil queen stop him from writing his book though!

    And we got to see their bedroom, at last!!! I would get rid of the fluffy pillows but otherwise I liked it. Looks like an adult couple's room, not a boy or girl's room.

    LOL! I was a very fun episode and cleverly written! Loved how we jumped in and out of the world of Logan Dean! Loved too the stilted, hackneyed conversations among the book characters! Really enjoyed this one! My biggest LOL was Amy's 'Is it going to be a news story where I have to say you were quiet and kept to your self and I'm as shocked as anyone?' 

    Freak Flag Moment: Logan Dean was shot! Would have totally settled for seeing Logan Dean in a hospital gown! That would have worked too!

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  8. 13 hours ago, Tensor said:


    just a quick note, I’m on my way to California, (7:05 flight ).  Because of the trip,  I will not be generally available for the next few days. As a result, reports or questions may not get picked up as quickly, and you will be better off contacting Tripper, instead of me, with any concerns until next Thursday. I will be here after the taping on Tuesday, to report on the taping, so in general, see you then. 


    Oooooh! Dad left us alone in the club house! 

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  9. 22 hours ago, SRAM said:

    I’m so sick of this forced Shenny on the show now, it the early seasons their interaction was more natural and made sense but last night was so forced and didn’t make any sense.  There was no reason for Penny to go to 4B, she knew Sheldon was working because Amy told them when she came over.  Sheldon’s science has been always more boring to her than Leonard’s or even Amy’s, so why would she go over there.  There was no indication in the episode she felt left out, only disinterested, so why would she go to see Sheldon while he was working, except if she wanted to see him (flirting?), she even brought him over the food she got to share with her husband, WTF!  I just feel the writers went over the line last night to force Shenny, which ruined the episode for me since it was so badly done, with no pretense of even making sense.

    This whole contrived bit of writing struck me that the writers were giving The Shenny their dose of fan-service. Just waiting now for some Lenny fan-service ...

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  10. 22 hours ago, veejay said:

    It seems significant to me that no one here is talking about the latest episode.

    The Lenny parts were cute but I thought it was a very underwhelming episode. 

    BUT --

    I loved the little tidbit about Leonard writing! Just like in the episode, when he solved his puzzle saying, 'Dr Purple is a woman!' I WOULD LOVE to see his fictional work of a physicist/crime-solver BE A WOMAN! His little novel could gain some traction and it could star Penny!

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  11. 2 hours ago, Lagernisse said:

    It would had been so awesome if that scene was a little bit longer so we could see the animal interact with Lenny. 

    I know it's been done hundreds of times before but it would have been a hoot* (continuing with our woodland animal theme*) to see a raccoon, his little human-like hands clenched on Leonard's festive Christmas sweater, riding piggy-back, as Leonard ran screaming around 4A! 

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  12. 14 hours ago, Lagernisse said:

    It can be soo exhausting to find the perfect Christmas tree. :icon_cheesygrin:

    The raccoons (or whatever stow-away critter(s) that was hiding therein) had found the perfect tree too until Leonard and Penny chopped it down! Sigh! Here's hoping the stow-aways found happiness in the elevator shaft! 

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  13. 5 hours ago, snowflake79 said:

    Hello! Greetings from a long-time Lenny shipper. I know this forum for quite a while, but only today I have found the courage to sign up. Well, here I am. :girl_smile:

    Hello and Welcome, Snowflake! Please! Feel free to jump right in! The water's nice and warm! 

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