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  1. I loved it! Leonard and Penny were absolutely adorable last night! They were everything I need from my Lenny: loving and supportive! There really has been a major shift from the past three seasons and whatever was the driving force for it -- thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can bear to watch the show again! Amazingly, I had several LOL moments: Leonard's pseudo 'Dad moment' to the petty combatants: 'Hey! That's enough! This fight either has to end or get way more entertaining'; Sheldon's return accusatory barb at Leonard: 'You're exhausting and short' and Leonard's little moment of reflection and then nod of agreement; 'Built IKEA desk' on the Hofstadter Family accomplishment board; and Leonard's high score on 'Mario Cart' NOT making the cut! There has been a complete180 in Lenny writing from the past three seasons. To what grace do we owe this?! Is it all just because Molero's acid glare and hateful, unfunny pen has turned to the spin-off? If so, then great! Keep him busy elsewhere!
  2. White socks! White socks! I want a bedroom scene so I can see Leonard in his white (sex) socks! Maybe we could have a scene where Penny is shopping and holding a bag of white crew socks. She immediately phones Leonard and says, 'I'll be home in twenty minutes and be ready.'
  3. Amazing work, Martin! Absolutely beautiful!
  4. veejay! Happy Birthday to you, gif master!
  5. Look at me, my fellow Lennys! I am happy dancing whilst covered in warm fuzzies! That was absoluely wonderful!! Lenny was tremendous last night! That was an amazing Lenny episode -- something we haven't had in seasons! And, it was cleverly written too! Another thing we haven't had in multiple seasons! Booyah! Warm, wonderful, joyous Lenny CAN be written!
  6. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii | ☆☆ ☆ | | ◇♡ ◇ | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Happy Birthday, Martin!
  7. For me, so far THIS SEASON, I think my favorite Lenny moment is when Leonard is complaining about the dry cleaners not getting all the green out of his beloved Captain Kirk uniform. Although we were only given the minimal conversation, what it is referring to is absolutely delectable and makes my imagination run wild! Obviously Lenny participate in fun sexual costuming and games with Leonard dressed as Captain Kirk and Penny painted green as an Orion Slave Girl! LOL! Not that TPTB would ever expand on tantalizing bit but I would absolutely love it if they did! Some stilted, hackneyed conversation from Leonard as he does his bad Captain Kirk imitation as Penny dances around him all green and wearing a black wig! LOL! Truly a little gem of a tidbit they gave us there!
  8. There is a lot to be grateful for and my Lenny friends are chief among them. Blessings and many thanks to everyone.
  9. Maybe IT IS a sex dungeon! <happy dancing!>
  10. I'm enjoying this season more that I have in the past three seasons. The tiny Lenny moments we've been given have been rather enjoyable and I'm glad that snarky Penny SEEMS to have melted away. I find myself LOL at times -- really loved Leonard's little laugh last week -- it was sort of a dismissive school yard 'Nyah, Nyah' -- when Sheldon said he wanted to speak with Penny alone. A tiny but fun moment. The last episode I've let stay in my DVR was Season's 10 'Veracity' with the delectable bondage scene -- Leonard being chained and whipped (Down, Freak Flag! Down!) -- and before that was Season Hate's 'Graduation'. But that being said, even with nothing I'd really feel compelled to re-watch again, I've been enjoying this season.
  11. 'I know I said physics is dead but it is the opposite of dead. If anything, it is undead. Like a zombie.' LOL! Speaking of which, if Richard Feynman came back as a zombie, I would totally let him bite me.' LOL! 'In conclusion, physics is great, squirrels suck, and someday I'm gonna put my mom in a cheap nursing home.' LOL and LOL! You go, Leonard! Let the alcohol fan those well deserved vindictive flames! PS -- thank you too, to everyone for your kind words and support. They mean a lot during this very painful time. Thank you!
  12. I have it! I have LTD! Your descriptors fit me to a 'T'! And note -- that's a capital 'T'!
  13. 'Lenny Taping Depression' -- that could be a verifiable psychological phenomena.
  14. I am a life long 'glass-half-emptyist' and despite that, I've been trying, really trying to be more a 'fullest'. But after three dreadful seasons and the Season 11 freshman taping report that left a very red handprint across my face, this is really how I am feeling.
  15. Just read the Taping Report and that sound you just heard -- that weird sound just echoed around your space where ever you are in the world -- was me giving myself the hardest facepalm ever. So! Season 10 continues! Ah er, I mean Season 11 starts.
  16. This was so beautifully, tremendously said: It's you. All those little items were emblems of Leonard's love and devotion and Penny recognized it. Amazing, beautifully tender moment!
  17. hokie! Wonderfully said! You're making me feel like a certified 'glass-half-fullest'!
  18. Adore this moment! I LOVE this scene! Love that is starts with a kiss as Penny wraps her legs around Leonard's waist, and, as he places his hand to her back, he gently lowers Penny down as her legs part. And it is all beautifully, lovingly, tenderly done! Exquisite, heart-achingly beautiful visual! The 'gun show' we see here isn't too bad either! Double the pleasure, double the fun! But sigh! My dear Lennys! The first taping date is looming and I am looking at this season with a fair amount of dread. ! For the past few years, I feel like TPTB are playing Whack-A-Mole with us Lennys and our affections. Every taping, I pop up with my chubby cheeks and a hopeful smile plastered on my face looking for the smallest of goodies only to be whacked on the head by TPTB with their over-siized squeaky mallet. Then I pop up again to view the show, always hoping that it doesn't play as badly as it read (to me). Nope. I hear the squeak just as it makes contact and down I go. Again. Sigh. I really need to stop taking those 'Good for One Game' tokens from TPTB.
  19. YES! THAT is my girl! You go, Mrs Gunderson! An old gal who really ... appreciates ... Leonard and doesn't mind the good visualization of him in flagrante delicto! Hmmm ... <taps chin thoughtfully> ... now who does that remind me of? Nah ... I got nothin ...
  20. Saw this wonky, imperfect, glorious, beautiful, singular photo and I immediately thought of Lenny.
  21. Psychological trick: I don't think of low expectations for Lenny. I just keep thinking of wonderful, funny, witty, warm situations for them that I know will never come true! Huzzah!
  22. LOL! Add: screaming, throwing items against a wall, and depressive petulance -- so me!
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