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  1. Holy moly! We're all here in Season 11! I was wondering why Season 10 was soooo quiet! Duh!
  2. To all my dear Lennys! Happy 4th of July! Yes! Yes! I know I'm starting my celebrations a tad early but I'm off (you really didn't need me tell you that!) so I am starting my celebrations early! I know we are a global group and we all don't celebrate the 4th but, just like our beloved Lenny, it is our differences and our diversity that make us unique, strong, and great! And so, I give you an electronic card that celebrates diversity, inclusion, joy, dancing, alcohol, and celebration! http://www.jibjab.com/view/PnaQWvQ3RH2DleKltiPoQg?utm_campaign=URL+Copy&utm_content=tequila_edf_group&utm_medium=Share&utm_source=JibJab&cmpid=jj_url Ole!
  3. Completely agree! I once had a patient who whistled the tune to 'The Andy Griffith Show' for twelve hours straight. Hearing that sprightly little tune incessantly was maddening. But even still, that was more pleasurable for me than watching any Shamy.
  4. I know! Right?! It's like: The Cat's Alive, Bitch'.
  5. I adore this, Martin! I love the attitude! It has a whole 'Yeah. And what are you going to do about it?' vibe! Lenny trash talking and staring down a threat! Love it!!!
  6. Loving Leonard isn't convenient. It's inconvenient. He doesn't like to work out or do yoga, he doesn't handle firearms well, red wine gives him migranes. Penny has taken to wearing flats instead of high heels. She wasn't even sure what he does for a living. She has to pronounce difficult words and look the meaning up in a dictionary. It would be very convenient if all she had to do was pack her gym bag and work out with her boyfriend on date night and then go for a beer at a sports bar and watch the Cornhuskers. That would be convenient. But love is messy, inconvenient and hard. The road gets rough. You give up things and compromise. Things don't always go your way. But you do it all out of love, 'hold[ing] hands and doing it together'. Despite all this inconvenience, she loves him anyway.
  7. Leonard is a date/lover based on convenience?! All Penny has to do is smile and curl her finger in the direction of any hetero man and I'm sure the vast majority would come crawling and drooling her way. I imagine she could have pretty much anyone she set her sights on. Penny is with Leonard because he is her date/lover by her choice and she loves him. He fell for her right away. But she needed to realize that her Prince Charming wasn't her usual, a bulked up muscle head.
  8. Someone who deliberately emotionally manipulated Penny just so he could beat Sheldon in bowling?! Consciously, intentionally making an attempt to undermine relationship without any regard for their emotional health or psychological well being for his own gain?! Yeah, total sweetheart.
  9. Hells, yeah! Just like Schrodinger's Cat We're Alive! And I think we're pretty fierce and fabulous too!
  10. It's not Valentine's Day but a good day for any Lenny sexy dance! http://www.jibjab.com/view/9IQO9lhDS3-pyUBozaYj-w?utm_campaign=URL+Copy&utm_content=male_striptease_vday&utm_medium=Share&utm_source=JibJab&cmpid=jj_url
  11. You know, I've had more fun and laughs with all the people here on this thread than I have had in the past three years of the show. At this point, it's easier for me to leave the show than this Forum.
  12. Yeah. I know. That surprised me too. Maybe it's because we're not listed as a 'Ship Zone'?
  13. For Penny's career, I want to see her go back to The Cheesecake Factory. But not as a waitress. Just imagine if Leonard and Penny (or the gang) stops there for dinner one evening and the service is abysmal, the wait staff is goofing around, the manager is harried, running around and completely ineffective. With a unique insiders view to how things should be run and better managed, I can just see Penny taking over, issuing orders from her table: to a waiter -- 'The couple at Table 2 asked for tea like ten minutes ago. Until now, I could see that they were enjoying their meal. If you want to salvage any portion of your tip, get it to them now, along with a piece of free cheesecake thrown in.' From her seat at the table, I can really see her like a general approaching D-Day, running the place with great efficiency and planning as she calls out directions and suggestions to the staff. Her talent wouldn't be wasted on the harried manager who hire her for her managerial skills and human insight on the spot. I've always enjoyed our time at The Cheesecake Factory. We always had a lot of laughs there. TPTB did the humor of the show a great disservice by excising it from the line-up and making Penny a pharmaceutical rep where the only laughs came from the wonderful Stephen Root who was afraid of Bernadette. After that, zero laughs in pharmaceutical sales. The humor could return, if, Penny as a manager, has to manage a group of surly, unqualified wait staff. Like Stuart had with Dale, his incompetent stand-in at the comic book store (loved Dale! Need more Dale!), we could get some of that, Penny overseeing and managing a group of Dales. I think that could bring back some of the missing humor. Not that I want even less time given to the cast but, at those times, when we did visit Penny at work, at least it will be fun and memorable. And it would serve another purpose. Those in the cast who are not written as geniuses are struggling: Penny and Stuart (Raj's struggling is self-inflicted). The everyday people of ordinary intelligence who bring warmth and street smarts are not succeeding. Maybe Penny could bring her managerial flair to Stuart's store and make it successful and we'd have a happier, more confident Stuart as well as more happier, more vibrant Penny.
  14. ^^^^^ Very, very clever of you, veejay! The last line of that exchange, you gave us a gif! Very, very clever!
  15. Sheldon also let Aquaman record away, capturing any intimate activities between Leonard and Penny, without informing them they were being recorded for god knows how long. When they became aware, Leonard, standing behind the kitchen island (naturally), looked distressed and sighed heavily, just looked down at the table. Just a frustrated sigh?! Sheldon got away easy for that one. If that were me, Sheldon would have gotten punched right in the face.
  16. Sheldon also surprised Leonard and Penny by letting a homeless guy live in his old room.
  17. Completely agree. I really like having a Lenny shipping place where we can come and safely rant and vent when we are as mad as hell and cannot take it anymore. Our frustrations won't muddy the positive and supportive waters of our original shipping thread. I vote this very necessary thread moves with us throughout the seasons.
  18. Happy Mother's Day to all glorious women out there, even those that may be childless, who loved, influenced, supported, encouraged, fought for, shaped, and who acted a role model for all our children! It truly does take a village!
  19. I really love the top photo -- the protective arm thrown across Penny -- when Leonard spots the stranger in their apartment (courtesy of the codge monkey across the hall).
  20. They will. I'm convinced that it will be touted as 'A Big Bang Theory Event! So BIG it takes TWO EPISODES to fill!'
  21. Stand out comments for me: 'this season hasn't been the show's best'; 'an increasingly tired series'; 'recycling the same conflict we'very seen so many times'; 'usual formula is that Sheldon isn't particularly put out by Amy's absence'; 'but as too often the case with this show, more could have been done'.
  22. I like to think that he dared to speak the truth inside their echo chamber and did not act like a sycophant and told them that what they were writing was total crap.
  23. No, I don't see them breaking Lenny up either because that would mean that they'd have to actually write a story for them.
  24. Yep. The Lenny hope and joy just keeps coming and coming.
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