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  1. Ah! We're back! There's no place like home ... there's no place like home... <clicking ruby slippers together>
  2. Wow. As for when he talked to Penny about it, I didn't get 'consenting participation' at all. Far from it. I got 'drunk', 'seasick' and 'I stopped it'.
  3. I am truly sorry to read this, luminous. I believe a group is always stronger and better when all voices are welcomed and included no matter how discordant some are as it provides balance and alternate POVs. Personally, even though I'm finding it a tad difficult keeping up a supportive buoyant tone at this time because I feel as if we Lennys have been minimized and incessantly nut kicked for three seasons, if one of us would jump on a unicorn right now and fly around throwing glitter all over our ship, I'd be thrilled to hear that voice right now as it would absolutely lighten my darker mood. And that is what makes us great. We are all coming at this from very different places with very different perspectives: we can be thrilled with the status of Lenny and looking forward to what Season 11 will bring; or, just OK with it but still hopeful; or we can be moody and as pissed off as hell because what we were given we interpret as Lenny dying on the vine and TPTB aren't doing anything about it or care enough to stop it. But irregardless of whatever working psychology we choose to side with, all our different voices are here for the love of Lenny.
  4. They are little containers that have magnets on the bottom. You can put anything in them but I have usually seen them hold spices and kept on the fridge for easy reach.
  5. The only real giggle I got in the episode last night was Zack's 'Sharpie Mole'. But Leonard and Penny, for me, while not a whole lot of laughs, were adorable and were totally the Lenny I missed horribly this season. Two 'Thumbs Up' for Lenny.
  6. Same here. I never signed up for The Sheldon Show. I cannot take the neglect and minimization that Lenny and the Lennys have been subjected to for the past three seasons.
  7. Lenny are a magnificent couple. Their build-up was incremental, each week we were privileged to witness one of their little discoveries about one another and how they both felt. With Leonard, who wore his heart on his sleeve, it was clear that his yearning was immediate. I rooted for him instantly but, like Leonard, I too thought he was fighting waaay above his weight class. But just a few shows in, The Hamburger Postulate, when Penny walked away smiling when she found out that Leslie and Leonard were no longer an item, I cheered. To me, that smile was proof positive of her true feelings. But then we were given the revelations about Penny: the commitment issues and, surprisingly, her insecurity about her intelligence which made her feel like she the one who was fighting above her weight class. And over the seasons, there were the little hesitant movements, the many failed moments, the tender gestures, but slowly, their relationship built and the jewel that is Lenny became beautifully polished. And here we are at season ten. IMO, TPTB have continually failed us for three seasons as Lenny have been horribly, shamefully minimized. It's dusty and forgotten by the writers but still the gem is there for those of us who can see and do remember.
  8. No! I'm sorry! I never meant to suggest that you were a writer! And I never thought you were! It's just that you asked a question that held the very lovely implication -- two lovers are parting for several months -- and would we be privileged to witness their tender parting words, their final kiss to one another? Such a lovely, memorable moment that fans would cherish and hold it close to their hearts! And alas! Lenny was given such a moment but the writers -- not you! -- thought it would be amazingly funny and clever to have a very annoying and highly irritating Sheldon interrupt their goodbyes and 'I love you'. Sigh! The Sheldon Show does break this Lenny's shippers heart! But happily! I am not totally forsaken! I do remember the happy Lenny moments! Like the time they got married! No wait! Sheldon interrupted that too! But there was the crazy, fun honeymoon in San Francisco! Oh, yeah! The one we never saw and that Sheldon had invited himself to join in too! But now their second wedding! That was absolutely lovel -- no wait! Sheldon interrupted that too! But at least we had their first year of living together as husband and wife -- ah, no! Sheldon was there as well! Ah, well! No fear! I'm sure the writers of The Sheldon Show will give Shamy a sweetly tender, memorable parting without any asinine clowns interrupting it.
  9. Wow. I cannot stress enough how much this underwhelms me. Yep. We are being ignored into slow extinction. No Big Bang for us … Oh please, oh please, oh pretty, pretty please let Lenny interrupt the heartfelt goodbye and the I love you … Oh please, oh please, oh pretty, pretty please let Lenny interrupt the heartfelt goodbye and the I love you ...
  10. Best use of Sheldon's old room -- EVER!
  11. Totally agree w/ bfm and Strawberry -- I hope that any discontent is dealt with before any pregnancy BUT, that being said -- It might be fun … Sheldon whining, not wanting to be alone and trying to get back into 4A after Amy leaves for Princeton but Penny says 'No, Sheldon. You can't … because Leonard and I are going to need it … for our baby …' Penny smiles and takes Leonard's hand … Fade Out …
  12. I agree. When Sheldon comes back to 4A, I hope Lenny flee to 4B. You must be new here ...
  13. I doubt it. Character assassination seems to be reserved for Leonard.
  14. Fingers crossed for Leonard and Penny goodness!
  15. The Aqua Man Recordings. Me thinks that Sheldon has already seen something he didn't need to see. Hey! Maybe that's how the the sex dungeon, Lenny BDSM was implanted into his dreams. Oh Leonard and Penny! Such dirty experimental birds!
  16. I LOL at the part, I think it's about one minute in, where Penny-Chic is slapping Leonard-Chic on the butt!
  17. http://www.jibjab.com/view/NmmkuF0BTJWSMqCUq5zBXQ?utm_campaign=URL+Copy&utm_content=chicken_dance_easter&utm_medium=Share&utm_source=JibJab&cmpid=jj_url
  18. Me too! I always preferred a chubby fellow!
  19. hokie! Welcome back! I noticed that you were MIA and was worried! So glad to find that it was just a little necessary downtime and that all is well!
  20. I LOL at the beginning Sheldon's 'Come on people! We're about to go live! Everyone on your A Game! <clapping hands> I want good energy! Then the broadcast starts and Sheldon, et al go flat and stare blankly into the camera. I LOL at Leonard's and Penny's FwF interview. Leonard's disinterest was so high that he couldn't even bother enough to remember and Penny could could care less. Perfect Lenny! I liked: Howard's imitation of Stuart, Stuart's hair -- coveted nesting material -- (I can really see that!) and his revenge against all of bird-dom by cooking a chicken. And there we have it. My sum total laughs and giggles. Loved the sloth -- and no! I don't mean the writers! Paco the Sloth was adorable!
  21. I really don't know what to think so I'm just sitting here ripping the sweet little heads off of marshmallow PEEPS, getting purple sugar all over the keyboard and enjoying the candied deliciousness. For me, the overall Lenny vibe has been really, really off this season but in last night's episode they seemed to in sync. I really loved Leonard and Penny's FwF interview! THAT was Lenny perfection! But there were a few comments, primarily Penny's 'All that and he's shorter than me' made me cringe. And when Rebecca offered the training sessions and after Leonard's 'Nice try. Not going', I thought Penny's reaction to his comment looked a little pained and bit embarrassed. <Rips off another PEEP head, one more for the tally> I'm getting mixed messages. I'm thrilled we're lined up to get a good Lenny episode but I dread what the final ones will hold.
  22. You wanna talk about low bars? The other day when vonmar posted the 'Doug the Pug' video and 'Leonard-Pug' and 'Penny-Pug' could be found sitting in the hallway, I squealed and cheered. That's how desperate I am for ANY Lenny goodness. Could not agree more.
  23. ^^^^^ LOL! And I'm totally thrilled that 'Leonard-Pug' and 'Penny-Pug' were shown in the Hallway! For me, when it comes to TBBT anymore, it's the small victories!
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