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  1. I always suspected this. Remember when Leonard comes into the room to hang up his Star Trek uniform and is startled to find Raj in his bed? They have their little conversation and Leonard comes upon the idea of exchanging rooms for awhile. [paraphrasing here] Then Raj asks, 'Can I bring a girl over?' Leonard looks amused and surprised. 'You a girl? Sure! Any girl you want.' Very famous last words. Little did he know that girl would be Penny.
  2. Hey, SRAM. I hear you on this, I really do. But the Shennys are a delusional bunch that will twist anything their way. If we ever get to see Leonard and Penny's wedding day, in fan fiction they will say Penny was looking at and really thinking about Sheldon when she says 'I do' or something equally horrifically nut ball and left field. I adore fan fiction and it is frustrating to see how much the L/P folks are outnumbered by the Shenny. But it's like eye color -- you can't change it. You can't dissuade a Shenny any more than you can dissuade me from being hardcore L/P. You can rant against it or worry about it but then you will just bask in negativity. The better use of everyone's time is continue to write the type of story you want to read, bolster our L/P numbers. And anyone new coming into the fandom (like me in January 2011) will have the chance to read stories where the Leonard/Penny relationship is honestly and fairly represented and Leonard isn't unrecognizable, written as a sniveling, jealous, whining jerk. They try to crush us with their numbers but it hasn't worked, we haven't stopped. The L/P folks in fan fiction are hard to eradicate and we keep growing. And lately it seems we have made a wave in the Shenny sea. And speaking of sea, I see a whole bunch of plot bunnies from Leonard being in the middle of the ocean. And in the end, the very end, we'll still have canon and they'll just have a bunch of crappy, delusional stories. You have a great story going -- just keep doing what you're doing.
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