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  1. Awwww! Three of my favorite things: Leonard, Penny, and the Hallway! That magic, beautiful Hallway! A marvelous place of Lenny firsts: first looks, first words, first place where realization dawned but with a very privately held 'I Love You' is shown by the gift of the Snuggie and the 'really long hug', first publicly admitted 'I Love You'. It's the place where, whenever Leonard and Penny wanted to talk 'privately' -- unbelievably! -- they would pull one another into the very public hallway! LOL! The incongruity of that always made me laugh! But it WAS the place that they knew, as if the warm memories that wonderful place held would enrobe them, that was special for them and they felt safe! And you can almost track how Lenny has been minimized by TPTB because of the lack of Hallway encounters and the rise of the <shudders> Kitchen Island. As it was given to us, I loved the Lenny engagement. BUT, Leonard being a Romance Ninja, I think before he pulled the ring out of his wallet, he should have pulled Penny into the Hallway. And like luminous noted, a Lenny wedding -- IMO -- would have perfect -- for them -- in the Hallway. But with the Lenny engagement, we are at the end of Season 7 with our toes just in the cold virgin waters of Season Hate. The Hallway and the Lenny magic there is pretty much forgotten by TPTB and we are given the Kitchen Island, a place where Lenny is minimized and left just stand back, witness, and comment on whatever 'Sheldon-nanigans' are unfolding. Pwwwwah! Ptooooey! For me, whenever I think of TBBT, that will always the perfect, wonderful 'first place' trifecta -- Leonard, Penny, and The Hallway.
  2. Disliked this episode immensely. The Aunt Trixie dialogue thread was the only thing I found original and wonderfully comedic. Loved Howard's confession about the cards and the $5 gift and his spin on the bad news he's been holding in for six years -- 'I've got some bad news about Aunt Trixie …'. Other than that, I found the entire episode was just a rehash of prior episodes that were far superior. If you're going to copy something, then by all means do it but make it better, not worse. In a party of one here, but I think I'm the only person in the entire TBBT universe that HATES 'Soft Kitty'. Its use makes Sheldon even more of a petulant child and gives us multiple episodes of 'Sick Sheldon' so its use can be applied. <gagging>. So glad it's back! Bazinga! Now we just have to wait for 'Bazinga' to make it's return too and I'll have the pleasure of hearing that again. Bazinga! And how about Sheldon giving classified military information to a room full of strangers? Just mention inserting electric can opener sounds inserted into collected data despite all the original work being kept and some people run to gather the wooden planks to crucify Leonard even though it was done to stop a murder plot and keep the research on track. But it's impaired Sheldon after all! No problems here! And, he did think ahead to get the protections of a pinky pledge. So that's good. I thought that Bri Cuoco choreographed a cowboy dance for this episode? Beyond thrilled that we were spared that.
  3. Agreed! It is so sexist. Penny gets slutshamed and even Dr Plimpton gets called 'Slutbunny' while Leonard admits to wanting to he a 'player' and gets clapped on the back for his sexual conquests. It's sex. Not love. A natural physical act. It's fun! You laugh, it feels good, and you make funny noises! Dr Plimpton just enjoyed it and Mrs Latham had mad skills. Whether you're male or female, as long as you're consenting adults, IMO, there should be no judgment, nothing perjorative attached.
  4. I hear you, Strawberrry! I'm shocked and surprised at the little TR we got but my joy is tempered too!
  5. I know we need more of the details here but ….. OMG! OMG! OMG! A good episode for Lenny?! My God! It's unbelievable to see those words in the same sentence!! I don't know how to process this!! I'm squealing, running around the room in joy!!
  6. ^^^^^ It's so true! I hear so many songs that remind me of Leonard and Penny! The one that I've had running through my head these past few days has been the glorious The Wonder of You sung by the one and only Elvis! To me, the lyrics are completely Leonard's thoughts when thinking of Penny. When no-one else can understand meWhen everything I do is wrongYou give me hope and consolationYou give me strength to carry onAnd you're always there to lend a handIn everything I doThat's the wonderThe wonder of youAnd when you smile the world is brighterYou touch my hand and I'm a kingYour kiss to me is worth a fortuneYour love for me is everythingI'll guess I'll never know the reason whyYou love me like you doThat's the wonderThe wonder of you
  7. Lenny interrupting Shamy nuptials. Love it.
  8. If a relationship is to be based on bad taste in ugly flowered shirts, gossip, and facials, then Penny Koothrapali it is! BUT --- When it comes to preferred activities and hobbies, Leonard and Penny don't NEED anything in common. And I know this is the truth because I have been in a happy, loving relationship with my husband since 1980 and, when it comes to our hobbies and leisure activities, we have absolutely nothing in common. My husband is a pro-gun Republican who hunts, fishes, loves dogs, camping, and the great outdoors. I truly believe that he would cook every meal over an open fire if given the chance. This contrasts nicely with my progressive Democrat, cat loving, in-doorsy, will only shoot something with a camera, reading, writing, movie watching, jewelry-making, and visit any type of museums sensibilities. When it comes to our likes, we couldn't be more different. What makes it work for us, is, that on those levels of compatibility that really matter, that is not as shallow as one's interests or preferred activities, we have a much deeper connection and are on common ground: how much we love and support our children and how we chose to raise them, we share the same values on how we treat one another and other people, our world view is the same, *we are good supportive companions to one another, **there is intimacy, tenderness, and caring, ***and good emotional support for one another, ****we work through our disagreements (and there are a lot of those now based on our political differences). * Good supportive companions to one another: ~ Leonard buying Penny a car so she could still go to auditions; ~ Leonard helping Penny pay her rent and electric; ~ Leonard buying a plane ticket home so she could spend Christmas with her family. ~ 'You're scared. I'm scared. But it doesn't make me not want to do it. It just makes me want to hold your hand and do it with you.' ** There is intimacy, tenderness, and caring: ~ Sex Paint canvasses; ~ Broken beds and rocking chairs; ~ Leonard offering to publicly shame himself in an orange neglige when he affronted Penny; ~ Leonard Googling intimate activities to try to please and satisfy Penny. *** Good Emotional Support for one another: ~ Leonard inviting Wil Wheaton to try to support Penny with Serial Apeist 2 and her acting dreams; ~ The trip to the Van Nuys Comi-Con to let Penny know that she has fans; ~ Leonard taking Penny to the gun range as a surprise. **** Working through Disagreements: ~ The Bug Report; ~ The Valentine's Day post disastrous dinner discussion; ~ Leonard admitting that he was proud of Penny's bravery (something he didn't have and could not do) of leaping without a net as she tried for the most recent time to pursue her acting dreams. THOSE are the attributes for a healthy, sustainable relationship and Leonard and Penny have them in spades.
  9. The primary architect of The Sheldon Show? Good riddance.
  10. OMG! LOL! THAT is EXACTLY how the show feels to me! Spot on! That is absolutely brilliant! Now that would have been a great working premise!
  11. Pardon the interruption ... Just wanted to note that this thread just hit 11,111 replies! Very cool! Congrats, wowbagger for bringing us to that very cool number! Observation concluded … return to your discussion.
  12. Thank you, Itwas! It truly sounds like you and Mrs Itwas had a wonderful time! Damn! I would have loved to see your dance! Loved your report -- that it was a funny episode and no one character dominated! So very glad you had a wondeful, joyous time! PS -- Maths? Really?
  13. Itwas and Mrs Itwas! Have a wonderful time! And pfffft! No worries about positivity! At this point, I'm not too sure how much we expect! It's just a thrill to know we have actual Lennys representing tonight! That's the headline! PS -- if you get the chance, tell Johnny I think he's adorable and I really, really want to see him in a hospital gown! <Karen once again rips down that pesky Freak Flag that flies above her head>
  14. Itwas! Have a wonderful safe journey and a glorious time at the taping! Bring us some Lenny luck!
  15. I totally hear you, Lagernisse. It pisses me off that when we talk about glorious, fun Lenny moments, they seem to be largely in the past, from Seasons 1-7. We do have some Season 8-10 Lenny gems but they are more isolated little moments. If it helps, here are pretty much the faces I've been making regularly at TPTB.
  16. It's quiet. Too quiet. So here are some fun Leonard and Penny moments. My favorite kiss -- from Jiminy. Leonard and Penny decided to just be friends. Ah! The best laid plans! They gave a platonic parting hug and then their eyes met. And what they saw there was the heat, desire, passion, want, need, devotion, and love that their souls bared. No force on Earth can stop it. The Universe has spoken! Our lime kiss … my nearly first but second favorite! Alcohol fueled passion! One of my favorite things! And the engagement! Sigh. TPTB here DID Lenny one of the many Lenny disservices. The dialogue was fantastic but the long awaited engagement WAS anti-climatic. BUT then Leonard pulled the ring out of his wallet that he had been carrying for years and we had the Return of the Romance Ninja! And Penny got her sweet, delicious, very desirable Strawberry Pop Tart! For me, no 'Will you marry me?' in a gondola in Venice or top of the Eiffel Tower could better it. Sweet, wonderful, surprising, joyous, and Pop Tart-licious!
  17. Sigh. I really, really wished that Leonard popped out from the other side of that shower curtain. What could have been a lovely, surprising Lenny moment that would tickle all our hineys with the pleasure of lovely innuendo just became an uninspired missed opportunity.
  18. You say you want a Lenny Revolution ... Well, you know ... We all want to change the show ... You tell me that it's evolution ... Well, you know ... We all don't want the Sheldon Show ... But when you talk about the kitchen island ... Don't you know that you can count me out ... Don't you know it's gonna be ... All right, all right, all right … You say you got a real solution ... Well, you know ... We'd all love to see more Lenny ... You ask me for a contribution ... Well, you know ... We're as vocal as we can ... But if you think that TPTB have minds that don't rate ... All I can tell is brother you are great! Don't you know it's gonna be ... All right, all right, all right … Taking profound liberties … my deepest apologies to the Beatles and their fans.
  19. Add my name to the list of those who have been, with a few exceptions, sorely disappointed with the way Lenny have been written and minimized for the past three seasons.
  20. Hope you're feeling better, Tonstar!
  21. That would be the best use of the kitchen island in three seasons.
  22. http://www.jibjab.com/view/NVHoufYEsMIzlwGcY1pz PS -- I'm not techy at all and it took me all day to do this but if you hit the link, you can see them dance. I hope.
  23. Applause! Applause! Beautifully said, Strawberry!
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