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  1. Texas - looking bar on IG, CNN earlier this week had an article on the upcoming 'Young Sheldon' show, I'm thinking that this 'recollection' may just be a 19 minute promo for the new Sheldon show. Or maybe Leonard and Penny just argue about something.
  2. The Lennys may not be the largest contingent of TBBT fans or the most vocal. But we certainly are the booziest! Neck, Shot, Lime everyone! Slainte!
  3. Oh look at the three Lenny fans standing there in a row!
  4. Nograv! Long time no cyber-see! It's good to have you back in the Thunderdome again!
  5. I sorely miss all those discussions! Loved too how they would be deeply theorizing amd arguing about kryptonian mustard and dry cleaners in the bottled city of Kandor and then say something like 'You can never have a serious discussion with him.' LOL!
  6. We need a fun Lenny story. Two words: Drunk Karaoke! I would love to see a sloshed Leonard swaying at the bar microphone with fun rum drink in hand (complete with little colorful umbrella) singing heartily. Some contenders for Sloshed Leonard Ballad of Love: If Betcha By Golly Wow Lovin' You (it would be funny and ear bleeding to hear Leonard's octave range) Vehicle (creepy beginning tho ...) At Last Can't Help Falling in Love Love Rollercoaster What a Wonderful World
  7. TPTB seem to be building towards something. And now they have the set of Raj's empty apartment to create another living space …
  8. Pfffffft! Escape Hatch, Sescape Satch! I thought Leonard and Penny looked good together last night. There was support and commonality to their actions. I'll admit that it only took one comment from his mother to unglue him, but I hope we start to see stronger stuff come from Leonard when it comes to his dealings with Mommy Demon Dearest. And although it does feel like TPTB are building towards something (they now have an empty set where Raj's apartment was), last night, to me, it didn't feel like a rocky Leonard and Penny (but for MDD gleefully pushing the buttons on Leonard's psyche). My only LOL moment was Leonard crossing the hallway and yelling at Sheldon's door about Cinnamon escaping! That was fun! Good times.
  9. But Leonard's wonderful words, really make me feel that they can truly be applied to us frustrated Lennys as we stand together in hope and dedication to them: "You’re scared, I’m scared. But it doesn’t make me not want to do it. It, it just makes me want to hold your hand and do it with you.".....
  10. Just want to wish all the fierce, wonderful, amazing women in this Forum a happy International Women's Day!
  11. I always dread Taping Day because I usually end up doing this ...
  12. <crickets chirping> Sooooo …. it's real quiet here …. real quiet … <crickets chirping> Any thoughts on tonights taping -- how Lenny will deal with their new roommate? Any wishes? <chirp, chirp, chirp>
  13. TBH, any mention of the kitchen island AUTOMATICALLY gets me in my 'Junk Yard Dog' mode. My hackles raise as the snarl begins deep in my throat and the spit gathers at my lip, highlighting my gleaming fangs. But, here, I have to agree. Lenny look so lovely and content here at their kitchen island. What has tempered me (this time) is that they are alone, facing one another and relaxed. This is different and nice. It's a wonderful visual. Usually they are standing behind it, being ignored or acting as the Greek Chorus and just looking on. <snarl, snarl … Down girl!>
  14. That would be absolutely wonderful!
  15. Squealing! Toes curling in happiness! Yes! Those are two absolutely wonderful moments!
  16. LOL! We gotta get folks to start posting it we want to get 200! Unless, of couse, we are going for the coveted 'Quietest Thread' Award. If that's the case, good job everbody!
  17. GAH! My apologies! Return to your work, Sir! [Karen throws all her planned photos on the table] We can resume our game another time ... But, I will leave you with that which brought us together in the first place ...
  18. Hmmm … you are playing very cleverly, sir [Karen rubs her chin deep in thought] I see your veejay and I raise you our beloved Lenny Flag! Neck, Shot, Lime … Sir! Neck, Shot, Lime.
  19. It is quiet … too quiet. So hokie, I will re-post your 3ku11 and raise you a luminous ...
  20. Itwas! Look closely at your envelope … is the name right? You know, just maybe it was a mistake and it says 'And these tickets go to … 5Mississippis! No, no! They really go to 5Mississippis … ' No! I tease! Congratulations! Wonderful news! It's good to know that we will be represented in the studio by one of our own! Have a wonderful time and know that I am more than a little jealous!
  21. I really agree with this part. TPTB have been consistent for the past few seasons with their dismal treatment of Lenny and the mindboggling unbelievability of the plots. What keeps me here is the joy, wit, warmth, support and companionship of my fellow Lennys. I am a glass- half-empty-ist and have no crystal ball, but I really have the feeling they are building towards something I really I don't want to see. But whatever lies in wait for us, I know I will get by because of everyone here. What john2p said: Thanks to you all.
  22. Bon Voyage and joyous travels, JE7! And should the site get locked down in your absence, I shall think of you and say: 'We'll at least it wasn't JE7 this time!' Think of us here battling it out in The Thunderdome! And thank you for the excellent report 2L344!
  23. I agree with this as this was my take-away from the episodes too. Leonard was drunk and seasick, and Mandy, based on her comment 'Oh no! Did I sleep with you too?' makes me FEEL LIKE Mandy was the aggressor and pounced. This was not a desirous, consensual act. And, despite breaking her tooth, she didn't even remember the event or who she was kissing! IMO, Leonard's number was up and Mandy swooped down as she SEEMED to working her way through any willing partners on board. NB -- I'm not casting any judgment on Mandy here either as she is a young, beautiful woman with a strong sexual appetite. As to the physical act, as long as both (or more!) of the partners are adults and consenting, I have no problem with that. Again, IMO, Leonard would never cheat on Penny, drunk or otherwise. And, after eight seasons of only being supportive and devoted, this episode was total character assassination just for the sake of the 9.1 scenario and punchline: Leonard: I can't believe I'm spending my wedding night with you. Sheldon: Really? I never imagined it any other way. Of all the not-Penny women in Leonard's life, Alice was my favorite. If I wasn't a Lenny, I'd be a Lice. The Alice encounter doesn't bother me for several reasons. The first kiss was initiated by Alice as Leonard was talking -- she started kissing him as he was mid-sentence! But for Alice's actions, I don't see that Leonard would have ever been the aggressor or initiated the act. What's more, he was shown to be completely guilt ridden over the event and even went to Penny for advice and/or permission. Even after speaking to Penny, Leonard was still shown to be very guilty and conflicted. But when push came shove, when he was actually there in Alice's arms, a gorgeous woman who desired him, he couldn't do it. He could talk all he wants about being a 'player', sleeping with one woman while dating another, but he couldn't do it. Actions speak louder than words. He left Alice, a woman who genuinely seemed to care for him and totally accept him as he is and confessed to Priya, who was not only ashamed of her relationship with Leonard but tried to change him as well. I love Penny but I have to agree with this too. Penny has been shown to have a rather cloudy moral compass at times: She had sex with her boyfriend's brother to get revenge on him; Made out with the captain of the football team while his girlfriend was puking; Drunk slept with Leonard while dating Zack; And there was her comment in 9.2 about 'knowing the previous guys she dated weren't above cheating because that's how we met' but then we fall into the grey area of supposition on how much she knew about their availability. Whether she was lied to or an active participant, we don't know, but, based on what we know of her past behavior, an argument could be made either way. For me, the Alice episode was just that: a good guy fluctuation. As for Mandy, the damning part was Leonard's two year silence on the event, which Penny forgave and went on to marry Leonard in that travesty of a ceremony (which was the real crime).
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