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  1. Johnny gave an interview recently in which he said The Comic Book Store Regeneration was his favorite, so I'm pretty sure that was his pick.
  2. This, exactly. I thought this was a solid episode, which apparently puts me in the minority. The jump-roping made me LOL; it looked like some Cal Tech undergrads taking a study break outside one of the sorority houses, though admittedly I didn't look closely. Kaley delivered her lines expertly for comic effect. It's nice to see Penny dressed professionally and being successful in her career. The names for the asteroid turning in Sheldon's favor was clever writing, as was the best Best Western/Buy dialogue. Oh, and Jane Kaczmarek was perfect.
  3. Sweeps weeks are the weeks in Feb, May, and Nov when a company called Nielsen measures the ratings of TV shows. (I'm not sure how ratings are calculated the other weeks, but they're always published.) The ratings in these three months are used to set prices for advertisers, so networks often try to air special episodes then.
  4. I went back a few pages because I wanted to know if you'll still be upset if the 200th isn't about Shamy. Personally, I'm good, roughly until Amy's next birthday.
  5. Somebody may have pointed this out already, but did you guys notice that Sheldon noticed Amy was shivering? That's new for him, right?
  6. I think the entire episode was perfect, every last detail, including the non-Shamy scenes. One aspect of the Shamy story that I adored is, the writers came back around and showed the problem that caused the break-up has now been resolved, or at least Sheldon understands now what she needs. Back in May, Amy was concerned because he wasn't mentally present while they were kissing; he was thinking about sci-fi. In this episode, Sheldon, completely of his own initiative, put aside the biggest sci-fi event in years because he wanted to show her on her bday how much she means to him. He showed no regrets about his choice and no signs of being distracted. Some people have said Shamy got back together without addressing the problems between them, but I think this did. When Shamy broke up, I said the writers owed us an amazing reconciliation to make all the angst of the break-up worth it to the viewers. IMHO, between 9.10 and 9.11, they delivered.
  7. As much as I would like to have seen the hug, since this is a comedy I think the joke of her being OK with waiting til her next bday was a better way to end the scene. I'm happy just knowing the hug was once there.
  8. I watched it with my husband so I had to hold back.
  9. I love that the past few times Wil Wheaton has been on, he's back to being Evil Wil Wheaton.
  10. It's not true. I looked it up when Bernie implied it in Earworm. There's no established correlation. Sorry to ruin the fun, but it's good news for short guys and the people who love them.
  11. I actually didn't read it that way. If Sheldon were the type to be possessive, I don't think he would have offered to leave and let Amy and Dave finish their date. I read it as Sheldon was confused but didn't let it sidetrack him from his mission of getting Amy back. It's definitely a confusing situation from Sheldon's POV; Amy's date is a huge fan of Sheldon and then encourages Sheldon to reunite with Amy?
  12. Could it somehow be related to Hannukah? I can't think how, but...
  13. Less than 48 hours* until the episode we've been waiting for. Edit: EST
  14. I think "Kiss her, you brilliant fool!" may end up being the best line of the season.
  15. For the longest time, I've wanted him to refer to the seat next to his on the couch as Amy's spot.
  16. Did anybody else notice that this is the second time Sheldon interrupted Amy on a date, asked her to be his gf, and then offered to let her finish her date?
  17. No, that wasn't directed at you. I was just trying to answer the original question. I noticed that Sheldon ignored Dave, too, which is remarkable especially because Dave gave Sheldon a big compliment. Usually, someone worshiping Sheldon would get his full attention. The other part I thought was great was how melty Amy got when she said, "I love you too". Since she was the one who initiated the break-up, it was nice to see her be so thrilled to get back together.
  18. in response to what the unspoiled fans expected from this episode, remember we were all unspoiled once. It's just a matter of when we found out what happened. The unspoiled probably expected about the same thing we did until our friends told us what happened. Going into Earworm, I thought we'd had a lot of Shamy lately, they were sort of at an equilibrium as friends, and the writers would likely focus on other things for a while. I had been waiting until Shamy were back together to watch all the episodes in between, and it was a big relief to be able to watch the show again. Seriously, now I just really crave the whole-cast episodes again and pairings we haven't seen in a while. Enough with the romantic drama, now I want to see friendships. Shamy are my favorite couple, probably my favorite fictional couple of all time, but what I really love about this show is the way these "misfits" accept and value each other.
  19. I have to say, I don't think there were any deliberate hints in the kissing scene that sex was on the horizon. I only say that because Jim and Mayim hadn't seen the next week's script until after this scene was filmed. Still, I don't want to ruin anyone's fun who sees foreshadowing. Maybe the director knew and asked them to play it that way.
  20. Two days later, I'm still squeeing.
  21. I think you meant to write "a song that Sheldon might have heard" but made a typo. It's perfect, though. His heart apparently internalized it. Never have I loved a typo so much.
  22. LOL, I wasn't attempting to misdirect. I just couldn't remember which parts of the earlier episodes got people all riled up so I didn't specify. And I really believe it should truly be a spoiler-free zone. Remember when Stuart told Sheldon a particular comic was especially good, and Sheldon said he went into it with his mind pre-blown? Well, telling people if it's a good episode is a type of spoiler, so all I'll tell you about next week's episode is that it's scheduled to air at 8:00 EST. Anyway, I said this over in the spoiler thread but I want to repeat it here. What really blew me away about last night's episode--and I didn't even realize this when I read (well, scanned) the TR--is that Sheldon's epiphany wasn't just about the song or even that he still loved Amy. The epiphany was that for the first time, he truly appreciates her. For much of their relationship, he sort of fought against the softening he was experiencing, but now he realizes it's a good thing. I think in last night's episode, he gave her his whole heart unreservedly.
  23. LOL, I'm a college math professor. PM me if you need help. Us Shamy shippers have to stick together.
  24. Can you imagine the aspiring actor who gets a role on a top-rated show, and he calls his mother to describe the role. "Well, Mom, I mainly pick my nose. Aren't you proud of me?"
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