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  1. I might not have read the TR very closely and this has probably been pointed out before, but here's what totally took my breath away about this episode: the epiphany was sooo much bigger than just the song or even that he still loves her. It's that he finally is ready to admit to himself how much he values her and her presence in his life. He's ready to fully commit his heart to her, which makes complete sense that he is now ready for the part of the relationship that scares him the most.
  2. Toldja I'm stealthy. Glad you guys enjoyed the episode. It's impressive you stayed unspoiled, the way CBS has been promoting the hell out of it. The promos outright said Shamy were getting back together, and they released snippets of the kissing; we've been staring at kissing gifs all week.
  3. I have a goofy grin on my face that may never go away.
  4. Actually, Dana's avatar reminds me of a good reason not to be spoiled. Sometimes edits happen between taping and airing. The Shamy hug pictured in Dana's avatar was cut from the episode, and some people were really, really upset.
  5. Good point, duh! Still, it's not much.
  6. I do find one thing curious. It sounds like Laura Spencer wasn't in this episode, and if memory serves she hasn't been in any of the episodes since they promoted her to regular. Anyone in the know about that?
  7. Well, Shamy's relationship has certainly taken a turn for the serious, hasn't it?
  8. In a few episodes, I would like the writers to indicate that sleepovers are a regular thing now. It's the kind of thing that could easily be mentioned casually, even in a disagreement between Sheldon and Leonard: "You want to insist Penny be listed in the roommate agreement, but Amy sleeps over here all the time, too."
  9. And their Skype scenes are often priceless. (My favorite was when she kept talking to the monkeys off-screen.)
  10. I was just thinking today that Stuart had been living with Howardette for a long time now, and wondering if it would ever change. Since Stuart is moving out, I guess we can assume the comic book store is doing pretty good business.
  11. I agree with Kathy. When you go to a taping, your primary reason for being there is to have a good time, not to report back. We'll be OK without spoilers; I'm pretty sure nobody ever died from spoiler deprivation. Anyway, there has been a lot of speculation that the 200th episode will be Shamy-centric (no worries, it hasn't taped yet so there are no hints in what I'm about to say) but I don't think so. This season has had so much Shamy, I can't see the writers spending the milestone on them. I think it'll focus on the whole gang rather than one of the couples.
  12. Thanks! Since she was the one who broke it off in the first place, I kind of wanted her to say it first. But then, since she was the first one to say it ever, I kind of wanted him to say it first. Ohhhh, I'm so excited I can't stand it. If this trilogy were a meal, Platonic Permutation would be the appetizer, Earworm would be the main course, and Opening Night would be the scrumptious dessert. Oh, and Bob Newhart is a glass of our favorite beverage. It may be too much goodness all in one meal, but we're starving and we want it all.
  13. In the big reconciliation scene, I don't remember seeing who says ILY first. Can someone remind me? Either way it's fine with me, I'm just curious.
  14. I really want to know more about Amy's family, especially her father. And Rule34, you're right. Things can sound harsh when they're written. I don't know if you've heard, but some people have gotten so upset that they have directly tweeted the cast, writers, and producers. Bill Prady called them out, saying he didn't mind if people shared spoilers as long as nobody complains to him about them, and he reminded them that things come across differently on screen than in writing. There have been problems, too, with spoiler junkies criticizing the writers of taping reports. It's ridiculou
  15. Ever since the early seasons when Lenny were first dating, I've wanted the tables to be turned where Sheldon is the one having sex while Leonard wears noise-cancelling headphones.
  16. I can't keep sitting here watching the promo over and over again. I gots work to do.
  17. There's a lot of discussion over there that could easily be here. Plenty of it isn't about spoilers. Anyway, about this season, the two Shamy bits I've liked the best so far have been when Sheldon got cranky when talking to Adam Nimoy, and when Amy realized she had missed hanging out with Sheldon. IMO, both were Emmy-worthy performances, and touching because it showed they both wanted to get back together, albeit not at the same time. I also think in particular when he saw her kissing Dave it shows the doubters who think he just likes her as a friend that he really does feel romantical
  18. Maybe they could have something small in this episode just to show they're happy--holding hands or an offhand comment. This may be one of those times they drop it for a few episodes. After they became officially a couple, it wasn't brought back up again for a while.
  19. I can't wait to see the reactions of the unspoiled after the next two episodes. They think Sheldon and Amy are settling in to be just friends for maybe a long while.
  20. This time I'm pretty sure he wasn't thinking about whether he should watch The Flash.
  21. I don't know if other people are like this, but when I see something really romantic that I find moving, I feel a little fluttering in my tummy. Both of these kisses gave me the flutters.
  22. Both of those kisses just scream, "God, I've missed you!"
  23. I'm not worried about giving anything away because I'm so stealthy. I frequently watch mysteries before my husband does and I remain cool as a cucumber while he speculates on whodunit. It's actually a breath of fresh air over here because the spoilers thread always ends up being pretty risque; lots of discussion of JP's buttocks, whether Sheldon was aroused when he gave Amy a bath...that sort of thing. I don't judge them for it and I've been known to get risque at times; it just doesn't interest me so much. Now you guys have got me in the mood to watch Cooper Extraction. Hope
  24. This is the first time she has given him a hug that wasn't boa-constrictory. Aww, I like it! Remember when Mayim said they both know how to kiss other than the very chaste way they did the first two times? This is definite proof she was right. BTW, I found the promo on yt by searching "big bang theory" and then filtering the upload date to today.
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