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  1. I think they'll do like with the kissing...not mentioned for a couple of episodes and then it'll be raised again but not as a major plot point.
  2. This is just a reminder that if a user irks you, you can hide their content through your profile settings. They still show up as quoted in other people's replies, but you see less of the person and it's less tempting to reply. In other news, since it's after midnight here, we're now officially just a week away from reconciliation. The past six months haven't been good to Shamy shippers, but it's happy days again in the fandom.
  3. I'm not surprised the promo pics for Earworm don't include Shamy kissing, since they don't want to give away the ending. However, I'm very surprised how much is revealed in the episode summary given through my cable provider. There's also a factual error. It reads, "Sheldon realizes how significant Amy is to him after a song gets stuck in his head, and he rushes to Amy with the hope that they may be able to salvage their relationship; Professor Proton's ghost pays Sheldon an unexpected visit." The way I read the TR for Earworm, the song was stuck in Sheldon's head for a while befo
  4. He said at one point he has never been a leading man before, so even though he's playing the same character for 9 years, this is still new territory. Actors always like to flex their acting muscles that way. A couple of people have mentioned Mayim's hair, and I agree. Her hair and outfit are very well done, lovely and soft and exactly how Amy would want to look for this moment.
  5. It's funny in the interviews with Jim and Mayim, including PaleyFest, how embarrassed she gets and how much he enjoys making her embarrassment worse.
  6. I just read through several pages of posts very quickly, but I didn't see anyone mention Lorre's comment from the THR article, "missing Amy was wearing on him in a way he hadn't anticipated." Lorre's comment makes me melt. It took every ounce of strength Sheldon had to get through his grief over losing her. It makes sense he wouldn't be ready to get back together when she first mentioned it, but eventually his need to be with her overcame his fear of losing her again. Now he cherishes her in a way he didn't before, which spurred him to be ready for the physical act of love.
  7. I hadn't thought about the holiday episodes being similar to classic stories, but you're right. The year before last when Sheldon was in TX for the birth of his nephew was a lot like "It's a Wonderful Life." I think the whole break-up has caused him to reconsider what she means to him, and as of the Thanksgiving episode, she's reconsidering what he means to her. Now she wants him back, but he's going to have to get over his fear of being hurt again before he's ready.
  8. Good point on the living situation. As for speculation, go ahead. That's what this thread is for. People in the spoiler threads do it all the time; we just find out what happens a few weeks before you do. I think the angst between them has gone on long enough. The writers need to get Shamy at a place of peace, either as a couple or as friends first. This unsettled stuff is for the birds.
  9. Dumb question: if I start counting tomorrow (Tuesday) as 1, the episode airs on the 10th day. Do we say the episode is 9 days away or 10?
  10. No discussion in this thread for a full week. Is it because 9.09 got everyone down? Personally I loved seeing them together again as friends. The hurt is fading and they're back to enjoying each other's company, just like in s4 before they were a couple. Any predictions as to where Shamy will be by the end of the season? Will they be back together? If so, what will be the impetus for their reunion? Will they be engaged? Living together? Will we ever see Amy and Mary spend quality time together? (I'm spoiled for 9.10 and 9.11 but can speculate beyond with the unspoiled.) I ju
  11. Wonder if we'll get a promo, preview, or promo pics for 9x10 tomorrow. Whatever we get, I hope it doesn't give anything away. For 9x11, since the producers and cast have already spilled the beans, presumably promotional materials will reflect the info that's already out there.
  12. It's not an attempt not to offend, but just the bride's preference. I was raised with the "man is the head of the household" philosophy, but as an adult I reject it in favor of a relationship of equals. Both of us participate equally in big decisions and each put the other one's needs first, but these things are negotiated differently in every relationship. Not to get off-topic, but along the same lines the other tradition I was adamantly opposed to was the man asking the woman's father for permission to marry her. If they want his blessing, fine, but if she needs his permission she's
  13. Yeah, both their mothers think they've been doing it for a while. Remember back in season 4 when they were just friends, Mary asked Leonard "Did they sin?" I just really want to hear what Mary thinks about their relationship in general. The closest we've really gotten is when she asked in s5 how things were going "with you and your friend Amy" and it was clear she hoped it was romantic. It's just, she has always known him as being uninterested in dating. It'll probably never happen now, but I've wanted to see it for a long time. There's still time this season for Amy and Mary to spend ti
  14. I tend to agree with Lio about Amy being given away. If a couple wants it as part of their wedding, fine, but I was adamantly against it when I got married. Women have free will and choose to marry their husbands; they're not being passively given from one man to another. The idea behind that whole tradition disgusts me. But let's don't get ahead of ourselves. We have plenty to anticipate in the next 19 days.
  15. Yes, Amy has matured a ton since Howardette's wedding when she wanted to be part of all that.
  16. Sure, that'd be great, but it's OK with me as long as it isn't totally forgotten that they took this big step.
  17. I agree there's no rush for a proposal/wedding. For the rest of s9, I just want less Shamy drama. Shamy have been so much of a focus this season so far that it's time for other storylines to take center stage. Let's meet Howard's father, develop Penny's career, check in with Raj/Emily, and most of all, have storylines for the whole cast. Let's have plots for combinations of characters we don't see very often. For Shamy, I'm content with some scenes with them drinking tea, eating lunch in Amy's lab, or holding hands on the couch--as long as they're shown as being happy and in love.
  18. Oh, and another instance of eye coitus, possibly my favorite, when Amy showed up at the door of 4A for the Valentine's Day date, the one with the emergency contact.
  19. I know we're all looking forward to the Dec 17th episode, and I am too, but I'm actually looking forward to Dec 10 more. Three parts in particular from the TR get me: mutual ILYs, eye coitus, and "Kiss her, you brilliant fool!" (or whatever the actual words are). Six months of break-up are over and all is right in the Shamy world again.
  20. I've been avoiding reading posts about the nitty-gritty details of their lovemaking because to me they really take away from the emotion of the scene. The point is that they took this huge step forward in their relationship, one he (and probably she as well) would never have taken in his entire life if not for being so deeply in love. The writers made this episode so sweetly beautiful, and I hate for pornographic talk to cheapen it. I don't mind the crude stuff in another time and place, but IMHO it's like spray painting graffiti on a da Vinci painting. OK, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic,
  21. I'm thinking less about the sexiness of their first time and more about the romance. IMO the best way to a person's sex drive is through the heart. Sex with someone you love can be an almost spiritual experience. You're totally focused on that person and the touching of your bodies together, and it makes for an even deeper emotional intimacy. Don't get me wrong, it can be totally hot, but it's about so much more than just the mechanics. That's what's really special to me about Shamy consummating their relationship.
  22. Wonder if Sheldon will tell Mary he consummated his relationship with Amy.
  23. As one of the old, married, ahem...experienced...ladies on here, 2 hrs 16 minutes sounds like too much of a good thing. When it goes on too much time, lips get chapped from passionate kissing, muscles start to cramp, and sensitive areas get sore from too much friction. If about an hour and 16 minutes of the 2 hrs 16 mins is post-coital cuddling/napping, it sounds just about perfect, though.
  24. I don't think he humiliated her. He just wasn't ready to get back together, and he was honest and kind about it. Come on, you know he loves her and they'll be back together eventually, stronger than ever. I've watched enough TV break-ups to know the process: 1) the dumpee immediately tries to get back together, then 2) several episodes later when the dumpee is at peace with the break-up, 3) the dumper wants back together but it's too late because the dumpee has moved on, 4) then FINALLY they both want back together at the same time. This episode was stage 3, the goal of which is to bu
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