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  1. From Platonic Permutation, I love it when Sheldon starts eating the Cheerios and says, "You mixed them. No wonder gentleman callers are beating down your door." He may think he's over her but he appreciates things about her that no one else ever would.
  2. Wednesday I was like, "this is what the world looks like after Shamy did the deed."
  3. I have total respect for those of you with the self-control to remain unspoiled. I'm not one of those people, but I won't divulge anything. It's fun to read your predictions before an episode airs, just like it's fun to look back at old predictions from the spoilers thread. Anyway, I keep hearing how heartbreaking this episode was, and the opinion is totally justified, but my take was a little more positive. Even though it ended on a sad note, in this episode they're back to enjoying each other's company. This is healing. They've worked through the awkwardness between them and they'v
  4. Oh look, BTS pics from the big Shamy episode!!! LOL, just teasing the people complaining about too much Shamy in this thread. I crack myself up. I actually did have a question. Does anyone know if PP was dressed as Obi-wan in this episode?
  5. I can't stop thinking about one detail we got about the taping, and it gives me the feels in a big way. After they made love, they cuddled together and Sheldon rested his cheek on her head. That's just about the most loving act of physical affection I can think of. And this from the guy who, four years ago, was no one's "snuggle bunny".
  6. Sorry, dude. Mods make the call, no one else.
  7. I really want to see Sheldon have a quiet talk with Leonard about it, similar to their conversation after the first Shamy kiss or in Launch Acceleration. Nothing bawdy, just a sweet but funny Sheldon/Leonard moment. Their friendship is one of my favorite ships on the show, probably second only to Shamy.
  8. I'm still curious about Amy being topless in bed. We always thought that would never happen, given Mayim's feelings about modesty. Did she make an exception, or did the producers work around it in some way?
  9. Shamy is still not trending on Twitter. We must remedy this, stat!
  10. Has anyone heard what the title of the episode is?
  11. I really hope we get to see them all find out.
  12. How the hell are we supposed to go on about our lives tomorrow? I have a goofy grin on my face that isn't going anywhere. Shamy fans everywhere will be calling in sick, LOL.
  13. I respectfully disagree. We need to be careful and not seem like we're putting demands on the kind people who attend the tapings and share however much or little they're comfortable with. Taping reports are a lot of work.
  14. K said on Twitter that he planned it as a bday gift to her. He skipped the Star Wars premiere for it. (How's that for addressing her concerns in the finale?) They were both nervous but he said they'd find out together what would happen. They're shown afterwards holding hands in bed and then hugging.
  15. I'm curious how Amy was topless given Mayim's feelings toward showing skin.
  16. I think the forum is broken. It keeps timing out. This whole thing is incredible. Boy howdy, the writers sure rewarded us for the past six months. Can't wait to hear more detail.
  17. I think the RA is cute, quirky, and endearing, and most of the time it's used that way.
  18. Wonder if they'll go back to using the RA or if they'll decide they don't need it. After all, he has now kissed her without it even being date night.
  19. I remember saying during the break-up that the writers needed to make it up to us with a killer make-up scene. Based on what we know, did they deliver? Kaz, as the only one of us who has seen it, do you think they delivered?
  20. This morning, I was giving my husband more detail about the Shamy reconciliation, and he said he's now a big fan of Dave. Speaking of my husband, just to tell you how awesome he is, when we got married he offered to take my last name. (We both wanted us to have the same last name.) Of the two of us, though, he had the better last name so I took his.
  21. Anyway, I'm very excited that Shamy are back together and I can catch up on all the episodes. It's not that I'm a fair weather fan, I just can't stand for the angst to go on for weeks. (Just ask my husband; I can't sleep after a disagreement until we hug it out.) The tidbits we've gotten about BN helping Sheldon make a decision are intriguing. It could be related to anything, but it definitely seems likely to be about Amy. The REAL question is, is he pondering a proposal of marriage, a proposal of moving in together, or physical intimacy? By my count, just 26 days til the reconc
  22. Kaz, I wouldn't blame you one bit if you didn't pass along any information at all. While most fans are lovely people, some are vultures. The reality is, once you put information out there, you can't control what people do with it. You (and anyone who attends a taping) have some choices. 1) You can still post a full TR, 2) you can provide no public information about the taping, 3) you can provide some general information but not in detail, or 4) you can pass along #1 or 3 privately, either to a few trusted people or to someone else to post without identifying you.
  23. All the arguing and resentment between ships makes me sad. One of the ships is my favorite, but I like them all. I'm thrilled that Lenny are happily married and that Shamy are back together. In general, I think the show is best when the romantic dramas are minimized and the focus is on the friendships, careers, and hobbies of everyone. My favorite episodes are usually the ones with all the characters together in one plot.
  24. OK, so I'm trying to figure out when this episode will air. Platonic Permutation is Nov 19, the week after is Thanksgiving which means probably no new episode, so the Earworm Reverberation is likely to air Dec 3 or 10. Does that sound right, or is this getting into the time of year when new episodes are more spread out?
  25. No I think clearly the scene in Amy's apartment is set up to be for a threesome with Amy, Kripke, and Wil Wheaton. That doesn't make sense? Well, if we're engaging in wild baseless theories I just thought I'd throw one into the mix.
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