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  1. Writers never fail to use this tactic to drag out the drama. The one who wanted the break-up is always the first one to want the other back, but then it seems like it's too late because the dumpee has moved on. Eventually the dumpee wants back together too. They'll be back together...eventually. For now, it suuuuuuuuucks!
  2. I had hoped that this season would be Sheldon wooing Amy until she took him back. I'm so disappointed that they've now turned the tables where he again has the upper hand. That's the way it was for so long, her wanting more out of the relationship than he did. Last year they finally were on equal footing for a while, but now it's worse than ever. I'll find my positivity later, but right now I'm just aggravated. I haven't been watching the show, planning not to watch until Shamy reunite. This sucks because I really miss the show.
  3. I always think the same thing, but I've come to the conclusion that it's unavoidable. No matter how much we try to manage our expectations (and wishing the same for others), we can't talk ourselves out of getting our hopes up. As much as I say it's probably just going to be Shamy returning to a more neutral place (and if it happens I'll put my best positive spin on it), I'll be really sad and disappointed if they don't get back together.
  4. I'm all for cautious optimism, but I really don't want to get my hopes up here. The writers haven't really milked the situation yet. I'm thinking this episode will be a Shamy talk that leads them to being at peace with the break-up, and able to start slowly becoming friends again.
  5. I haven't been around here much lately, partly because I'm trying to cut down on social media in general, and partly because Shamy is a downer so far this season. I watched 9.01 but I'm waiting until Shamy get back together, then I plan to binge-watch from 9.02 until then. Please, writers, don't keep stringing us along. I miss the show.
  6. I think the worst part of the Shamy break-up is that we are turning on each other.
  7. Neither. I'm #TeamDammitWritersFixThisAlready.
  8. Damn, you dropped a bombshell and ran! Refreshing every 30 seconds to see if she took him back.
  9. I've been out of this thread lately but I wanted to pop in with a hopeful scenario for this week's taping since Wil Wheaton is there. Sheldon is lonely so he goes to hang out with WW. Wil tries to comfort Sheldon about the break-up, saying he never really liked Amy anyway. Sheldon gets angry and sticks up for Amy, leading to a realization that he never fully showed her how much appreciated her before. Sorry if this is an idea someone else had.
  10. I was going to wait to watch this episode until all the characters were happier, but I apparently have no self-control. This one really wasn't my favorite. The worst part was Sheldon pitifully standing outside the window at H/B's place. I know it was supposed to be funny, but it was just sad--and adding insult to Sheldon's injury. For me the highlight of the episode (one of just a couple of moments that really worked, IMHO) was when Sheldon asked Mary if he told her what happened if she would say it was all part of God's plan, and then he decided not to talk about it. Religion banter betwe
  11. Dear writers, that's enough with the Shamy break-up. Please put them back together now ASAP. And make it worth our while.
  12. Wow, so basically Amy's mom is a mean version of Sheldon's mom. I wish they had mentioned Amy's father, but it's still nice to get more info about her mother.
  13. I think it makes a lot of sense to do away with the TR thread. Getting rid of it emphasizes that nobody is expected to write one. If we want spoilers, we should be willing to look through the spoilers thread.
  14. Nothing spices up a sit-com like a good llama. Count me as pro-llama. Edit. Unless they could get an alpaca.
  15. In light of the recent news about a probable additional scene on episode 1, I think we need to acknowledge that we were too quick to blame TPTB for reneging on the promise to tell us more information about the ring. We should reserve judgment until the episode airs. Anything else is a misuse of spoilers.
  16. I've been thinking the same thing myself. Lenny has a habit of procrastinating the big decisions and then just doing them without fanfare. It makes sense if you're a bit of a commitmentphobe like Penny. You put it off until you're finally comfortable with the idea, and then there's no reason to wait. At first when I heard about their wedding, I felt a little bit cheated, but now I actually like that they did it differently than Howardette and most every other TV couple in history.
  17. Bill's tweets said he doesn't mind if people who attend the tapings post spoilers online, but he doesn't want people tweeting him complaints about a show that hasn't aired yet. He said, as we've often pointed out here, that things seem different in print than on screen. He'll block people.
  18. Does anyone know what number episode this one is?
  19. I don't think he's going to be stalking her the whole time. I think he'll calm down enough to give her the space she needs while he simultaneously deals with his very intense emotions. It'll just take some time for the dust to settle.
  20. Ditto to everything said above...thank you for everything and you're not at fault for the behavior of other people. Sincerely. Kaz, you've owed us nothing but it hasn't stopped you from putting hours and hours of effort into writing taping reports. Things have been getting progressively out of hand over time, and frankly I don't see any other solution besides not giving spoilers. It won't stop some of the fans from misbehaving when the show airs, but at least they'll have seen it first. On a more general note, I've been disappointed in the attitudes of some posters on this forum lately. I
  21. I'm not sure their marriage necessarily implies the living conditions immediately change. I've been wondering what the writers will do. They'll be reluctant to move Leonard out since the Sheldon-Leonard roommatehood has been a key element of the show. (Don't attack me, folks. I'm not expressing what I want to happen, just wondering what will happen.)
  22. When I clean out my closet I first have to take stuff out of it, which looks like a bigger mess, before I can put it back together better than before. Seeing the mess looks like I'm making it worse, but I'm actually making progress.
  23. So do you guys think that's it for the Lenny wedding?
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