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  1. After two episodes in a row of Shamy and Lenny, I'm betting 9.03 doesn't focus on them. The Shamy situation will probably be mentioned or shown in a more background way. The writers still haven't dealt with the other two plots from the finale, and we know Howard's father is making an appearance soon. I'm thinking that in the coming weeks, Sheldon will calm down enough to handle this situation productively and start winning her back.
  2. Yeah, I don't understand the Shenny kiss either. That's a lot harder to defend. I'm just pretending it didn't happen for now, since anything can happen in editing.
  3. Here's my take, FWIW (which isn't much). Sheldon is understandably upset, but he's reacting in an impatient and childish way. I think we fans can handle this breakup better than Sheldon is. We can give the relationship time to get back on track, and we can do it without tantrums.
  4. Worth can be defined in myriad ways. I like to think being physically ugly doesn't make me worthless. It's a bit of a sore subject with me, and I'll admit I wear my feelings on my sleeve on it. You're walking in a minefield. My advice is to take a giant leap to the safety of a less controversial topic.
  5. I've always had trouble posting pics, though I'm pretty decent technologically. I'll try, and in the meantime maybe someone else will post it. Edit: it worked!
  6. Mayim just posted a pic of her and JP on the set outside Amy's apartment. He's holding a box, as though maybe Sheldon is picking up stuff he left at her place.
  7. Not in reference to this particular situation, but in general there are a lot of reasons someone may be attracted to another person. Physical appearance isn't the only factor. A lot of us girls aren't pretty but may be attractive in other ways.
  8. I agree. First doesn't equal special. When you meet "the one", everything feels like the first time. To me, the most touching Lenny scene was when Penny got out her keepsake box of things from Leonard. She's had other lovers, but that scene made it clear that none of them hold a candle to Leonard. What I've always liked about Shamy is not necessarily that they're each other's first relationship, but that they're both so unique and naive. As a result, they navigate their relationship in an original way. Also, with Sheldon in general the "still waters run deep" aspect of his personality mea
  9. Might just be a Muppets thing. On an old Muppet movie or show (forget which), they referred to the song "50 Ways to Leave your Lover" as "50 Ways to Love your Lever". They pronounced it lee-ver.
  10. To all those who are attending the taping tonight, I hope you have a blast and get to see a good episode.
  11. Good point about the sets. Since at least one scene is in Amy's apt, it sounds like one of the stories may be Shamy.
  12. Here's another theory about tomorrow night's episode. Perhaps it has nothing to do with Lenny or Shamy; you know how the writers sometimes drop a bombshell and then don't come back to it for a couple of episodes. Since last week didn't address the Howardette/Stuart or Raj/Emily stories from the finale, could it be about those?
  13. I remember all the speculation about The Table Polarization. We were all certain it referred to a table of numbers or elements.
  14. Have they ever had an episode without the boys' apt? I can't think of one, but that doesn't mean anything.
  15. Their marital status isn't "separated". They're only separated in the temporary sense that they're not physically in the same room.
  16. Lenny are not technically--or otherwise--separated.
  17. The Gospel Herald???!!!! We're now getting "spoilers" from the Gospel Herald?! This wins today's "truth is stranger than fiction" award.
  18. Oh, phanta, I always agree with about 99% of what you say. (The other 1% is about JP's bloomers, LOL.) You are the voice of reason, and so eloquently say the things I don't have the patience to put into words.
  19. I didn't hear the context of his comment, so it's entirely possible I missed that it was a joke. Kaplan is a strange bird, though, in a good way.
  20. Question for the taping attendees: did they mention anything about Amy's great-uncle who didn't play by the rules? I didn't see any mention of it in the TR, but please forgive me if it's there and I overlooked it. The reason I ask is that it's another thing they said would be in the premiere and wasn't. To me, it's more indication of a two-parter. If so, they may consider the first two episodes as the premiere, even though they won't be airing on the same night.
  21. Prady tweeted again today about attending just one taping per year. Weren't yesterday's tweets enough to get his point across?
  22. I can't shake the feeling that this episode was part 1 of a two-parter, and the next episode will end on a more positive note. It's still possible Lenny will annul the marriage so they can do it "right" next time, and Shamy will be on the road to being OK. I just think we may be jumping to conclusions.
  23. On general principles, I don't think there's any way people "should" feel about a given situation.
  24. We always get a little myopic when we focus so much on one individual episode at a time. This is just one page of an approximately 240 page (10 seasons times 24 episodes) novel.
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