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  1. Thanks all for the responses. I would hope all the hooplah about piracy etc would make them fast track it a bit. So here's hoping
  2. Hey everyone, Does anyone have any idea when BBT Season 8 is going to be starting in Australia? Are we going to get it around the same time as the US or are we going to get skrewed again?
  3. lol yeah i've seen that netmouse, I plan to try and do that as well at some point, but I'm still getting used to the building tools on the Sims
  4. thanks i'm going to be trying to make each of the couples in BBT, Howard and Berny and Amy and Sheldon
  5. I really wanna know Penny's last name. that's about the only thing about the show that really really bugs me, that all the characters have last names but her.
  6. Hi all, I made a family in the sims 3 with Leonard and Penny, here is a photo of them
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