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  1. It would be a fitting ending to Raj’s story
  2. She could broke him when he bragged to Emily
  3. Raj’s bigger problem will be Anu not Penny. It could be a dealbreaker.
  4. Since Raj was upset about Anu's ex does she know about his hook up with Penny? Does Marissa know that Zack was married to Penny?
  5. I actually think you are right but IMO Lenny fans as shippers have had more than their share of disappointments. You can’t really blame us for expecting the worst.
  6. I think if Lenny fans knew that they could of stopped watching the show awhile ago.
  7. I hope I don’t get deleted for commenting on this but there is no way any person can convey what they exactly saw after viewing a taping. There is always going to be a lot of questions. My wife was at one there is a lot of things going on. She couldn’t tell me all the things about the episode she saw. I certainly praise the poster on the info she gave us. Saying there are a lot of questions: What was Marissa like? what was the conversation Leonard and Sheldon? what was the conversation Penny and the girls had? what was Penny’s demeanor when Leonard was asked? was she really okay letting Leonard donate? how was Leonard’s demeanor during all this? and more., Many of these things are based on opinion and to be honest by bias. I may see something different than someone else. Would it be viewed different by different ships? By the same ships? probably
  8. I agree on the Marissa part. Since this appears to be hypothetical or fan fiction time of the year I have a theory. Penny can’t get pregnant. Would explain a lot of things. Not getting pregnant while she was younger. Earlier this year not wanting kids because of her career. A year and a half ago she wanted to work for Zack. JMO she may have found out that not that long ago. Her apparent being mad about Leonard donating sperm but changing her mind. I just don’t buy that the change is she doesn’t want kids. More like she can’t. Again just a theory.
  9. I'd like that too but at the moment the Penny part isn't happening.
  10. Leonard may see this as his only chance to father a child. Also we know nothing about Marissa.
  11. The girlfriend's name in that episode was Sara.
  12. I'm not 100% positive on that. She is married to a rich man.
  13. If I miss this I apologize but has anybody mentioned Marissa's intelligence? I would make the argument that Mary handled Sheldon better than Beverly handled Leonard.
  14. I get what your saying. I really don’t think it’s going to get that far. While we got the overview of the episode I’m not sure how they got to the point of Zack asking Leonard to be a donor
  15. It may have been suggested to Zack by his wife to get a donor who is really intelligent l. Don’t think that’s his normal crowd and then maybe he thought of Leonard?

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