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  1. Chrismo

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Paying the cast to show up for a picture must not be in the actors contract
  2. Chrismo

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Biggs Boson was on my locale channel. They need to bring back Alex like they did Ramona.
  3. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    Didn't realize that was a presidential job description
  4. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    Complaining about Trump is old news. He's President. People have to deal with it instead of complaining. Wasn't this much fuss over Barry.
  5. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    It was more than one time and it was more than one time. I'll give you the one time. It could of been an SNL skit. Oh wait wrong party.
  6. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    Maybe you can look at the videos of the stumbling Hilary. What is she a drunk?
  7. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    Maybe she was looking At Cuomo when she said that. I’m sure Politico clip had more views than Cuomo low rated shoe
  8. Chrismo

    Season 11 Episode Tournament

    Penny’s top ten outfits is more interesting than this vote. Although do you think the Russians had an effect on this vote? Maybe their Shamy fans. And Sheldon’s interest in the opposite sex?
  9. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    So 9/11 so was caused by?
  10. Chrismo


    Kiss and outfit- Middle earth red top- panty pinata pilot- towel I liked what everyone else picked. Just adding to list
  11. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    The election was supposed to be a slam dunk. it wasn't. She miscalculated. She took it for granted. People hated her husband. Not enough Hispanics or African Americans voted for her who knows. JMO people survived Obama for eight years I think people will survive Trump for whatever length of time. just a personal opinion here I think when celebrity and athletes spout their views on politics it doesn't help. Especially democrats.
  12. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    Populat vote and 25 cents is worth 25 cents. That's how it's done in our country. Really there is no stupid who voted for Hilary.. I think it's safe to say there is stupid people who voted for both.
  13. Chrismo

    Kaley Cuoco

    I don’t know if I can get away with this but the sister is hotter than Kaley
  14. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    That’s questions that can’t be answered since she didn’t win. That’s like asking would the stock market be higher or lower if Hilary was president.
  15. Chrismo

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    It may be cruel. But what does it say for the parents bringing them in?

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