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  1. I figured some people would speculate on Bob Newhart's last appearance Thursday.
  2. I knew that. My point is it seems people are jumping the gun to the Halloween episode.
  3. Amy outfit does her no favors.
  4. Isn't there a new episode this Thursday? My only comment of the Halloween episode is I do like Penny's outfit on page 2 of the CBS express.
  5. Of course there is another scenario to the season 1 Halloween episode. She left Leonard in 4a and hooked up with Kurt in 4B.
  6. I’m not sure where the bickering is in the episode description. I will have to see what happens to decide that. What I take from the description is that this will be the last Halloween episode ever. Obviously there is some reminiscing to season 1 since that was the only other apartment party. I think it’s obviously going to be more memorable for Leonard than Penny. There is no reason to doubt that Penny doesn’t remember. the other part of the episode is Sheldon getting even with Howard and or Leonard. I’m guessing that relates to the season 5 Halloween episode.
  7. Leonard told her she was drunk. Penny acknowledged that in the episode. I’m not sure where the friction is in this. Was she any more drunk when she hooked up with Raj?
  8. I’m not sure this episode is necessarily Lenny bashing. I’m not sure why Leonard is shocked she doesn’t remember that night. He knew she was drunk. It would be nice though if they brought back that outfit she was wearing.
  9. Bad writing is bad writing no matter when the show was ending.
  10. He gets Amy removed from a work project so they can work on that project that they working on. There was ad after the tag st the end of Thursday’s episode Why hate it. Im sure it’s classic Sheldon
  11. I know their isn’t going to be divorce with Shamy just as their isn’t go to be with Lenny. Repercussions? I will have to see it to believe it.
  12. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to compare the two. They were both wrong but I think the odds of what ended up happened with Leonard were slim. I think if Leonard knew what ended up happening he wouldn’t of done what he did. Sheldon getting Amy taken off a job just because so she could work on their project seems to me a little different. I was actually of 12.3 when people suggested Lenny were getting a divorce.
  13. I can’t wait to see comments on Shamy in the next episode, if Leonard did what Sheldon did we would be talking divorce.
  14. At least Bernie was sitting. Apparently Kaley has no say on what she wears

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