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  1. I don't know the high school looked scarier than Leonard.
  2. I think the biggest problem is the audience. I think TBBT is more of a relationship work driven show. This prequel is more family teen age type of show .Not the same audience.
  3. At this point fans can write the show. Maybe not in the beginning but in the last 3-4 years. I could people on this forum who could write. How many know who writes the show. You have million dollar actors all you need a two bit writer. That's IMO what you have right now.
  4. The kid reminds me of Forrest Gump
  5. The fan base of TBBT was made by TBS not the writers. If not for TBS we wouldn't talking about the show period.
  6. Being smart academically doesn't make you smart either.
  7. Ramona's been on the show twice in 10 years. JMO but always would seem to have to happen more than twice.
  8. That may be true but Penny wasn't complaining about what happened afterwards .
  9. Wasn't Sheldon talking to Penny? Why would Penny understand what he is talking about. After Sheldons clueless behavior it seems he needs the counseling
  10. It seems to me Ramona in reality is a better match than Amy and she is in the same field. The only advantage Amy had is the gang knows her.
  11. I think his quote was based on all the crap Amy has had to go through with Sheldon. Obviously it wasn't based on anything in regards to the actual show but his feeling how Amy puts up with everything that he does wrong. Someone earlier asked why did Penny still marry Leonard after what happened with Mandy. JMO but I think Penny realized all the things she had done wrong in her relationship with Leonard. Without Leonard's effort there would be no Lenny. Thus she forgave him.I can't say the same in regards to Penny's effort. The same holds true with Shamy. If it wasn't for Amy's effort there would be no Shamy. Again I can't say the same in regards for Sheldon's effort. In regards to this episode Sheldon did some things wrong intended or unintended. What does Amy know? She knows Sheldon was hanging with Ramona. Leonard was trying to get warn Amy what was going on. Then all of a sudden he shows up at her door at Princeton. What does she think now? If Sheldon tells her about the kiss what will she think? just me but I don't think Sheldon deserves the benefit of the doubt as Leonard did. And that why I think the original poster meant with that post. If she says yes there is no reprocussions to what happened. Again JMO that's true if she says no. If she says yes there is no lasting effect. There already living together. No different than when the gang found that Lenny was engaged. In that case they were more excited about Raj and Emily.
  12. It's only meaningful if Amy shoots Sheldon down for the obvious reasons. If she says yes it just shows her as a doormat.
  13. But the groups scenes like generally everything else on the show related to Sheldon.
  14. I don't see it as bashing the ship. If she says yes to the proposal I don't think it bashing the character. His example may be a bit extreme but I do get his general point. The big obstacle IMO in Shamy's relationship was the coitus. Since that has been taken care of the Ramona kiss means less again IMO that it would of two years ago. Also so does the fanfiction like comment about coitus with Ramona. Would Amy break up with him? Again two years ago it would of been a yes. Now I'm not so sure.