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  1. If it wasn't for the picture being captioned I didn't realize she said something.
  2. Sales would of been way up. Nobody would notice the ring or hair. Although erectile dysfunction sales would of been way down
  3. Penny really wasn’t good at her job till after the no baby storyline. The early success she had was of her boobs and no ring on
  4. If the two main couples had more of an equal amount of stories there would be much less “shipping wars”. Unfortunately that hasn’t occurred for 5-6 years.
  5. Unfortunately IMO there presence will be related to the Shamy storyline.
  6. I wasn’t serious about the horse part(Kaley) just the storyline. As for Christine I have nothing against her I just don’t want to see Beverly. Rather see Mary.
  7. I’m surprised Kaley with all her horses doesn’t recognize when the writers are beating a dead horse with the Nobel storyline.I can understand why them not wanting a baby storyline. Is a storyline the last two weeks about imaginary kids any better?
  8. Why is Leonard in this story? A better question why a Halley story?
  9. It’s overkill when one couple has two possible storylines and the couple you follow has none. jMO I could of explain it better so Joyce May have understood what I meant.
  10. I think I can answer both questions. Shamy has a Nobel Prize/possible Pregnancy storyline. Raj has the possible wedding/ non wedding storylines. I think the Howard/Bernadette story is over. House babies there done. As I said earlier what’s Lennies ending. Penny getting a job? Nice but as a couple not a big deal. I think 3kull point that two storylines for Shamy and nothing for Lenny is overkill in the eyes of a Lenny fan.
  11. While true that doesn’t make exciting tv. Would there be any reason to be in the last couple episodes?
  12. Her being pregnant on the show is unnecessary because it’s already been told on YS Sheldon has kids.
  13. That’s nice and all that but IMO I think most people would rather that her and Leonard would have relationship success like the two other couples especially since the show is ending. At this point quite honestly the writers have done a shitty job.
  14. Hopefully she will be dead in an open casket.
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