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  1. Chrismo

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Not sure what that has anything to with my point. Was my point wrong? Also in extraction Amy wouldn’t exist.
  2. Chrismo

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    It seems to me without Leonard there would be no group of 7. No others on the show can say that. He is directly or indirectly responsible for 3 married couples and two kids. Again no other character can say that. To me with all his faults that one positive above is bigger than any positive you can come up with. It’s seems everyone’s life is better because of him
  3. Chrismo

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    They didn’t cheat but Leonard IMO was wrong in not telling Howard he was in a relationship with Stephanie especially after Howard kept calling her. The only reason Howard found out was from Stephanie.
  4. i Think a better question to who the worst character on the show is since you can cherry pick many for each is who had been the best friend to the other characters?
  5. JMO that only works if Penny gets pregnant. If not it’s kind of depressing at least for the viewer.
  6. If I had money I would bet he's not donating any sperm. I may have less faith and would bet less money but the Lenny baby IMO is still a possibility
  7. I think this episode wraps up her career stories unless some acting job comes to play. The donation bomb IMO wasn't really a bomb. It showed that Leonard does really want kids.
  8. Kim Potts of Vulture had an interesting take on one character’s predictable response to excluding another characters chance to winning the big prize. While eventually getting to the correct response his wavering on what he should have done immediately was wrong,
  9. I can't imagine it's Penny's career it seemed this "promotion" will take it to the end of the series. Unless she just quits the job for acting.
  10. It was a pretty good but predictable episode. No need now to see the symmetry bit to the finale. Understood the idea of Penny not thinking what she is capable of. Is that gonna come back in the future? She also looked good in that skirt. Kind of agree it was bit too much of Bernadette being annoying in the episode.
  11. I think this may beslightly different sincethe show has a definite end. I could see Marissa maybe making some compelling argument for why they want children. This maybe something Penny has never considered and gets her to re-evaluate her position on wanting kids. As to the final episode I could possibly see that as a reverse of what happened in the first one. Leonard donates and Penny is pregnant.
  12. And Penny's announces she's pregnant after Leonard and Sheldon walk up the stairs. And Leonard says our babies will be smart and beautiful. And Sheldon's says and real and they fade to black
  13. It looks like the 24th is a repeat. The first time Raj/Anu episode 12.8
  14. Isn’t there normally some kind of pictures relating to the taping somewhere?
  15. I saw Prady on Twitter 15 minutes ago bashing Trump. Is there a taping?
  16. That’s a given and predictable. My guess is it’s going win but you could be right
  17. Chrismo

    Kaley Cuoco

    I’m going to heat for this but I thought the dress was awful. To me the low cut in the back days are gone. I don’t care how creative you get with the hair. Then the front didn’t look the best either. JMO but the girls seem to be dropping. The dress made her look older.
  18. They only care about how Sheldon fans wants it.
  19. Its more the gesture than the result.
  20. Chrismo

    Cast, Crew, And Bbt News

    Is it just me or does it look like Simon preferred to be anywhere else?
  21. I think the jist is they are going to make him look like a wonderful guy. Swoon worthy sort of means some fans will end up in ecstasy
  22. Though I would get a laugh out of that I don’t think that will happen. Even the Sheldon does no wrong viewers could make an excuse for that one.
  23. Where’s the drama in that?
  24. People may disagree with posts but it can be said that since one couple is getting more romantic stories thus Lenny is left with no romantic stories and often including fights between the two. I would consider last weeks episodes not romantic and a dark story given to them not to another couple. One could argue that KC gets more dark stories than MB. Who is the more romantic actress it seems to be me can be debated and affect storylines.
  25. Is there any point to this? Amy is going to stay on or Sheldon is going to take is name off. Time to move on.

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