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  1. Been gone awhile. The Bath item had the most iconic scene not episode. Missed the vote. Also the "Lenny" story sorted of went nowhere after that. Granted if I remember right it was right after Stephanie. To me at that time it wasn't a couples show so for comedy Adhesive Duck was better IMO.
  2. I think it would been to squeaky clean if everyone was coupled off. Raj relationships all ended. Some his fault some not. I think the show ended just fine. How it got there can easily be disputed.
  3. I think you might be mixing reality with fiction. Not once was Sarah Michelle Gellar mentioned. Only Buffy the Vampire Slayer I don’t think his post ever suggested that. It seems to me the show had something for everyone to like. Shamy’s winning the Nobel Prize. Lenny’s pregnancy. Sheldon’s acceptance speech. Howdette’s scenes. As to Raj his finale was last week. He made his choice. I think where he ended up at the end of the finale was where he was meant to be. I know some wanted him to be married or be with someone but that’s not how things always work.
  4. Just some random observations and opinions. What storyline would have been satisfactory to Lenny fans if Penny wasn’t pregnant? I got nothing. Easier for TPTB to ignore some bad Early season writing about Penny not wanting kids (not to mention totally out of left field) than to have no story. As someone suggested earlier if Penny didn’t want kids she wouldn’t of been pregnant Fascinated about some disappointment that Amy wasn’t pregnant. Really? You got Shamy winning the Nobel Prize (which is more far fetched IMO than Penny pregnant) and Sheldon the central figure in both episodes. And then there were complaints about Sheldon acting just like ...............,,.,,..Sheldon. As to some upset over Amy’s new look suggesting she should please Sheldon. Would Sheldon do that? Better question is that what women should do? Raj. Anu thought more highly of her career than Raj. Raj thought more highly of his friends than Anu. It seems he is fine with that decision and made peace with that. Why can’t everyone else?
  5. After watching 12 years of the show Sheldon’s reaction to Penny being pregnant was very much in character. Penny wasn’t bothered by him. Sheldon finally started to see the light when Leonard, Howard, and especially Amy told him how selfish he was. Seeing them in the audience made the light in his head totally turn on. As much as I have disliked Sheldon over the years that speech was more iconic than even bath item. It was actually the first time I ever really had sympathy for the guy
  6. JMO and I’m sure someone will disagree but all fans should be pleased.
  7. Shamy won the Nobel Prize in the first episode. They accept the prize in the second.
  8. Good job. I saw the water at the hotel. I had an idea
  9. Would you be drinking water if you had room service
  10. If you had room service would you drink water?
  11. Yeah that’s what Lenny fans want to see. Adding insult to injury. JMO
  12. I think the best they can do is to make the positives more than the negatives. If you are hoping to be pleased by everything that ain’t happening. JMO but that at this point my ship is going to be the hardest to please if a pregnancy isn’t part of the equation. Something really spectacular is going to have to happen to forget that
  13. My guess Thursday is that Shamy is not going to get Nobel on show but on YS it is going to announce they won it later. I know we are both hope the secret for Lenny is s pregnancy.
  14. I see it as more like dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Stuart/Denise check Raj/Anu check Leonard/Beverly check I think the last one was the biggest one considering it’s been going on the longest. For Johnny Galecki it was special. I can understand maybe not for every fan. As to Thursday I think there are definitely a lot bigger stories than that. Hopefully they will be answered
  15. Over sensitive whiner? I see it both fitting Leonard and Sheldon.
  16. But the article related to Shamy not Lenny. not only that they are showing right now the episode where Leonard is donating sperm. Seems like a setup for Penny being pregnant. Also the YS finale is advertised as relating to TBBT.
  17. Of course it’s an opinion. JMO but there seems there is more mystery to the Lenny ending. There is no Lenny storyline going on right now like Shamy’s Nobel one.
  18. There are a lot of things I don’t care about. 1. The Nobel Prize storyline 2. Howdette and their imaginary kids. 3. Raj with anyone At least the Lenny story was from the beginning of the show. It would be at least a conclusion to a 12 year story. As for science the show never has been about science. They used to at least get that right at the beginning. that ship has sailed. The obituary for science is the Nobel Prize story
  19. Howdette leaves their kids for the first time. Really.
  20. Enjoyed the episode and storylines. Saying that it was too much for one episode considering the rest of season just dragged on.
  21. I’m not understanding the big deal about Penny’s last name. If she’s pregnant or if Lenny are moving are more important IMO.
  22. The best part of the episode is it’s the last time we will see Pemberton and Campbell. Too bad the lame storyline didn’t go with them. On a side note why do they need to recap what happened in last weeks episode. It unnecessarily kills time. Are they catering to viewers with memory loss?
  23. Kaley stated she was thrilled with Penny’s ending
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