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  1. She also remembers him from Dancing with the Stars.
  2. Sometimes you have to just watch the show just to laugh. I too have been critical on how things have been written. There has been times other couples have had serious talks and have been bored to death. I rather laugh and be pathetic than just be pathetic. TBBT is never going to be mistaken for This is Us.
  3. My daughter knows him from the movie “Airplane”.
  4. Although I’m not a fan of the train episode I could find 10 episodes in each of the last 4 seasons that are worse than that and a few others before that that are worse. My favorites: 1 Adhesive Duck 2.Egg Salad (JMO but This makes Alex the most beloved villainess in Lenny World) As for Bath Item I think that fits into best scene ever more than best episode
  5. Since CBS has the Super Bowl today how many times is this clip going to be shown in their 8 hours of coverage? Also how many times will it be shown without the 4B part?
  6. I did too. If I was Leonard I would of answered yes.
  7. Kaley had an Instagram for tonight’s show but “accidentally” posted a picture for next weeks and removed it 5 minutes later. Some of us saw the picture. It was Lenny in the Bedroom and Penny in her underwear. I think she had more clothes on in my avatar.
  8. JMO Kaley posted that on purpose for the publicity. It doesn’t appear to have a lot to do in this episode. You knew it was for next weeks episode like people on here know. Most of her instagram followers would of just thought it was for tonight
  9. It's not your fault but I liked the other picture better.
  10. Just to add to PSA for the people who didn't see it. It was the least amount of clothes Kaley has ever worn on the show.
  11. I think that's why it was removed I see you posted it on the Lenny site.
  12. I had something to say but now I totally lost my train of thought
  13. Funny thing 1st husband was born in the Bahamas.
  14. You might not get the commercials in the UK
  15. The show in general has already turned to shit.
  16. I think people want a happy ending at this stage. The Nobel Prize story will end up happy. The Raj story will end up happy. I haven’t heard anything about a happy ending for Lenny.
  17. And if the show ends that way that's more than fine.
  18. The thing is both shows ended with their fans satisfied. Will TBBT?
  19. Okay Bill not that you got your ego stroked go back and tweet about Trump.
  20. I know. would of needed ice skates to get to my door.
  21. NW suburban Chicago right now is -15F. No school Monday, Wednesday, Thursday this week. The school plays Thursday and Friday night and Saturday matinee. She has a part. Thursday doesn't look good for performance. James and the Giant Peach is the show. She's in High School
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