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  1. Good idea to get big stars to cover the sorry ass writing.
  2. I thought the two of them hated each other
  3. That goes against the phone call he made to Penny in 12x3 wanting grandchildren. Although IMO his appearance is key to the episode.
  4. Shouldn't Penny concentrate on making Leonard happy?
  5. Biggest difference is the show is at it's end. Kind of like dropping the Nobel or Raj storylines isn't it?
  6. The better question in all this is has anything changed since the Zack storyline? If not what was the point then?
  7. We would never found that out anyways if he had donated.
  8. I think he would be a birth father to someone else's kid.
  9. Since when has this show been about common sense?
  10. I was hoping after and he would take Leonard's side.
  11. Is Wyatt going to come to Pasadena before or after they talk to Zack and Marissa?
  12. If he had been there why would Zack and Marissa have been turning around?
  13. That's not necessarily true. They don't always give away everything. For most who are non spoiled there not going to understand what all going on.
  14. I know you were backing my point but I haven’t seen her hang with her friends since season 3. I was more referring to things just between the two of them
  15. For this to be a happy ending IMO Penny needs to give something to Leonard besides her existence. Leonard gave her an out at the beginning by asking her if she had a problem donating. She didn’t. As I said earlier it just makes look pathetic by sabotaging the donation for a couple that wants kids. I get weary of Lenny stories that revolve around what Penny wants.
  16. I think you can do that without either one having a problem. I will say not having a discussion about kids and that was the reason I could go along with that.
  17. JMO but I think most people knew he wasn’t going to donate. Saying that what is the payoff for Leonard? To answer your question no it wouldn’t of help. But Penny not changing her mind or giving a valid reason or at least throwing Leonard a bone doesn’t make it better.
  18. What you suggest makes Penny look like a total bitch. There's a couple who wants kids and she wants to screw that up. I know this is a novel idea but how about telling Leonard the real reason?
  19. Maybe his love. What you suggest is equivalent to Ted’s wife dying on the finale of HIMYM
  20. It seems to me caring is a two way street. I’m only seeing this going in one direction.
  21. This could be like a Paul Harvey radio story (old radio guy some may remember) You would get the headline, they would go to a commercial and then he would tell the rest of the story. What the headline is Leonard decides not to donate sperm. The rest of the story better be Penny kissing a lot of ass. Ideally for me she decides that since Leonard really wants kids and she been coming with a lot of BS and unbelievable reasons not to she changes her mind. The tag should be Penny throwing her birth control pills in the garbage can. To me this is more believable that actually seeing them have more discussions on the subject.
  22. I'm not seeimg the happiness in this. It just makes Leonard look like a sucker
  23. Just went on the taping thread and didn't realize Leonard isn't donating. Why is that good? Did Penny agree to have children?
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