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  1. Shocking you would say that. At least they have personalities.
  2. The last taping will be over in less than 24 hours. I know this won’t be a popular opinion but thank goodness. The suffering will be finally over.
  3. Pemberton and Campbell are up for a Nobel Prize too.
  4. Fairly good episode. Granted anything other than the Nobel storyline looks Emmy worthy. Overdue Leonard episode. Think his part of the story doesn’t end tonight. Though I don’t see Leonard quitting or moving. The Raj storyline was cringeworthy. It seems to me if you have Anu on the storyline should revolve around her. The tag was unnecessary.
  5. Where TPTB have always been lucky. It certainly makes up for their recent stupidity
  6. Those two quotes are different. I'm not denying their all friends. I just don't agree that all the guys are best friends with one another.
  7. Apparently not everyone has seen "the Staircase Implementation".
  8. They are not. IMO you couldn't be more wrong. It may have been more obvious in earlier seasons. Raj and Howard are friends with Sheldon because of Leonard. Many on here choose to ignore the pre Shamy years.
  9. Speaking for someone who has a daughter that is a junior in high school I tend to agree more with itwasdestined than April. Though April makes some valid points. I do think their has been discrimination against women in STEM for a long time. It was even discussed on the show 4 or 5 years ago when S, L, and H visited the junior high. In actuality this storyline is a step backwards from then and if anything as itwasdestined mentioned it should of been done 3 years ago. Not only that this storyline isn’t promoting women it’s promoting a man. As to my daughter they have this school Districts GEMS program (Girls in Engineering Math and Science) in junior high. While interesting ,especially how numbers for women have changed, she didn’t get the point of the program. I think part of the reason it doesn’t relate to many girls anymore because their is no bias in her eyes.
  10. Then why did they make her the poster child of childless career women?
  11. In the Wizard of Oz didn't the Wicked Witch of the East die? It would be the same here. In the movie no one was sad. How would it be different on TBBT?
  12. Could someone explain to me in the third to last episode ever there's a Stuart/Denise storyline?
  13. Male writers? It's like I said earlier IMO the female writers are just their to make coffee. The thing is Penny's not having kids for a career but she's a drunk and a slut. Does that mean career women are sluts?
  14. I watched the episode twice fast forwarding on my DVR. I fast forwarded through the commercials the first time and the episode itself the second time. Can’t figure which way I enjoyed more. Although the half hour had a better flow the second time
  15. Could you explain what had been good about season 12? As the saying goes if it looks like shit, smells like shit, it’s shit.
  16. A little better than the article about how the cast doesn’t fake eat very well What I believe was done wrong was the storyline should of involved Sheldon and Leonard not Sheldon and Amy. It seems to be there would of been a lot of less complaining.
  17. I'll have to cry myself to sleep knowing there is no asymmetry story. No reason to watch the episode. wink wink
  18. And what does that have to do with what BigBang15 said?
  19. I think the writer at this point have limited abilities. They only can write what know how to do. It really has nothing to do with the acting
  20. It would be equally "amazing" if Leonard got the Nobel Prize instead of......
  21. It's really only 18 days. The last taping is the 30th.
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