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  1. I've been enjoying everyone's post on this thread and the others. First of all I have to comment on SOME of the Shamy's comments about no Shamy in this episode. 3+ years ago Sheldon met Amy. Before that no Shamy. Now every episode has to have a Shamy moment. It seems the last episode was a big Shamy night. I'm sorry I had to vent.


    On this thread I can see everyone's point of view. To me this one is going to be a good one. The best of all time NO. In regards to Lenny part of this seems to be pushing their (eventual) engagement back. They did it in a way that with no drama. Penny didn't have to decide if she was going to go with him. It isn't permanent. It reminds us when the guys left to go to the North Pole. This time though things were a lot of different. There a couple now. The Tenure Turbulance showed that Penny was there to support Leonard. So does this. 

    I know SRAM mentioned that there were two major events. I'm guessing he means Leonard leaving and Raj's mutism/breaking up. There was no way at least to me that Raj/Lucy was ever going to work. Obviously the mutism is a big deal and actually a bigger deal than Leonard leaving. I don't think Leonard on a boat for four months is a big event. Beginning of the season it would have been not now. And it appears to played out that way. I think it was on purpose Raj mutism breakthrough was when Penny. As someone in another post has mentioned she has become the "mother" of the group. She was worried and decided to visit him. Something Leonard would have done.

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    Anyway, I hope that the next step by her comes more organically, where she brings it up to the girls, talks about it with them, and then goes to Leonard. No shooting from the hip. An actual considered action moving the relationship forward. I'd rather see her decide to do something with good data, rather than react to external events. She's capable of it, as we saw in "The Decoupling Fluctuation". She decided to break up with Leonard, talked to the girls, and was ready to act on it. It was a bad decision, as she hadn't really worked at this or any other relationship before, but it was a considered, planned action with regard to her relationship. Now let's see her do the same thing, but moving the relationship forward.

    I agree with you about Penny "shooting from the hip". It certainly has caused grief for both of them (season three break up). Although depending on what that next step is talking to the girls may not be necessarily it. The person who has given the best advice to  Leonard/Penny  has been Sheldon. His advice about the cat in "tangerine factor" to both of them was spot on. The North Pole advice to Leonard about leaving so Penny would miss you again was correct. I know you don't watch the ''Spaghetti Catalyst '' but he is the one that didn't follow Howard and Raj's "bro's before ho's" and ate dinner with Penny. This led ultimately to Leonard and Penny being able to hang out together. His decision in "The Decoupling Fluctuation" not to tell Leonard about Penny thinking of breaking up and asking Penny not to hurt his friend is another example. If he had told Leonard where would they be at now?

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  3. Part of the problem with Penny's character was you never saw her point of view the first three seasons. You really only got Leonard's. It was easy to have sympathy for him and hate Penny. I actually there breakup was caused just as much by Leonard as it was by Penny. Obviously the ILY not returned and the actual breakup was by Penny. But the lead up to it Penny was already feeling bad and she was sort of forced to go to the bowling alley when she should have never been there. She really needed a friend at that time and all she had was Leonard's friends. At the time Wil Wheaton's advice sounded good and when she broke with Leonard I think she thought it was best for him. 

    In the Plimpton episode if Leonard was so in love with Penny why would he sleep with Plimpton. It was pretty quick after their breakup.

    In the Lunar episode Penny was drunk so Leonard should have just said no.(Granted easier said than done.)

    Youa re right about Penny being the one you rooted for when Leonard was dating Priya. What really helped Penny was Amy. She pointed how beautiful Priya was and actually made Penny cry. She always kept Penny focusing on Leonard and helped reinforce he was a great catch.

    I like you thought the episode this season when Penny was thinking of breaking made no sense. The only purpose I see was to bring Alex in to make Penny jealous

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  4. Thank you for sharing this. It was really funny. It also highlights my overall view of the show. I have never gotten the intense fascination with Sheldon. Sure, he's a great character, but there seems to be a subset of fans that would prefer that it be the Sheldon Show. Leonard should be put on the bus to clear space for him. he's so far out there, I can't relate to him. Leonard I very much can relate to. The mere fact that Penny didn't get his hormones going made Sheldon an alien. Funny, talented, a big part of the show, but not the show. It was good that the writers had such a fun character to write while they figured out Leonard and Penny though. When the taping report of the penultimate episode hit, the spoiler thread was an orgasm of Shamy Shippers. Amazing. It looks like it will be very funny, but the reactions were pretty out there. Still if they are having fun, OK. Just don't mess with the Lenny!

     The forums here don't really represent who watches the show. Obviously on here there are many more Shamy shippers than Lenny shippers. I believe in reality it's much more even. I like you have a hard time relating to Sheldon. I believe it's probably 80-85% women who are on these forums. I don't think that's the percentage who actually watches the show.

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  5. Don't panic guys. There's no way they will have Leonard accept and move away, this might just be the trigger for a nice confirmation between the two of them.

    I agree. While I like the idea of as someone mentioned of a proposal I don't think that will happen. I think the position will be a permanent one. My feeling is that Penny will offer to go with him. What would she really be leaving? The fact is she isn't acting and she's a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory. What would be there for her if she stayed? At this point Penny's life really revolves around Leonard. I believe after Leonard thinks everything over he will decide to stay. 

  6. They have left Shamy on such a high note after the last taping. There's a buzz throughout the forum. It seems to me the finale will be something do with Leonard and/or Penny. They haven't really had a major storyline in a while and things have been going rather smoothly. Too smoothly?  Hopefully it will be something positive. Any ideas?  

  7. He was on tour during awards season. According to the bands tumblir account they are currently in Hawaii(which is where they are from.)

    Thanks. I saw you on the forum. I knew you would have an answer. The only time I ever seen them together is on a PSA for dogs.

  8. Saw Kaley at those Country Music awards show last night. Is she still with that boyfriend because I haven't seen him at any of those awards show this year. And she's been at a lot of them. Just curious.

  9. Perhaps this is not the answer you are looking for but to me sex it's not a game. :)


    I think sex cannot be generalised. It's a personal deal and experience. I could speak about my own personal view on sex life from my own experience but to say what Leonard and Penny do in bed is a point of view let to viewer to be guessed and spoken about.

    The hints writers has given us <here and there> are not for me enough to formulate a righteous judgement in that respect.

    Said that, if we long to feed in that direction a lot of speculations can be made. Though it's not for me to say if Penny fakes it or not.

    If this can be of any help, I recall two scenes. One when Sheldon tricks Penny into filling a form> where she states that she is 5 or 6 out 10 in taking sex initiative.(In The Barbarian Sublimation episode)

    The other scene was (In The Love Car Displacement) when Leonard was in bed with Penny asking her to make sex and in that occasion she replied: "I'm shielded from waist down. Then Leonard insisted: "but we could do a lot of stuff from the waist up!" These are only hints and words we heard so, as to speak, it's not enough to draw conclusions from where they stand in their sex life, I think.

    Actually the Barbarian episode was on tonight. It was 5 out 5 in taking the sex initiative

  10. There's another thing about having Penny there. The implication is that Penny will be coming with Leonard to fundraising functions (season 4, episode15) and having a hot blonde there may be enough of a distraction to help raise more money in general for the university. Plus lets face it when they find out Penny's Leonard's SO they may (like Professor Proton) decide Leonard's the 'real genius', and give him more money. Because with donors it's perception that counts. Or to paraphrase Mrs. Latham (4-15) How do you think he got a hot girlfriend? He's that good.

    I think you have a spoiler in there.

  11. It did get people to talk about the show. My SO mentioned why didn't they show the actual service? Thinking about it made me realize that really wasn't the purpose of the episode. It was to show in the end that they were friends. When Leonard pointed out how bad they were all acting and it wasn't worth their friendship everyone(Sheldon needed a little help from Amy) seemed to agree and were ready to go home. They also decided to all go in when Kripke was sucking up to Mrs. Davis. They realized any of them to get tenure would be better than Kripke.

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  12. That's hilarious! Pretty people might have an advantage in this world and I will say that Kaley/Penny normally looks fab. But wearing that kind of dress to a memorial service/academic function is completely inappropriate and only served to make her look trashy not classy. Furthermore, being an actress is not a glamorous profession anymore and I doubt an academic audience would be too impressed with her chosen profession. So, if Leonard does get tenure, it'll be on the merit of his work as it should be not because he was with an 'actress'.

    Ultimately you are right about the merit of his work. It doesn't matter what Penny does. On second thought you may be also right how appropriate her dress was. To me it was somewhat between classy and trashy. Though to me Penny's actual profession at that point really didn't matter because I don't really think it was ever really going to be discussed. I guess will never know what really happened at the memorial service. It leaves us to discuss the possibilities. 

  13. Well Leonard would have to introduce Penny to others right? And the waitress thing will come out.


    And ya Sheldon starts on a back foot but Amy could help him.Academics love and more importantly "respect" other academics.





    I believe you are missing the whole point of Penny's sex appeal. Pretty people have an advantage in this world and proved to be hired more often over less attractive people with better credentials. OK Lenard, in fact done of the Nerds are what we might call Pretty or Handsome. So the next best thing is to have a Beautiful mate. You must be something special to have a beautiful women hanging on your arm.  It doesn't matter that Penny is only a waitress her personal perceived Identity is ACTRESS which sounds a lot better than waitress to the academic crowd.





    I have no doubt Fruit Loop is right about the hiring of the attractive people and Penny being introduced as an actress. My point was more that they were only going to a memorial service not a university function.There wasn't going to be a lot of chatting going on with people at the service. Most people (not L/P, S/A, and Raj) were there to pay their respects. The only thing the tenure committee was going to notice was if they were there and who they were there with. As Fruit Loop pointed out they are going to think that Leonard is someone special being there with Penny. Kutra you may be right if this was at some other university function but Amy only benefit at the memorial service is to prevent Sheldon from saying or doing something inappropriate.

  14. Penny being present with Leonard at a meeting of academics would be very odd.How will he introduce her... his girlfriend the waitress? I doubt that having a waitress as a girlfriend would help him with his tenure chances. Amy laid out exactly why she would help Sheldon because she is a respected scientist in her own right who would fit into the academic crowd.

    You may be right about that but Sheldon has already killed his chance by his previous bad behavior especially towards the HR woman and the President of the University. Leonard would have no need to really explain what Penny did

  15. Also, Sheldon seemed pretty indifferent to tenure throughout most of the episode. It was more like well of course I'll get it since I'm sooo much better than everyone else, but no big deal. It was telling that he actually started schmoozing for tenure, suggesting that he really wanted it more than he was willing to let on, and less confident of his work.

    It would be more interesting to me if Leonard got it, if they revisit this at all.

    I'm guessing they won't revisit it. Raj not talking to women should rule him out immediately. Sheldon(and Raj) behavior towards Amy, while some may have thought was funny, was horrible. I dont care how smart of a guy Sheldon is having no common sense and needing Amy to help schmooze him to tenure rules him out for me. Just think if Amy didn't have to be there she could of had a girls night with Penny and Bernadette. I would think she would have enjoyed that a lot more. Granted some people (like myself) enjoyed Penny's " girls night out". Leonard didn't need Penny there that night. She only wanted to go because of Amy. That's why if anyone deserves the job it's Leonard. I think he would represent the university the best. 


    On a side note I have seemed to have offended some people on the forum. That really wasn't my intention. I rewatched the episode tonight and Amy and Penny's behavior towards each other was about the same. Amy smirked at Sheldon's comment about Penny's waitressing skills and Penny smirked at Raj's comment about Amy sexuality. It really was much ado about nothing.

  16. I don't think the point of the episode was to teach us all about the tenure process.  It was merely a framework on which to hang the competition, etc..

    I don't think Penny scorned Amy at all.  She was simply proud of her assets and how she could use them for Leonard's benefit.  It's not as if Penny has anything to offer in terms of impressing the committee with scientific knowledge (like Sheldon said, what was she gonna do? take drink orders?)  In a way, Amy scorned her first by asking, "What is Penny doing here?"

    They were lining up with "their men" but it's not as if they were hating on each other.  Amy was even somewhat impressed Penny's boobage.


    And Howard wasn't doing anything different from what they usually do to each other--teasing, harassing, poking fun, etc.  It goes on in their circle all the time--and Howard is often the recipient from Sheldon.

    And what's the problem with the cocktail parties?  These people aren't college kids.  They're all in their 30s.


    Amy's comment about buying a house and starting a family wasn't intended to be a precursor to what is to come--it was simply Amy trying to put a bug in Sheldon's ear, to get him to think outside his current box, etc.

    Thank you. Finally someone else agrees with me on the What is Penny doing here line.

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  17. Come on guys, Amy busted Penny's nose and they still remained friends, just because they had little competition over helping their guys, why read too much into it.

    You're probably right. I guess some people see what they want to hear (or see).  I should expect that though being in the Shamy thread 

  18. One small thing that I thought was out of character:  Penny was smirking and smiling when Raj made those unflattering comments about Amy's lack of sex appeal.  She's supposed to be Amy's friend, and wouldn't have thought that was funny, or would have kept it to herself.


    Nice to see Leonard has gotten over his distaste for her wearing heels.


    Howard was great.  Loved the way he pulled their strings.  Meerkat fight!

    And you would thought that Amy would have been happy to see her "bestie" instead asking why are you here.

  19. To be honest, I don't think they were implying Penny was being bitchy to Amy at all, it was probably just a look she gave that was meant to be "competitive", not unlike Amy's line of "Why is Penny here?". I do not think Penny was being a bitch towards Amy and I don't think Amy was being a bitch towards Penny. Raj on the other hand was another story: he offended Amy in 6x11 and apologized for upsetting her and there he goes making an even worse comment. I just read a review on IGN that pretty much sums up my feelings about the episode: give Amy a break, she's not a punching bag. 


    Brought this on herself...is that some kind of competition..who is better girlfriend,  please... Amy  was with Sheldon and Penny with Leonard to support them, both Amy and Penny in her own way and  it's good, but it doesn't mean that Penny needs to look at Amy in such a contemptuous manner just because Amy does not dress like a she.

    Amy were not lying to Penny, because Penny knew that Amy is going to the funeral with Sheldon. If Amy was trying to hide the fact that she is going to the funeral  she would lie to Penny.  And Sheldon also didn't knew that Leonard is going to the funeral. They all are agreed that they aren't going.

    We could agree that both of them  Penny and Amy were unpleasant to each other.

    When I wrote that Penny is litle bitchy I had in mind that in this season she is more vicious than ever before, not only for Amy. I do not want to argue and bring unrest. I have a right to think as I want and does not offend you. You have the right to defend Penny and I have a right to defend Amy, and everyone has an opinion on this subject. Any discussions are pointless because I'm not going to convince you to my opinion or you do not convince me to yours.

    I actually agree with most of what you said. Wasn't it though a comtemptous manner  Amy asking what's Penny doing here?  You actually just defended Penny's right to be there. I'll even go along with Penny's comtemptuous look though I personally didn't see it. But that happened after Amy's question.

  20. That implies that Amy was aware of Sheldon's lie, and there's no proof to indicate she was. As far as Amy knew, she was going to the funeral to help support Sheldon get tenure by helping him through the political areas and being a woman with her own towering reputation in the sciences at his side. Amy obviously told Penny she was going to the funeral. If she was lying to Penny or trying to hide the fact she was going to this funeral, or generally helping Sheldon in a lie, she would have told Penny she was going to cotillion at the train store.

    But wouldn't you think that somehow it would been mentioned if Leonard was going? If you rewatch it Penny tells Leonard that Amy told her that Amy was going to A funeral. Penny knew that Leonard also wanted tenure. Wouldn't Penny had mentioned to Leonard the shopping and the funeral right away? If Leonard hadn't of asked her about her day it would have never been mentioned.

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