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  1. Tensor, Chiara and  BangerMain  you all make very valid points. I would like to add a few things. I think of Leonard and Penny's relationship in three parts. The first was the first season when Leonard was in love at first sight and Penny had a thing for him during the episode with Leslie Winkle.(You could tell she was happy when things didn't work out). That bombed out after one date when Leonard brought over the community college books. The second part is when they started going out after the north pole trip. The Star Wars I love you that wasn't returned by Penny was the beginning of the end. What caused the end to come even quicker was as someone else pointed out she didn't have any other friends (at least that you saw) but the guys. She really needed a girlfriend at this point. (A side note. Waitressing is sort of a high turnover job so it's not that surprising she had no friends.)  The third(and hopefully final) part started for me at least in season 5 the 100th episode. I don't think Leonard noticed since he was dating Priya how much Penny was part of his inner circle. When he looked over and saw Penny with Amy and Bernadette I think he realized that they could be a couple again. It certainly didn't hurt that Amy and Bernadette were enthusiastic when he ask Penny to dinner. They were also there when Penny started having doubts(The first Alex episode with Amy pointing out Penny's jealousy).

    In regards to Penny being "punished" most of that to me was to make up for Leonard's earlier suffering. As to Penny being a "skank I'm like BangerMain it seems to be all talk. 

  2. I wasn't saying anything one way or another--technically both girls are there because they're the guys' girlfriends, but Leonard is hoping to use Penny to his advantage, hence the "Do it" line.

    But they're not at a meeting about the tenure issue.

    I think it's just as much "get even" as to "his advantage". But i guess that's a matter of opinion.

  3. Well, they're not going to a meeting about the tenure issue, so the girls being there isn't exactly unexpected.

    I don't remember exactly why Amy asks that specific question, but as I recall there's some dialog missing before Penny takes her jacket off.

    I know the scene. I'm just laughing because the Shamy's made the promo about Amy. I think the rest of the world noticed Penny taking off the jacket.

  4. I don't know if we're allowed to talk about it because it's part of the taping report, so technically it's a bit of a spoiler (though nothing major, I don't think.)

    I understand what you mean but logically Raj, Sheldon, and Leonard being together make sense. Amy and Penny being there do not.

  5. Sheldon

    1.Less of a jerk

    2.More of a womanizer



    1.Less whiney

    2.More of a backbone



    1. Less of a mama's boy

    2.Get his Doctorate



    1. Be able to talk to women

    2. Be less "feminine"



    1. Less psycho

    2. Have more interactions with Sheldon



    1. Harder on Sheldon

    2. Change her wardrobe



    1.Cry in front of Leonard(show feelings)

    2. Find a new job

  6. " Leonard, not Sheldon, is the real genius because he managed to "get" Penny"


    Not sure i agree with that, Penny is not that high of a prize for Leonard to be considered an achievement to get her...actually some people are of the opinion that Leonard has a much higher value than Penny on the mating scene, and his obsession with her drags him down

    At least he was able to "get" Penny. Raj and Howard set Sheldon up with Amy. Just think without them no Shamys. And that's not an opinion but a fact.

  7. No. What are you thinking. We are discussing fashion. Its an important topic.



    I guess I'm the one that started all this "fashion" discussion. Should have known better to comment on a Shamy thread with the Penny hater on here. I think it funny that I'm so mesmorized by Penny but it seems all the Shamy's are the one's that have pictures of Sheldon.

  8. The Tenure Turbulance pictures are out. The one picture has Raj,S/A, LP in it. The Shamy thread has the picture up and are commenting on what Amy is wearing. Funny thing is I had to look twice to notice she was even in the picture

  9. A Shamy breakup would make sense. At the moment there are 4 couples on the show. Raj/Lucy is so new a breakup wouldn't be devastating. A Howard/Bernadette break up/divorce won't happen. I can't imagine how you could put a positive spin on that. A Leonard/Penny breakup has already happened in the past and I think you would lose viewers if that happened again. That leaves Sheldon and Amy. I'm not suggesting anything permanent but a half a season break up wouldn't be the end of the world. It may even show to Sheldon that he needs to change his ways and treat Amy nicer.

  10. Penny was a mess.  And what guy drops his pants to his ankles, and leaves them there while he unbuttons his shirt?  I know it was just for laughs but I was already annoyed at Leonard's gig at the school so I just rolled my eyes.    

    I agree. But I do agree with Chiara in regards to she really wasn't it to the Disney stuff so she really didn't care how she looked. Having a daughter (11) who doesn't like Disney like her friends do Penny's reaction was like her reaction would be.

  11. After sleeping on it, I don't think I like this episode. It was "cute"; but, the writer's were lazy. They went back to the old reliable...Penny's a slut, Leonard's a marred child, Bernadette's a mini Mrs. Wolowitz...meh...

     I slept on it too and have a slightly better attitude about last nights show. Saying that it was still easily the worst episode of the season. I agree with what you said and would add like others on this forum Raj's mutism gotta end. I sort of like Lucy but I don't see their relationship having a future. I actually thought a better first date would have been Penny chaperoning Raj and Lucy like she did Sheldon and Amy. 

  12. This forum is mostly a chick forum. They all love Jim Parsons. You can tell by the thousands of pictures of him. Outside this forum (in the real world) there would be a lot more people checking out Kaley Cuoco than Jim Parsons. Thats why this poll is highly skewed. Leave it to the Shamy shippers to take all the fun out of it for you Vasu.

  13. I think there is a possibility of seeing Penny and Alex in the same room again. I believe the Raj/Lucy relationship will eventually not work out. If the cause of that is Lucy Raj will be devastated. It might be the spur he needs to correct his mutism. Raj had a big crush on Alex and if somehow he is able to talk to her they could become a couple. I believe Leonard mentioned something about Alex being an astrophyicist and that's the same field as Raj. It would be hard for the rest of the group to complain about Alex in this scenerio. Not only that with the Raj/Penny hook up,the Alex crush on Leonard, and Sheldon being Alex's boss it could be interesting

  14. I'm not that shocked Penny got a positive bump. Being a main character on the #1 show on TV people (in general) wants things to work out for her. Having a dead end sort of job and no prospects the Leonard/Penny relationship would not advance any further. Since there is a hint of a future Penny wedding proposal and many people including myself would like to see that I don't think a Chuck Lorre would want to jeopardize that. He may not like Penny but he knows ratings. In regards to Sheldon complimenting Penny multiple times during the show and thus this being so out of character for him. Did anyone three years ago think he'd have a girlfriend? Like everything else things do change.

  15. It was a good episode not great. The Good: Fun with Flags was hysterical-Best one they ever had. Sheldon knocking at Penny's door was funny. Sheldon hiding all the things to bring to Penny's play. The Bad: Raj- I personally didn't need to see him in his underwear. Really didn't laugh during those scenes Raj/Lucy- Really don't see a connection there. Can't picture them hanging with the group. The Indifferent: Penny's performance like Shamy FTW said wasn't that remarkable. This is the part where the show seemed to end abruptly. This probably looked better at tea ctual taping. I'm guessing that it wasn't originally the tag. I also hope this means the end of Amy and the monkeys. I think that bit has run it's course.

  16. I think the problem with Penny espicially in season 4 and the first part of season 5 was that she wasn't with Leonard. There was no way to keep them together straight thru from season 3 to the end of the show. As Kaizen mentioned above there were other things on the show then and Penny was certainly not shown in the best light. I still don't comprehend why people were so upset over the Raj/Penny sleeping together. To me that was Raj getting even with Leonard for sleeping with his sister. I kind of thought Leonard kind of got what he deserved. I think that was the beginning of the end for Priya and the start of Leonard getting back together with Penny. Season 6 has shown that Penny's insecurities and has evened the playing field for Leonard. Especially Alex hitting on Leonard knowing full well Penny was his girlfriend. They have made Penny a much more sympathetic person this year.

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