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  1. I like Alex. She doesn't belong with these people. She's worked for Sheldon for months and she still walks around :icon_eek: all the time. She is not catching on.


    Maybe she could date Stuart.

    Why was she on last week? I don't think it is for Stuart.


    i say NO to anything leonard and amy.

    I agree and I know this is sexist but if Leonard has Penny, could of have had Alex, I don't think Amy is gonna happen

  2. There's always seemed to be a sensitivity from many Shamy fans about Sheldon with someone other than Amy. I'm more of a Lenny fan but not bothered with the Sheldon Penny connection. There was three years that Amy was not on the show and there were many S/P moments (both funny and touching) in the six years of the show. There's people that think Leonard belongs with Alex too but I don't see Lenny fans getting upset over that. I hope for Shamy fans that the two don't ever have a major fight or breakup because I think Sheldon would look to Penny for advice. Then we would be back to PENNY AND SHELDON MAYBE?

  3. That's how a lot of people feel about Sheldon and Penny hooking up. It would be like watching cousins date.

    I don't totally disagree with you but if you have ever looked in the fan fiction there's a lot more S/P hooking up than S/A  or even L/P. It appears we're both in the minority.

  4. Uncomfortable is how the shamy makes me feel. I'm not trying to upset of offend anyone, I'm just being honest. This is not because I'm a Sheldon fan who doesn't like change, I was all for the shamy in the beginning. Although I sometimes enjoy scenes with Sheldon and Amy, I just don't like the relationship dynamic.


    I agree. It's like when they get close picturing your parents hooking up. IMO

  5. I am highly critical at times about Penny, but I want her to improve, I liked her character the first three seasons, but disliked many of her actions in season four.  So in a way, least in my opinion she became worse in season four and early season five.

    But this season I think she is improving and is showing growth as a character, which I like.

    Granted her being an actress is something I thought was dead, she has in six years had two parts. 


    Plus I don’t see how she can impress Sheldon.




    Because after seeing Fun with Flags it obvious he wants to act but can't. I agree with you to the extent that Penny's acting career may have come and gone but it's believable she can act a lot better than him. The stars in my high school plays have long since moved on to other things one in particular does local theater in my area. It doesn't mean she's a bad actress. I certainly couldn't do what she does and in that regard I'm impressed how good an actress she is.


    They ruined part of the show's basic premise with Bernadette becoming Howard's (permanent) girlfriend. She may have been okay as 3-4 episode story-arc like Dr. Stephanie, but as it turned out, her presence completely destroyed the once great character that was Howard Wolowitz. I can almost guarantee a pregnancy at some point. TBBT having become a Friends clone, there will have to be.

    While I don't disagree with your comment about Howard I agree with the others that there will be no kids. Since I've watched every episode of Friends and TBBT I don't quite get the cloning comment.I see Joey/Penny acting and the Rachel/Penny waitressing. I did see a post somewhere else comparing Ross to the guys and Amy (nerds) which I thought was hilarious. Maybe I'm just missing something.

  7. I agree with all of the last few posts. The next thing to happen I believe is Penny getting a new job. Although they had the episode of Penny not wanting Leonard to move in I really don't think that's much of an issue or a big deal. I can almost see Penny losing her job and being forced into doing something else. I don't see any proposal coming until her life is more in order and she is not working at the Cheesecake Factory.

  8. Oh, I forgot to say that they totally oversold the proposal thing while they were promoting the episode. Leonard barely gets out of his chair before she tells him to get up. Which is totally fine, I thought it would have been horrible if Leonard had actually attempted to propose.

    There was a proposal (Matt and Gretchen). It was never said who it was going to be.

  9. I really enjoyed the show. Kind of had four stories going on at once. Here's how i saw it from favorite to least favorite: 1. Raj getting a girl. Something that needed to happen for him. Felt bad for him with nobody. 2. L/P. Best moment that Leonard has had in a while. Though Penny's bitchiness was a bit understandable Leonard called her out on it twice. Penny's was forced to discuss her committment issues. Really want to see her propose. 3. H/B. Any married couples can relate to their argument. Been there. 4. Shamy- Amy at her best. Sheldon at his worst. Thought that Sheldon's gift was cute at first. But in true Sheldon fashion he sort of took it back at the end. Kind of like when he gave Howard "his seat".

  10. I think if they get married at the end of the show's run she will definitely take his name. But if they get married earlier, the writers may play with it. I would like to see the show run a couple seasons with them married and the last year them all being married. I think the last episode should be Penny having her and Leonard's smart beautiful baby girl.

    And Sheldon say real (instead of imaginary)

  11. Tensor brings up a good point about Alex. Was there a real need for her to shop for Sheldon's Valentine gift for Amy? For some reason I don't think it's going to work out between Raj/Lucy at least in the long run. Things would be made worse for Raj if Lucy was the one that broke up. If Alex and Raj got together after this though things would get interesting. Raj and Alex hanging out with the gang. Penny would be jealous, Leonard would be nervous, Amy and Bernadette would not be happy. Not only that but Raj/Penny sleeping together in the past. Of course the only way a Raj/Alex can work is if he can talk to her.

  12.  I think Leonard forcing Penny to make the next move is his way of saying 'I'm tired of taking all the risks in this relationship, If you want more it's time for you to stick your neck out.' I also think that Leonard made a mistake saying he wanted to move in with Penny in the next episode. I think it would have been better if he'd asked to stay while he found a new place. I think Penny would have asked him to stay before he found one, or Sheldon would have asked him back to forstall Amy. In either case he would have been a stronger position.

    I agree. I think though he planned the next time he got mad at Sheldon was to storm off and to move in with Penny. L/P conversation the previous week with Sheldon gave him the idea. He thought Sheldon would be okay with the idea of Amy moving in and knew Amy would be all for it. In your scenerio Sheldon would have been forced to talk about not wanting Amy moving in and couldn't have used Penny as an excuse. 

  13. I didn't look at it that way SRAM but I do see your point. Penny kind of reacts without thinking. Can't say I totally blame her. Her ex proposing to the woman he cheated on with in front of you though doesn't exactly happen every day. Valentine's day is like the holiday season in regards to being stressful though.

  14. how saying that she was supposed to be a lousy actress is supposed to be "hating Penny" all of the sudden? I don't hate her. To be honest, I don't care about her.


    My conclusion of "she is supposed to be a lousy actress",especially the SUPPOSED part (again I SAID SUPPOSED, NOT FACT) was because of her mentioning almost never passing audtions, her lousy singing and her hemorrhoid commercial was very bad. How she went from that commercial to playing Blanche Dubois flawlessly (with no other roles in between) is something that doesn't make much sense. Blanche's role is one of the hardest roles in theatre. Also, Penny is WAY too young to play Blanche, a role that always goes to actresses in their 40's or 50's since she is supposed to be that age.


    that's why I said it didn't make much sense TO ME

    I wasn't specifically meaning you when I said about people hating Penny. Although I don't understand not caring about a major character on a show that obviously a favorite of yours. Without Penny there is no TBBT.(as well as Sheldon of course). Nobody knew who Jim Parsons was till his mid thirties. I'm guessing he failed at many auditions too.

  15. I am sorry to ask but I believe there are still some episodes here and there that I haven't watched : were we ever told in no uncertain terms that Penny is a lousy actress ? 

    I know she has pretty much failed at carving a career for herself so far but she is still young and sometimes even great actors need about 10-15 years to "make it" (e.g. Jim Parsons who only got cameos and commercials til he was cast as Sheldon at the tender age of 34).

    We know she got three parts, including the commercial, and that they were pretty bad (either that or the productions were bad). But I cannot recall anything being said or shown about her as an actress, talented or not.

    It is entirely possible that I missed something though. 


    I, for one, am glad she is good at it. I was getting a bit frustrated with the whole "Penny as the loser/untalented actress of the group" dynamic. Firstly, it reminded me too much of Joey in Friends and secondly, it was getting slightly repetitive. Furthermore, while her going back to college was a good subplot and I wouldn't mind her keeping up with it, it was a bit "normalising", for lack of a better word. It sort of implied that, to fit in with the group and be considered successful, she had to be like them : academic/scholarly. Some people are just not made for academia or degrees but are doing great all the same. I like this aspect of Penny : she is an intruder, an outsider in a world of people with PhDs (sorry Howard) and fancy titles and yet she can hold her own and be accomplished in her own way. 

    It has never been mentioned she was a bad actress. There was an episode in season 1 about her bad singing. There is some people on here that just hate Penny.

  16. Apparently the final scene was not about the play..but actual street cars. 


    Why I think its filler is I don't care about Penny or even Raj sometimes tbh. 

    Kind of funny. I think most of the time of Shamy like you think of Penny.

  17. Not a bad episode, the whole action figure story was hilarious and i lost it when howard pulled out his first one and the nose was huge!  The rest was kinda okay for me, the whole sad Sheldon thing was eh, more annoying than funny in my minds eye and I didn't really feel like Penny's reaction to Sheldon's possibility was totally necessary. Don't get me wrong it was a great piece of acting by Kaley and sure it is a big deal the steps Sheldon is taking but I felt like that was a little over the top.


    How long till the Shenny's start saying she was so excited because she wants to be the one with sheldon...

    I don't totally agree with you but I kind of know what you're saying. The whole Sheldon crying and Amy hugging was cute and poignant. I can appreciate all the Shamy shippers going crazy about this. I'm not anti Shamy but I guess I don't quite get it all. The Kripke/ Sheldon parts were okay but it got to the point with me it was just too over the top. Where I totally disagree with you is that to me the best part of the show was Penny asking Sheldon about having a physical relationship with Amy. His honest answer and Penny's excited response saved it from just beinf okay to great.


    I'm sure the Shenny's already started.

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