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  1. Not a bad episode, the whole action figure story was hilarious and i lost it when howard pulled out his first one and the nose was huge!  The rest was kinda okay for me, the whole sad Sheldon thing was eh, more annoying than funny in my minds eye and I didn't really feel like Penny's reaction to Sheldon's possibility was totally necessary. Don't get me wrong it was a great piece of acting by Kaley and sure it is a big deal the steps Sheldon is taking but I felt like that was a little over the top.


    How long till the Shenny's start saying she was so excited because she wants to be the one with sheldon...

    I don't totally agree with you but I kind of know what you're saying. The whole Sheldon crying and Amy hugging was cute and poignant. I can appreciate all the Shamy shippers going crazy about this. I'm not anti Shamy but I guess I don't quite get it all. The Kripke/ Sheldon parts were okay but it got to the point with me it was just too over the top. Where I totally disagree with you is that to me the best part of the show was Penny asking Sheldon about having a physical relationship with Amy. His honest answer and Penny's excited response saved it from just beinf okay to great.


    I'm sure the Shenny's already started.

  2. I agree that Sheldon has grown significantly in the last couple of years but in this episode you also have to give Penny a lot of credit. Leonard certainly wasn't go to ask if he was going to sleep with Amy. Not only did Penny ask the question she wanted to know, the audience wanted to know, but what Amy would of wanted to know. If the question wasn't asked Sheldon would not have admitted his true feelings.

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  3. I have a question maybe a more experienced fan can answer. Early in the show we see a little jealousy in Penny with Leslie Winkle, But there is no Jealousy with Dr. Stephanie. Then after the break up we see it with Dr. Plimpton and Priya, but not the Donor. Why is that? Just curious.

    I'm not sure if there is a definite answer to this. I'm assuming the leslie Winkle was season 2 (not 1). Part of that I think that was the episode after their real first date and Leslie was educated and she was not. Dr. Stephanie was a little later and I think Penny sort of moved on from Leonard at that point. I think Dr. Plimpton was like the second episode after they broke up in season 3. He was supposedly so devastated about breaking up with Penny but seem to move on quickly. It didn't help that she was beautiful too. Actually she started out okay with Leonard and Priya but Amy pointed out that she was beautiful and came from the country that was known for the karma sutra.That's when Penny started crying. The Donor Penny knew all about what was going on with trying to get money for the university. Not only that the woman was like 70 years old and how can you get jealous over that. 

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  4. I agree whole heartedly! The only two parental role models he has ever been able to talk and connect with is Mary Cooper and Wyatt. I would love to see how he reacts this time when L/P are really together again. Especially, as SRAM indicated, when he finds out (the writers couldn't keep that a secret from him) that Leonard's only condition for not breaking up was that it is now her responsibility to propose. :) Wyatt and Leonard bonded so quickly in that episode, I just never understood why they never brought him back? Keith Carradine was perfect IMO as Penny's father.

    He already knows there together. Leonard contacted him in season 5 and asked what she liked to do and Leonard took Penny to the shooting range. Although he would definitely  be "encouraging" a proposal. He does seem to have a big effect on her.

  5. I've wanted to see Wyatt again since Leonard and Penny got back together.  Not only is he a great character but it would be ncie to get to see him with the couple when they are actually a couple.  There is a lot they could really do with it... same goes for Leonard's mother... would be interesting to see her opinions on the recoupling of Lenny. 

    Leonard's mother wouldn't know about it since last time she visited they were together.

  6. I originally said season 9 for marriage but being a Lenny fan I have to agree with Ar Diem. The sooner the better. To me what needs to happen is a career change. Being a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory has to end. At this point some kind of steady acting gig (nothing over the top) would seem to be in order. I don't think she'll break up with Leonard because I have a feeling the girls wouldn't let her do something that stupid. Time wise an engagement next year wouldn't be out of the question if Penny's career prospects are up. Someone mentioned in an earlier post a Lenny wedding would change Sheldon's life. Lenny living across the hall wouldn't change his life that much. They could even do a couple episodes on Sheldon trying to adjust. It probably would lead to eventually Amy moving in. I actually see Amy and Sheldon's wedding as the final episode.

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  7. Penny in a Tenessee Williams play? I kinda feel she will suck at it, specially if they make her play Blanche, that's a HARD role to play. Stella could be more of her range though, but she would still be bad. I kinda imagine her going through her lines with Leonard's help. And Leonard yelling "STELAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" LOL I wanna see it now!




    btw: Streetcar Named Desire is my favorite play ever next to" Forbiddent to Commit Suicide in the Spring", so it will be cool.

    I see your logic but for some reason that seems too obvious. I have a feeling that she will be good and the rest of the cast will be awful. We'll see.

  8. Oh dear , I never said Amy is not the one... Amy is the only one but its Penny who knows Sheldon better....

    Penny is the one for Leonard :)



    Well , I think there are many many examples in the show that support my statement that Penny understands Sheldon the most...(again I'm not refering to the science talk)

    Now whether you agree or not is a different question....

    I totally agree with you. I'm not sure why people think Penny doesn't understands him best. It has been proven in the past and I'm sure it will be proven in the future.

  9. You guys are all entertaining going back and forth like this. It seems to me Leonard would want someone who is not his intellectual equal after seeing and hearing about his own family(esp. his mother). I'm not quite understanding why some seem to hate Penny so much but still watch the show. Every one of Kutra's posts seems to complain about her. She is one of the three main characters of the show so I'm guessing she's not going anywhere. I'd be interested to see how this discussion is going when the series finale finally happens. You guys to me seem to be like the announcer at halftime of a football game analyzing the first half. But like any football game it doesn't matter what the score is at halftime it matters what the score is at the end. And if I was a gambler I bet Penny will look a lot better by the end of the series than now.

  10. Kaley really needs to have a serious talk with her hair and makeup people. Her makeup at the Globes, and her hair at the SAG's tonight did not do her any justice at all. I know they are her friends, but realy, they are not doing a good job. Kaley is much prettier than that!



    Mayim was stunning. My favorite look of hers at any awards show to date IMO

    I agree. No offense but if Mayim is looking better than Kaley her hair and makeup people gotta go. I thought it was ironic in the best comedy clip for TBBT it was the D&D  episode with Raj going out with the girls and Kaley looked a million times better in that black dress, makeup and hair.

  11. Without Penny the show would have been off the air the first year. Changed Leonard and Sheldon for the better. Only main character that comes close to truly understanding Sheldon.( I apologize Amy fans)

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  12. See I wonder if her contemplating breaking up with Leonard earlier in the year was to test the idea out with the audience because they feel pressure to bring that storyline to term.  They probably did themselves an injustice racing Howard through the motions. 


    I think you can tell by some of the posts around here that Penny is already starting to lose favor with a small portion of the audience.  If they push it off too long and it continues to be primarily her fault I think it could begin to snowball.  It probably would have been helpful if they had not painted Leonard in such a way that you'd think he would crawl through broken glass for her.

    I agree. Almost everything in the L/P relationship is from the point of view of Leonard. Things have evened up somewhat with Penny being friends with Amy and Bernadette. Certainly you never really knew what she was thinking unless there was an occasional conversation with Sheldon during the first 3+ seasons of the show. Even the ILY this year was shown from the point of view of Leonard. L/P er's lived and died through Leonard. If they had shown things more from her perspective but that was difficult because of her being the only woman on the show. If they have problems in the future Leonard should be the cause because they need to show Penny in a more favorable light. Although I do think there is many ways that they could make her look better.

  13. I don't really like Penny proposing to Leonard.  I know this show has gone out of its way to make Leonard the "female" in the relationship but proposing is still something Leonard should initiate.  I don't know, I guess I'm just old fashioned that way.

    I think he's been the "Female" in the past but things have changed as of late. More the problem is he picks the wrong times to propose. Also at this point it would be more dramatic for the show itself if she did it.

  14. PLEASE, enough already! Even Bernie and AFF could see her connection to Leonard. They brought it up during their sleep over when they played Truth or Dare. This is just gotten to the point of no longer being credible IMO!

    Without knowing what happened in the whole episode a proposal would have been a disaster. It would have looked like a pity move espicially if an ex boyfriend proposed in front of you even if Leonard had planned it.

  15. I admit I don’t have all the information from this episode, but it does raise some questions in my mind.


    Doesn’t it seem troubling though that this all seems to spring from Penny being upset one of her ex’s is getting engaged?


    Why would she care?  I have had ex-girlfriends from years passed get married, since I don’t have any romantic feelings for them anymore, I either wish them well or am indifferent (depending how hard the breakup was).


    I don’t understand why she would give a rat’s ass, unless she still has a flame for the guy.


    If I thought of this, someone as neurotic and insecure as Leonard would.

    But had any of them gotten proposed to in front of you? Also she mentioned in the beginning of the episode of not really liking Valentine's day as it is.

  16. Well they've had a cute friendship over the years. Penny is my least fave character tbh - nothing appealing about her at all but I've had a small appreciation for the friendship she has with Sheldon.

    Funny, that's how I feel about Amy. Nothing appealing about her but the friendship she has with Penny.

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