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  1. I can see the series finale being about whether or not Penny is pregnant. The tag at the end of the episode (and series) has Penny telling Leonard she is pregnant. And the final words of the series are from Leonard telling Penny: "Our babies will be smart and beautiful". Blackout.

    And Sheldon saying "and real". Blackout.

  2. As you can probably guess, Leonard is my favorite character, he is the link to all the other characters in the show. He is also unfortunately the most tortured character in the show. The audience can see all the characters issues and can understand them it seems, except Penny who is a bit of a enigma, and who's issues always seem to hurt Leonard. Episode 6.15 is just another episode of Penny not talking to Leonard and him hurt, same old, same old.

    But Leonard in this case didn't talk to Penny.

  3. I think the big problem was that he sprung it on her. If instead he'd asked if he could stay over for a while while he found a new place it would have been different. After a few days she might have been the one to suggest him moving in. 

    Totally agree. Penny also realized unlike Leonard that Sheldon wasn't wanting Amy as his replacement. She tried to explain that to Leonard and he got mad. She was in a no win situation. Leonard should have realized that Penny wasn't thinking of him moving in when she asked about where he was planning on living. Still she was going to let him move in.

  4. I disagree. Couples stay together for long periods of time without getting married right away without breaking up.The fans have shown in season 4, which had the worst ratings since season 2, that they do not like to see them broken up. Some of that ratings hit was because of the change in time slot and lack of syndication but the drop off at the end of season 4 was noticeably worst than normal. How many fans have you heard saying that season 4 was their favorite? How many fans enjoyed that season finale?


    When you have the kind of growth in the viewership that season 6 has, you do not rock the boat. I would hope that Chuck Lorre is not completely insane and would not overrule Steve Molaro like he did during season 3 and order a break-up just to piss off the fans. There would be mass defections among the more casual fans who may not return. Not many folks watch light comedy to view characters in misery.

    I agree and disagree with you. Your second paragraph is absolutely correct. I also agree that overall season 4 wasn't there best season. This was because I believe the Priya relationship went on too long.In regards to that seasons finale I don't see why everyone hates it so much. Penny admitted she screwed up breaking up with Leonard and Raj was mad with Leonard sleeping with his sister. Raj certainly found a way of getting even. You knew Raj/Penny wasn't permanent and it gave hope for the future for L/P. Some couples do stay together for long periods of time without getting married but I don't think L/P is one of them.

  5. I agree with that there is no reason to have them get engaged. Saying that though if anyone has a breakup its Sheldon and Amy. I believe in an earlier episode this season Amy making a comment about having a four year plan.(I believe she said it to the girls) That puts them in season 10. Maybe it's just me but I pictured them getting married at the series finale. In regards to Raj I do seem him getting a possible girlfriend by the end but not getting married. Back to L/P there is no doubt there going to have problems along the way but no two year break as before. Two, three episodes maybe. Between them possibly (eventually) moving in together and Penny finally getting a new job, going back to school or whatever there'ss enough there to cover at least a couple years. Whatever Kaley said about them getting married in season 10 is not concrete in stone. I actually think maybe more like season 9.

  6. I'm completely over to the dark side now. The writers are taking steps back in the L/P relationship from all the good stuff we were getting before. 6.15 feels sort of like 6.02. I was thinking we might get another break up with them and I was thinking there is a way they can break up without us getting mad at the characters. Leonard could sit down with Penny and ask her where she thinks their relationship should be and where it is going. Penny will try to avoid the conversation, but in the end she will give Leonard a lame answer that will even be obvious to the fans. Leonard will tell her calmly that at this point in his life he needs more so maybe they need to take a break to figure out what they really want, especially her, because he can't be her on and off boyfriend anymore. She would ask if he means they should see other people and he will say, yes, that would probably good for both of them. She will ask if they still can be friends and he will say of course, but they will both know that their relationship is too far along to be friends like they were before. It the end they both end up in their respective bedrooms crying and the fans feel sorry for both of them and neither character is hated. The fans know they need each other so they still support them and when they finally get back together, Penny moves along with their relationship with Leonard at a pace he is comfortable with. I think this season supports that happening late in the season and that would allow the writers to delay their engagement for at least a year.

    But 6.03 was a good L/P episode. I think 6.15 is more of a problem with Leonard and Amy. Penny's only mistake was telling Sheldon that she didn't want Leonard moving in. Leonard didn't really think it through in regards of springing the news on Penny last second and thinking Amy could replace Leonard. Penny told Leonard that you can't compare L/P and S/A and she's right. Penny could have put up with Leonard living with her long enough for him to cool off. His reasoning moving in with her was caused by Sheldon. Amy should have known better that her moving in wouldn't work because Sheldon is Sheldon. You knew Sheldon would blame someone else (Penny) for not wanting Amy to live with him 

  7. leonard's character has been upsetting me for a while now, is just feels like everything coming out of his mouth lately is done for cheap laughs and practicaly says, "hey I am a stereo typical nerd". I feel like the audience is laughing at him and not with him if you know what I mean.  I think his relationship with penny amplifies this because they aren't compatable. Penny has been made more sarcastic over the years and it is her original sweetness mixed with her looks that attacted leonard to her in the first place. Also, their relationship feels very forced imo and lacks chemistry. Maybe they do love each other, but that does not automatically mean they are right for each other. Sometimes I don't think they are in love at all, it is like Leonard keeps telling himself I love penny, I love penny, I love penny, it may not even be true but if you lie to yourself enough you yourself eventually start to believe it. I think lately penny has been telling herself she loves leonard and even let it slip out, but it just doesn't feel true. Also his love life portrayed on the show has been portrayed as completely unrealistic, I liked Dr. Stephanie, and I think Alex could be a missed oppurtunity to find leonard some compatability. Also, being a nerd shouldn't keep him from having girlfriends it's just the women they put him with are so unrealistic example: penny, priya


    I agree with the part of his love life being unrealistic. While it is true he was attracted to Penny for her looks I also think he liked the idea she wasn't "nerdy" or "school" smart.  The problem with Dr. Stephanie and the some others they were always domineering like his mother. At the beginning Penny was also. There was one line in of the episodes in season 3 when he said that he was in the relationship 2 years longer than Penny. I will agree they weren't compatable then. But episode 100 changed that. I think he realized when Penny was standing there with Bernadette and Amy that she had changed. Further proof was season 6 episode three when she got jealous of Alex in the cafe. Leonard for his part didn't even notice Alex flirting with him. (If Howard was there?) The I love you was classic L/P. I think at the beginning of the show they were total opposites. I think as time has gone on they just met somewhere in the middle.

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  8. Hey I am back here to say...


    please give me a good reason why Leonard and Penny should end up together in the story.


    Leonard is a kind of nerd and loves to play the field around a lot (IMO.) whereas Penny gets fed up and bored too easily of Leonard and wishes to have other experiences of all sorts in her life!

    Because Leonard has always loved Penny from the first time they met. Besides Joyce Kim which was before Penny all those other women never would have happened if L/P had been together. I would agree at the beginning she may wanted to have other experiences but I think things have changed now. I think season 6 has proven that. Penny loves Leonard.

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  9. I think this is an example of one of those lines they throw in simply for the cheap laugh and not for the story aspect of it.  It has been done many, many times throughout the series by almost every character.  I think at this point we're just supposed to laugh and accept it.


    My biggest complaint is that we don't get to see what happens in the apartment when the guys rush in.  I mean what happens?  Do they solve the debate? or does it become an even bigger argument as the guys take different sides based on their women.  So much comedic potential that is not only not shown but not mentioned in up coming episodes...  I really don't like how they continuously use storylines then completely forget about them in the next episode...

    The problem with them rushing in would be Raj has no woman.

  10. I think that there could be an ideal girl out there for Raj.  I was kind of thinking/hoping it could be Alex, with her background in the same general field, but they obviously chose to use her in other ways, and at this point I don't know that she can be "redeemed", if you will, in the eyes of the gang enough to fit in with Raj.  She'd probably always have her eye on Penny and Penny might have to scratch her eyes out just for that. :p


    I think that the problem is that the writers have taken him all over the place for the sake of the comedy, so it's hard to say what kind of girl would be good for him.

    They've had him do okay now and then--when he was talking to Summer Glau, for instance.  He wasn't really drunk, and he seemed to be able to be charming without being stupid and she seemed to be charmed by everything he was saying.  He was being a little goofy, but not nearly as bad as Howard was when he took his turn.

    And when he was dating the deaf girl, he seemed to do okay (though it's hard to say whether or not he was realy charming her or of she just wanted his money...) and when he was dating Lakshmi, he seemed to do well with her, also.


    One could say that as a character he is too inexperienced to really know what's charming and what's stupid and clumsy and boorish, but since he has to have alcohol in his system (or at least think that he does) in order to talk to women, he's always running up against his tendency to go overboard.


    If they are going to try to take him down the girlfriend road, they're going to have to give him some way to talk to women without being drunk--either some anti-anxiety pill or some kind of real therapy.

    I think that along with that, he'd have to meet a girl that was maybe more shy than him, or maybe someone really quiet who didn't intimidate him or something like that.


    If they were both shy and quiet, it could end up being a slower romance than Sheldon and Amy... :p

    I actually think he needs someone just the opposite of shy and quiet to make up for his mutism. The problem is the other three guys have someone and they don't need another regular on the show. SRAM's idea for Alex as a temporary girlfriend could work if she went back to the east coast for a job shortly after. I think the threat to Penny would be fun to watch. I also think Amy and Bernadette would somewhat forgive her since Sheldon pulled out that sex book and said all those inappropriate things to her.

  11. American Idol starts next week. Its on Wednesdays and Thursdays. People tend to watch it at the beginning. CBS probably feels there is no need to compete. The NCAA College basketball tournaments starts in March and that will be on at least two (maybe three) Thursdays in March.

    March 21 and March 28

  12. American Idol starts next week. Its on Wednesdays and Thursdays. People tend to watch it at the beginning. CBS probably feels there is no need to compete. The NCAA College basketball tournaments starts in March and that will be on at least two (maybe three) Thursdays in March.

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  13. I can't stand Conan!  Not funny.  At all.  And you have to put up with 20 minutes of crap before the first guest comes out.  But I'll try to watch Kaley's interview on the interwebs the next day.

    I watched it last night. Don't normally like him either but he was actually funny. The interview he had with her was funny too. She looked pretty good. Had the spray tan going.

  14. Hey, 6.14 is just the beginning of sweeps. It can still happen. Sheldon will break up with Amy because she's distracting him from his all-important work. Penny is going to break up with Leonard after she symbolically pushed him away by quietly freaking out in excitement over Sheldon's "It's a possibility" response. This episode is just laying the ground for everything. You heard it here first.


    There. I've done Doug's "TV writing analysis" for him.


    I think your half right. Sheldon and Amy breaking up for your reasoning is a great possibility. I don't think Penny will break up with Leonard because they've gone down that road too many times. It would certainly though put Penny in an awkward situation dealing with Sheldon and Amy.

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  15. I wouldn't use airbrushed (photoshopped, I suppose, would be the current method, LOL) cover photos as evidence of anyone's true body shape.  She's hosting the People's Choice Awards in a few days; that will give a better idea of what her figure looks like.  


    Kaley isn't stick thin, thank goodness, and very few women can maintain the figure they had from teens or early 20s.  Beyonce was much thinner during her Destiny's Child Days than she was at 27.                                                                                             

    On Conan Tuesday night.

  16. Frankly I have always felt that Penny could be easily replaced.   She leaves, they bring in some other good looking female character, and after a couple shows it will be "Penny who?". 

    That goes for Sheldon too. You get a Jim Carrey type to take his place you'd be going "Sheldon who?". Since Penny has been the second favorite character on the show (see polls) and the show being on for six years I think you are in the minority about her.




    About the Sheldon part. Bazinga.  

  17. You got this so right that I can find little to add. The show was begun to revolve around Leonard and he is still the nucleus of the show. Penny was Leonard's dream girl who is now his soul mate and Sheldon is still the wacky roommate. Howard and Raj are Leonard's friends. Leonard is also the alpha male of the group and Penny is the alpha female. Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny are the core of the show and losing one would leave a hole in the show. After seeing Leonard chase Penny/Kaley for six seasons wouldn't it seem weird if Penny was replaced with another actor.


    I agree 99%. Although Sheldon did say that Leonard made him like Penny I don't think that's entirely true. For most of the show she has always been his 2nd best friend.

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