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  1. One thing that always bothered me was that Penny controls the sexual relationship between her and Leonard, all the time. I think it would be nice if they had an episode or even two where Leonard was in control and Penny was the one who did it when he wanted. They would have to come up with a good reason that Leonard doesn't want to do it with her every time, but I think it would be funny for Penny to be turned down by him and her having to work for it. The story would have to not be too trashy though, because I don't like trashy Penny. I would like to see her get a shy with Leonard over the whole thing, like she is worried and wants to have relations but is scared she is going to mess up. This could be another character development thing for her too, because sex is another thing she takes Leonard for granted with. It could be really funny her talking to the girls how she misses it with Leonard, but is sort of uncomfortable talking about it.

    It looks like it has already started. Leonard turned Penny down in the last Christmas episode. I think the tide has begun to swing his direction. I think the January 3 episode will be beneficial to Leonard too since good things happenĀ to him when Alex is on.

  2. It seems Leonard is the one to blame for Penny/Raj thing. He was sleeping with Raj's sister at the time. Raj was upset, lonely and drinking. Penny realized she made a mistake with Leonard breaking up with him. But Leonard had moved on Priya. She was with Raj and did something she regretted. There was no way Penny could have known that Leonard/Priya broke up. Notice Leonard wasn't mad that it happened because he was to blame.

  3. The original pilot had only Sheldon and Leonard on it. The network wouldn't put the show on the air. It got rewritten and Penny,Howard and Raj characters got added. Obviously Sheldon may be most people's favorite character but Leonard's the one that brought all the characters and thus is the most important character. In regards to Penny some of the funniest and most touching moments of the show were scenes with Sheldon and Penny. With others previous logic that someone else could play Penny the same logic could be said someone else could play Sheldon. Double BAZINGA!!! By the way I love the Amy character but she hasn't been on half the episodes. At least on my list of important characters she has to be behind the original five.

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