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  1. They added him because the shows tank is on empty.
  2. When has been the last good Lenny storyline? JP hasn’t saved them lately. I don’t see how the future would be any different
  3. I don’t think so. The only reason would be for the money. Certainly it would be a hard sell to Johnny since the Lenny storyline is basically non existent. And if I know that they know that. JP leaving made everyone look good. Chuck’s I’m not going on without all 3 is true. I also think Kaley’s all emotional while generally true IMO will be over quickly after the show ends. she also said she would do her role for another 20 years.
  4. Funny thing is you are picking out a couple episodes you liked in season 12. 1-6 you would only pick a couple per season you didn't like. Kind of a reason the show needs to end.
  5. That's very easy to say..........................................................after the fact.
  6. If we are doing wish things for finale here’s mine: the two Fermilab guys get the Nobel. Sheldon would get his real wish. 15 kids. 3 sets of quints. All of them looking like Amy and the IQ of Mary. 10 years later Sheldon gets his Nobel on a project with Amy and Leonard Howard get his PHD at Cal Tech. Bernadette would discover the drug that would make her voice normal. Their kids end up baby sitting the other kids. Stuart gets a part time job illustrating children’s books. Marries Denise and has two kids. Raj marries Anu and have three boys all who play football. Penny’s their coach Leonard and Penny buy a house move closer to CalTech after Leonard’s promotion to Head of the Physics Department. The other three couples move to the same block. They are the last one to have a kid. They have a girl who looks exactly like Penny but with Leonatds IQ. The gang eats dinner 4 times a week at each other’s houses. on Friday night they go to the TCF and then to the comic book store. The girls have girls night on that day. Occasionally Stuart and Denise come for dinner too.
  7. Isn’t up to Sheldon since it was his project to verify all the data? Also in theory if a Nobel Prize nomination was forthcoming wouldn’t it only been him to receive it?
  8. So that suggests he is a better friend and a better person
  9. Isn’t the assymetry storyline a fraud itself?
  10. Just creating my own fan fiction. It seems from last night Nobel Prize winner Thorn seem to like Leonard and know Penny. The write up on cbs express for the 25th was Leonard wanted to be a lead on a plasma project with encouragement from Penny. It appears that she’s pushing him not to be wimpy.If he doesn’t get it what would his reaction be? Especially with the show now ending.
  11. This episode and the one last night suggests that Lenny could possibly be moving.
  12. To me your comment about Lenny May have belonged on the season 12 thread. While I don’t disagree with you the assymetry storyline has been going on a lot longer i actually like the book too. While I truly understand and wish assymetry would go away,(I’m sick of Sean Astin and Kal Penn) it depends somewhat on what you watch in the episode. I liked Lenny in the episode. They truly looked liked they belong together which isn’t always the case. Obviously you are going to have toplay along with Penny knowing Kip Thorn(an unseen meeting?) but I’m kind of use to that. I was all ready to hate the Howdette storyline but it was one of the better b storylines of late.
  13. Not sure why Lenny was brought into the discussion. The poster you replied to had no mention of that.
  14. Fairly good episode all things considered. Lenny saving Sheldon’s butt from all the stupid things he said in the past. The Smoot one on the train episode for example. Ironic Amy was the one that lost it. If she is the one that loses the Nobel nomination Sheldon will never let her forget it. Actually liked the Howdette storyline. Maybe a little too cute for TBBT. A Bit Like a Little house on the Prairie. JMO but find it hard to have sympathy for all the crap he has given Leonard and the others over the years. Kind of like Why Smoot and the other physicists didn’t want to come to the party.
  15. You may be right about the Leonard and Raj stories sonce April 25th episode is about them
  16. Interesting that Prady liked Next Generation finale since it had time jumps and tied back to the pilot
  17. Am I the only who thinks its strange of having a storyline involving a never seen character?
  18. Like the way you wrote something so vague but easy enough to understand.
  19. You keep missing a couple things at least with me. You keep calling Leonard wins or Penny wins as Lenny wins. There not. If Sheldon was the only one nominated for a Nobel Prize would it be a Shamy win? The baby thing. Though I don’t watch YS Sheldon announcing he had kids IMO was a downer for Lenny fans especially how this season has turned out. Speaking for myself each having 3 kids means nothing. Again speaking for myself I’m just looking for fairness in storylines and a satisfactory ending for Lenny and Shamy. to me that would of been a Nobel Prize for Shamy and A child on the way for Lenny. Well stories haven’t good at all for Lenny and if I were a betting man a Nobel Prize is more likely than a kid.
  20. Its mostly Cinnamon not liking Anu. I’m hoping I’m wrong.
  21. Since it’s Holland and Kaplan story I have low expectations.
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