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  1. Funny I thought Chuck was looking old. I didn’t notice her boobs till it was mentioned. Granted my avatar makes them more obvious.
  2. Saw an interesting article on screen rant. Kind of discussion what Lenny have on here. They thought the pregnancy talk was left open ended.
  3. Just like the NCAA basketball. Down to the final 4.
  4. I just don’t think the Lenny story is going to end with a Leonard/Beverly story. I also don’t think Lenny is going to move out of 4a either. There is no reason. I don’t buy Leonard is going to get a job somewhere else after they made a big production to show Penny’s sales success. Status quo for Lenny IMO doesn’t make a good show ending. Not just for Lenny fans but viewers in general. People want a memorable finale but a few laughs too.
  5. I could make an argument that stories were even back then but I get your point. 6 seasons of lopsided storylines.
  6. I would take Lenny having as much time as Shamy
  7. Bernadette is irritating. I suppose it could replace some of the Nobel Prize screentime. Of course paint drying would work.
  8. Where have they gone together. It seems Howdette and Shamy have storylines.
  9. One episode. Call the neighbors wake the kids.
  10. Why is it not the same for Shamy? So are suggesting there is no point of Kaley and Johnny to show up for the final tapings?
  11. Then Sheldon's big win is Amy? And Amy's big win Sheldon? And if they don't win the prize it's been a giant waste of time
  12. It seems to me the story about Howard’s father should be left as is. If the father as a big of jerk as it may appear to be it would be a downer for the show as it comes to an end. If the father has a reason for how he acted it could question if Howard’s mother told Howard the entire truth. Whatever happened happened and if the truth came out does it makes things any better for Howard. Of course the other 6 know about the letter and if he wants to know something he could ask
  13. Haven’t been on in awhile. Have a few comments: 1. Am I the only who could careless about the multi-cam record?I agree with 3kull about the quality of the show. Would have put more concern about the writing than patting themselves on the back. 2. I will go with April assessment of Saltzburg but I would question why they couldn’t go find, or afford, another consultant with a neuroscience background. Again Prady and Co. too busy patting themselves on the back. 3.As most others have pointed out this assymetry storyline has to end. I personally had little interest to begin with. It’s now moved to no interest. It’s taking up time for a show that’s about to end. Sad if you think about it.
  14. There was no excuse since December 17th wasn't the first episode of the season. In terms of the show Gablehauser and Siebert really play the same role.
  15. He was head of the Physics Department. She is head of Human Resources
  16. And if anyone should understand the “leap without looking” attitude is Penny.
  17. On a slightly different topic many were okay on her decision not to have children without Leonard’s input. I remember the episode where she had her own investment advisor when talking with Howdette. They were married then . Nobody said nothing. See above. You were their at the episode. I’m guessing it pertained to how Leonard always backs down and acts wimpy. It sounds like he is encouraged not to. He doesn’t. People always comment he doesn’t have a spine. This episode he appears not to and some complain. I remember Penny saying she liked take charge Leonard. Apparently not.
  18. You don’t have to watch YS to be aware of what’s happening on the show. JMO but knowing Shamy will have kids isn’t as newsworthy as the first time coitus
  19. Thanks for the info. Two points though. Didn't Penny quit TCF? Doesn't Penny make the big bucks?
  20. Who knows. We already know Shamy have kids. Why do we need to know about it on TBBT?
  21. You would think the Leonard story could relate to Penny and or his mother? I'm not sure how interested I am in Raj's work but I guess we will find out.
  22. If it wasn't for the picture being captioned I didn't realize she said something.
  23. Sales would of been way up. Nobody would notice the ring or hair. Although erectile dysfunction sales would of been way down
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