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  1. 1 hour ago, 3ku11 said:

    I don't think its superficial her reasons. I Think she is very insecure. And is still really effected by her own childhood and upbringing. She also see's how Beverly raised Leonard. And of course she is a free spirited independent. So that probably has alot to do with her decision. 

    Free spirit who’s got a sales job? Penny’s only mentioned her father wanting a boy once. Besides that she always maintained she had a wonderful childhood. You would think with Leonard’s childhood she would want to give him a chance to right a wrong.

  2. 1 minute ago, Sah said:

    I disagree with the concept of having a child solely because your spouse wants a child. This could lead to resentment, anger and divorce. Children are not a requirement for a successful, happy, life together.

    Doesn’t Bernadette and Howard have kids? Bernadette was the poster child of not wanting kids.

  3. 1 minute ago, joyceraye said:

    Yes he does get jealous doesn't he.

    And his ex roommate never did?

    9 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    Leonard and Penny will be happy for them, if Leonard is jealous then he needs to grow the f up or have a heart-to-heart discussion with his wife about their future/future plans.

    Does every character or relationship based milestone need to be a contest on who got their first? Or in this case second?

    That’s easy to say from the perspective of a non Lenny fan.

  4. On 3/6/2019 at 5:41 PM, joyceraye said:

    Did you miss or dismiss the ones where Sheldon wanted to ' lock the door, lower our underpants a little and make a baby' when he was excited about the growth of nerve cells in Amy's lab, or where he told Amy he'd promised Raj to name all their children after him, even the girls, or the one where they were discussing their Martian children if they were accepted as a couple on the  Mars colonisation project ?

    1. Is lowering his underpants based on excitement over nerve cells believable or for laughs?

    2. Naming all his kids after Raj  believable or for laughs?

    3. Naming his Martian children believable or just for laughs?

    4. Sheldon mentioning  wanting 15 kids in triplets or quints believable or just laughs?

    Based on the above can you really say that’s proof he wants kids? I can’t be the only that just laughed at what he said and moved on

  5. 2 minutes ago, Sah said:

    To help speed it along. I think she is ready for the said kids and wanted to spur him into action sooner then later. He often needs a little nudge to take the next step.

    But if he wants kids why does he need to be “nudged ”? And if she wants kids why doesn’t she just tell him?

  6. 20 minutes ago, Sah said:

    All the characters were involved in the experimenting and even said it was more like playing games with them...even Leonard.  Must be horrifying having a parent give you a bath and play with a rubber duck. How horrifying to want to take kids to the park or tuck them in at night. What kind of parent would want to play games and interact with their kid?  I think of train rides, legos, super heroes, the zoo, launching rockets, building train sets,movies and board games to name a few of things that Sheldon would be delighted to do with a kid. 


    The thing is the experimenting subject came up because of Amy IMO to convince Sheldon of wanting kids.

    1 minute ago, Sah said:

    Well then Leonard, Raj,Howard and Sheldon will all be horrible fathers. They all had a great time with the Walowitz kids.

    It’s easy to be great with kids if you are free to leave.

  7. I finally saw the episode. It was just awful.  The ILY’s between Leonard and Penny was the best part. Even as a Lenny fan that isn’t saying much.

    The Bernadette Penny storyline was the worst of the two. Penny turning into Bernadette is not something I’m interested in. I get Penny is good at your job. I’m not sure any more advancement is going to make the show more enjoyable. At this point Bernadette is  unbearable to watch because she’s so unlikeable now.

    The Howard Storyline was a little better. Not saying much though. Amy tricking Sheldon into wanting kids.  Kind of like her drugging Sheldon on the plane flight. Kind of confused when Bernie getting ready for trip and giving Howard parenting advice and the kids not there. Then the experimenting in the living room on the imaginary kids. Did the car seat have American Girl dolls in them. Then as my wife pointed out two guys giving babies baths was a bit creepy.

    Finally another mommy issue bit with Leonard and Beverly? Why?Hopefully that’s it for Bev

  8. 3 hours ago, vonmar said:

    Agreed, but....

    If that story line had been about Leonard exposing Penny to how delightful babies can be, would you feel different?

    I’d like to weigh on this one. People were commenting on this thread about Penny had the right not to have kids. But it seems to me Amy is doing no different  and is tricking him into wanting Kids in this episode and people are okay with this. 

    As to your question JMO IDK but people tend to look at their favorites differently.

  9. 3 hours ago, 3ku11 said:

     I think they have found her niche. I Can really see Penny get more mangerial expereience. And run her own branch one day. That could be the series final plot idea, Penny gets a job offer. And they have to decide whether or not it is the right move. OR for a bit of typical drama, Leonard has to decide whether to leave with her or not. 

    Penny just had her job offer. She turned it down. If she had another job offer the last 12 years has proven she would not discuss it with Leonard and decide on her own (babies). Clearly IMO that is rather weak ending to the Lenny story. Unlike Shamy where there is two positive story endings at this point I can only see one. (Unless the one this season gets reversed ). To me even though she was a mediocre actress and is a great sales person I would rather Penny have to decide between the two if the opportunity arose.

  10. Haven’t seen the episode but never stops me from commenting. At this point of the show really don’t care too much about her career. It’s okay they had this episode but I’d be more interested in a Lenny storyline. The show started with a hint of Lenny. It should end with something relating to Lenny. As for the Howard storyline I will reserve judgement although I’m not too excited to see a baby story. Interested in seeing  only one review of episode.


    9 hours ago, Sah said:

    Amy IS the most important thing to him now. He knows how much she contribute to their project and has requested her name be on the nomination as well. As it should be. He was upset with the possibility of her not being on the nomination form. He should not be expected to give up his professional dream of winning a Nobel. 


    I must of missed the part of her actually being on the nomination. Of course she should be. It hadn’t reach the possibility that he may have to choose. But again I’m not seeing her as more important than the Nobel if he is willing to be nominated without her. Him requesting her to be nominated isn’t a grand gesture 

    7 hours ago, April said:

    We just had an episode where Sheldon was willing to give up the Nobel Nomination if Siebert wasn't willing to put Amy on it. Faced with the decision between Amy and a (possible) Nobel he chose Amy.

    It’s all talk though. I want to see if the final decision if he is forced to choose. This story isn’t over.  

  12. 53 minutes ago, MTBigBangTheoryFan said:

    Sheldon  was born in 1980.  I agree being to young is another problem I have with Sheldon getting a Nobel. 

    The thing is they can turn this ending into a happy one IMO for everyone. It’s decided that the three that can be nominated for the award would be the Fermilab guys and Sheldon. Amy tells him it’s okay you have been waiting for this along time. Sheldon has a hard time deciding. Sheldon asks Penny and Leonard for their advice and they tell them you have to decide how important the Nobel Prize really is to him. After much thought he decides he doesn’t want to be part of the nomination if it can’t be with Amy. Sheldon looks like a hero to his fans and the rest of us don’t need to see him winning. In a twist we don’t see coming assymetry doesn’t win anyways.

  13. 44 minutes ago, MTBigBangTheoryFan said:

     I don’t mind how Raymond ended. For that show it make sense to end with a normal Episode, but the last scene of them at them just sitting around the table talking and eating as a family was nice-ending .


    But thinking about it our lives are not ‘series finales’ we don’t all wake up one day and suddenly all go in different directions or separate ways at once unless you in College or High School or if you were all laid off from A job


    In reality (especially Family) we all move at different pace in our lives. That what I like about The Raymond finale. They could have held off on Robert and Amy Wedding if they wanted too and Ray get a big time job offer somewhere but they choose to end like any other episode. life goes on as usual





    You make a good point about how it ended depends on what kind of show it is. I agree on the Raymond comment. Someone talked about how Seinfeld ended. While personally I didn’t like how it ended I can understand it.

    i hate to compare Friends and TBBT again I think there the type of shows that needed or will need a dramatic ending. I also admit while IMO doable it’s harder for TBBT than Friends. The reason is IMO is fans tended to root for all the characters of Friends. Everyone was rooting for Rachel to get off the plane in the finale. In TBBT there is a certain fans who could careless if Penny gets pregnant and other fans who could careless if Shamy get the Nobel Prize. I don’t think that goes just for people on this thread or the casual viewer it goes for the reviewers like Jessica Radloff.

  14. 1 hour ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    I don't hate it in the way you seem to be implying. I just never could get into it. And I disagree that everyone was happy. I'm reminded of this article right now:


    What’s ironic about the list many of the things match up with TBBT. I won’t go through them all but the money thing and the kid thing are two examples. Those characters have many things in common as TBBT

  15. 4 minutes ago, djsurrey said:

    I'd agree if you were talking about Series 03 Episode 19 – The Wheaton Recurrence.

    I don’t think you can’t compare season 3 to season 12. If there was no break up in season 3 we all wouldn’t be on this forum. Season 12 “wooden spoon” was very much IMO unnecessary.

    58 minutes ago, Sah said:

    He didn't know Amy until later in the series. He was all about physics then. Not Until much later did he realize how important she was to him. Now he has physics, Amy and most likely a Nobel coming his way. 

    His current work in physics and Asymmetry. 

    So physics for Leonard should be more important than Penny and engineering should be more important to Howard than Bernadette and the kids? It seems to me priorities change when you get older. maybe that’s just me.

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