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  1. Maybe not marriage material but certainly a better chance to get a girlfriend. I believe in the tag in the first episodeSheldon called him the mack daddy in the vehicle. Considering Raj couldn’t talk to women, Howard was creepy and no one knew Sheldon’s deal I would have to agree.
  2. Sheldon was trying to get a girl from the first episode?
  3. That storyline ended back in late season 1. Bernadette and Amy weren’t even a thought back then.
  4. Are they really going to move out of the building? Don’t think so
  5. I don’t watch YS. What happen on there is meaningless
  6. I actually take this as a positive. I undetstand this sound warped but let me explain. In theory this keeps the pregnancy discussion going on. I find it hard to believe Lenny is not going to be involved in this Shamy discussion. I also never bought that Penny job as Pharmacy rep is going to last till May. JMO I think that is the ultimate reason Penny doesn’t want kids. I’m not saying it’s the only factor but the biggest factor.
  7. Tuesday taping has Penny and Bernadette fighting at a convention. Could something be happening with Penny’s job?
  8. I think they hit the sad for most Lenny fans 9 episodes early Group episodes sure. No one winning any awards no more marriages too
  9. Really going out on a limb there. Next thing you are going to say that some people watch the show just for certain characters.
  10. It also had the most viewers of the season which is not an opinion. As to how boring it was I wonder what thread that was or maybe you could tell me where you read how boring it was.
  11. One’s weirdness apparently not someone else’s. As to Penny’s knowing that it would be too hard to have a child without being a father when did she tell him that? After Amy? Could of told him that awhile ago. As to having a baby to please someone. I agree. I also think this storyline isn’t over yet
  12. I think the suggestion of him doing that and the standing in front of the fridge was unnecessary to the episode.
  13. I would not be shocked to see one more episode with Zack and or Marissa. Possibly announcing Marissa being pregnant?
  14. When’s the last time this show had been about science? It’s a rom-com. Proof of that is when two guys want to donate sperm in behalf of Zack. Grant it at least the kid would have a good chance to look like Marissa. Then again it could have her intelligence.
  15. No one is attacking you. If you want everyone to agree with you there is a thread for that. He gave his opinion. Is that not allowed?
  16. I thought there was a picture of Leonard laying on the couch in 4a and Penny seeing him there
  17. I could be dead wrong but this episode made me more convinced a pregnancy is going to happen. While Leonard and Wyatt(the MVP of the episode) resolved themselves of no kids or grandkids I didn’t see Penny adamantly against kids. Throughout the 12 years of the show Penny has done things when she wants to and not be told otherwise. She fought against Wyatt’s comments at the beginning but when she softened when told its her decision. She didn’t comeback with the comment kids are not happening. As mentioned earlier Amy helped Leonard see things how they would be if he did donate. I think Penny saw that and could of said you changing your mind isn’t changing mine. As some have commented, including Jessica Radloff, this isn’t over yet.
  18. I don’t think she changed her mind. But she wasn’t adamant about not having children. Kind of like a politician moving from a liberal to more moderate. While Penny in her underwear got guys gawking there was a point in her behavior. Obviously she didn’t want Leonard to donate but why? She was okay before with his decision. Leonard made a comment towards the end after telling Zack no about putting the blue outfit back on and she said nothing. I don’t think this story is over yet and expect to seeZack and Marissa again.
  19. What I really think helped in his decision not to donate was his talk with Amy. Also Penny realized her sex appeal didn’t change his mind.
  20. This episode just reinforced the Penny pregnancy, probably in the finale. Why she didn’t say she was changing her mind her actions spoke differently. Why try preventing Leonard from donating his sperm? It appeared Penny hadn’t worn that outfit in quite awhile. As for the episode itself it was okay. Not enough Zack and Marissa. Wyatt made his point. Penny quite honestly just looked bad in this episode. Very childish IMO and may be the reason she doesn’t want kids. The other storyline was just stupid.
  21. It seems to me, and I could be wrong, the chain of the events is as follows: 1. Wyatt comes to visit 2. Penny tries to seduce Leonard 3. Leonard goes to 4b 4. Leonard sleeps on couch in 4a. 5. Wyatt talks to Penny 6. Leonard gives decision to Zack
  22. I would be fine if they showed that for 20 minutes
  23. I can’t imagine it’s going to be much more. Marissa and Zack are at their apartment and Penny’s father visits. And that doesn’t include the other storyline with Howdette and Ranu
  24. I don’t know if this was mentioned but Kim Potts on Vulture gave last week’s episode only two stars.
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