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  1. Thanks! We have a 20% off sale going on now for an after Christmas special, so it'd be a good time to pick up some stuff! Have a good one, and Merry Christmas!
  2. As we are big fans of the Big Bang Theory, we've decided to produce some BBT shirts for sale at our store; high quality, yet remarkably low prices... actually, the t-shirts are the lowest prices I've been able to find on the internet, or the world for that matter. ENJOY! -------------------------------- Standard Cotton T-Shirts -------------------------------- 73 Shirt http://www.epicdelusion.com/73-Shirt-p/bb02l.htm Periodic Table Shirt http://www.epicdelusion.com/Periodic-Table-p/pt02l.htm ------------------------------------------------------------- Bella Rib Cab Sle
  3. This has been on my mind a lot recently and I just kinda wanted to share my thoughts with everyone to see what you think. In the episdoe where Sheldon can't get a hair cut and goes into hippy mode playing bongo drums and not caring about the rules anymore, why did he hesitate so much before he finally let Penny cut his hair? He snubbed the roomate agreement, didn't care if people sat in his spot anymore, and was being a bad boy who didn't respond to the controlled, organized world he created. Wandering around with bongo drums he ends up at Amy's house. Why did he sleep on the couch? If he
  4. Hey all, huge fan of the BBT! My name is Chuck. Hope everybody is doing good. cheers, `Chuck
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