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  1. Just got a new chapter up this morning. I was delayed for a couple of weeks. Sorry.
  2. OMG, I didn't know it would be the 31st when the new ep came out! I am soooo sad about this! The ONE and ONLY show I keep up with weekly has to play hooky. Lame. >.>
  3. Anyone know which comic the girls are trying to interpret? I read the taping session last week for the first time (Egg Salad Equ.) and, even though it gave me my fix, I regretted it, so I don't want to read details. I just want to know which comic.
  4. I got a great chapter up tonight. This one required all the nerdy knowledge I could muster without using Google. I think I'm enough of a nerd to pull it off, though. lol
  5. I almost cried when Leonard stepped inside his apartment and said to himself, "She loves me." The way he had tears in his eyes and his voice was thick made me want to cry happy tears.
  6. My fiancé and I watched this episode together and just about died laughing. When Amy realized that Sheldon wanted to spank her, we woke up all of our roommates laughing hysterically. One of the best Shamy episodes ever.
  7. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've been a fan of Big Bang Theory for years but I never thought about finding a fansite. The most I did was write my fanfiction and post it on FFDN. Unfortunately, FFDN has been overrun with Shenny stories and no one really wants to read about the true couple, Leonard and Penny. I want to get my story out there and get feedback, but it's hard when the only place I can post my story is in a crowd of Shenny-Shippers who mostly portray Leonard as crude and undesirable, which, if those stories are read enough, completely turn the reader off to any idea of Leonard/Penny. I hoped I could advertise my story here to get more unbiased reviews and feedback. The link is here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7589733/1/Pulchritudinous-Wreckage The story starts out dark with Penny being sexually assaulted (nothing too graphic, just what she gives in the police report), and Leonard takes it upon himself to help her get better. Things get fluffy, things get sad, I have a few funny discussions thrown in (which I've been told in my FFDN reviews are spot-on with the characters). It's in the works, only 12 chapters, but I have been regularly updating two to three times a week. I would really appreciate people with an open mind giving it a try. It's not super long chapters, but it doesn't need to be because it's fanfiction. If I wanted to write a novel, it would be different. In any case, my updates are never less than 2,000 words. So please, give it a try.
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