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  1. First of all I love The Big Bang Theory, I'm 40 years old and an intelligent hominade so naturally I despise so called "reality tv" and its getting difficult to find any fun, escape fiction, sit-com television anymore, so kudos to the team that brings us this gem. Until this came along I thought I was going to be stuck watching re-runs of Friends until I was eighty years old. At any rate, all that being said I believe that the character Sheldon Cooper is classic Aspergers Syndrome case and I wonder if the writers of the show are onto it, it seems to me that theyr'e writing him into that mold more and more, which is great I think, I hope they make the diagnosis on the show someday, it'll open a whole new line of possibilities for the character. I know to that his mother had him tested, as they say, however; alot of professionals miss aspergers diagnosis, a somewhat milder form of autism, and they where more apt to miss the diagnosis when the character would have been a child. They did add from the lips of his mother: "although I wish I would have followed up with that specialist", a qoute by Sheldon's mother that excited me because it seems they may have cracked a window, so to speak, on the possibility of revisiting a mental illness. Its the only aspect of the show that kind of bothers me, his friends are smart and theyr'e have been numerous medical doctor characters who never suggest Aspergers. It seems obvious to me, at any rate, I was wondering if someone else has noticed this?
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