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  1. Maybe Leonard will meet a smart female scientist on his trip abroad and ditch the waitress. And then he could really have smart and beautiful kids. With the waitress as many chances of the the kids turning out to be short and stupid as much as smart and beautiful.
  2. Not funny episode at all. I am getting pretty sick of the whining Raj. Grow a pair will you? Nice of Howard to hook up Leonard with what will be a great professional achievement for him. I guess Penny is also going places in her "Acting" career.Maybe her next play will be on top of a garage? lol
  3. She never intended the relationship to go forward.The fact that it was the result was not the intention. She was only trying to create trouble by putting her waitress nose where it is not wanted.
  4. Well Leonard gets a major professional boost.Looks like all the characters except the failed "actress" / waitress are doing great in their careers.
  5. As Dr Proton asks Leonard, what do you two talk about? Our resident waitress once more proves that she really does not belong in the same social circle as Leonard and the others. She shd get somebody more to her speed like the ones she dated before Leonard but as her father says Leonard is her only hope not to end up living in a trailer.
  6. Good episode..as usual our uneducated moocher waitress put her mouth where it should not be and caused drama between Sheldon and Amy. Howard stole the episode though,the Nicholas Cage impersonations were too funny!!
  7. It was a so so episode. The Sheldon bits were funny and our resident waitress proves yet again her head is full of bricks or shd we says potatoes?
  8. Common sense is enough to know an escort would not advertise that she is an escort in public, NO experience is needed. You shd really not take the waitress comments personally.
  9. I prefer a educated caring woman to an uneducated waitress as a spouse. Never said Penny is a bad friend.She is a great friend just not a good fit with Leonard. From where did you get the no of 300 dollars for the toys?.We have no idea how much they cost. In the episode we learn that it is a lot of money to Penny but then she often does not even have money to pay for dinner so anything can be a big amount for her. It is relative. A membership with SAG means that you can call yourself an actor? lol. guess it really is true that LA is full of waitress "actors"
  10. Highly educated sucessful warm women are very very common. My wife is one and I hardly think she is as rare as dinosaurs to find. Leonard can do much much better,all he needs to do is look at his friends and see tht he has been short changed here. BTW Penny cannot introduce herself as an actress if she is not supporting herself with acting gigs.She is a waitress as the Cheesecake factory.Tht is her primary occupation.
  11. Leonard does not seem to be doing original research,his work is mostly derivative.Sheldon shd get it.
  12. Well it is wht it is..if my wife was a uneducated waitress and I took her to company events where I introduce her as such to my bosses then I am pretty sure my wife and I will not be invited to meet high profile clients in social gatherings.There is a class/social boundary in a no of professional places most of all in academia where degrees matter terribly.
  13. Well an escort would lie abt her profession, Penny could lie if asked I guess,wht does it say abt her then as a suitable mate for Leonard?
  14. The fact that Leonard's girlfirend is a waitress will work against him.There are social boundaries in many professions,wht your significant other does and his/her education is pretty important in many places.
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