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  1. An interesting episode, highlighting the differences between Sheldon and Spock. I'm always happy to see a Spock-centred episode, too. One difference that I don't believe people have pointed out here is that while Sheldon is self-centred, Spock, like all Vulcans, adheres to a universal, impartial, utilitarian-esque moral system, that takes into account the interests of all sentient beings. I couldn't envisage Sheldon, unlike Spock and other Vulcans, becoming a vegetarian, for example.
  2. I think Season 7 has certainly been better than Seasons 5-6, but not as good as Seasons 1-4. But as 3ku11 said, the show had to grow and I can still watch classic TBBT on DVD at any time.
  3. Yes, I've now seen Sherlock 3.1 and 3.2. Both of them have been great, in my opinion. Looking forward to episode 3.
  4. He might have been referring to the fact that he has two doctorates, but who knows. As you say, a minor inconsistency. Perhaps Sheldon was referring to the fact that English is one of the official languages of India, along with Hindi. Still, Raj's point probably still stands.
  5. Certainly not any of the episodes before Season 5. My worst ones probably exist in Season 5, although I haven't watched them since they aired so I can't remember them very well. A few people have mentioned The Speckerman Recurrence, which I would agree with,
  6. Yes, I also thought of Sheldon while seeing it.
  7. I just saw the sci-fi movie Ender's Game, with Harrison Ford. I really enjoyed it and it was very thought-provoking.
  8. viddy9


    I withhold judgment on whether I actually believe in them or not, although I think I'd be more surprised if there weren't aliens than if there were. It's certainly a possibility, considering that there are 100 billion galaxies in our universe each with hundreds of millions, in fact billions, of stars.
  9. And relationships aren't predictable? Ha! They can change the show in innumerable different ways, why do they have to go down the predictable relationship route every single time? Leonard and Penny is fine. Season 4 Amy and Sheldon was fine. I, for one, believe that their careers should be more important than their relationships, but that's a matter of opinion. To be fair to the writers, they're making sure that Sheldon and Amy don't take it too far (i.e. into coitus), so that's fine. The perceived amount of relationships in The Big Bang Theory is lower than the actual amount, but everybody thinks that there's more because, hmm, I wonder why? Because relationships are utterly predictable and dull. They should definitely do something regarding brain mapping in Season 7 and get Sheldon incorporating science into his conversations again.
  10. I'd relish a battle between Leonard and Sheldon's mothers. It'd be nice to see Leslie Winkle return too.
  11. viddy9


    We have no evidence for the existence of aliens, however, considering the amount of galaxies, stars and habitable planets, it's certainly a possibility. I'm currently withholding judgement until evidence comes along. One cannot really disprove the existence of aliens though, so even if we don't find evidence there's obviously a possibility.
  12. They're not going to endorse any speculative scientific hypothesis which undermines the current one. They do mention string, or rather, M-theory at times, but that's only because it seeks to find out something new. In any case, The Big Bang Theory has become less of a science comedy than it used to be and now caters to people of below average intelligence in an effort to get even more viewers. They consequently talk about science less and less. That being said, it is a pro-reason and pro-science show, often criticising religion and superstition, but that's slightly off this topic.
  13. I don't think so. If anything, it's become less about Sheldon than it was.
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